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I'll try my Belgian best to fill some really special paws, Mica

Yappy Day FUR Mica!!

June 7th 2010 1:43 pm
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all of us really.
mom finally managed to get mica's foundation up & running this morning
after we head out to play (HEY i earn my keep) i'm sure at least she'll need a nap!

presently, we're still adding resources & the hardest part will be the ETSY store, but each day we get a little bit closer. Eventually, depending on how much i myself can take on..

our store will consist of 3 elements of things mom can still do & i have learned to encourage.

has to do with ecollage® proper..
we'll start with cards, and eventually add other paper items. her boxes in PAWticular are PAWsome..

will be the rocks side of things- she's an avid gem collector, and will have gems available, and even some jewelry,
(have an idea FUR commission, by chance?)

& what her doctor wants more of, and that aside from sections 1 & 2, which also YELP, contributes PAWsitively in her ability to use her hands- and that's knitting!
she'll start with small goods like berets & hats & mittens, [DID you even know mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves?!?]
SEE, you'll even learn cool stuff like that- IF we have the chance to BLOG..
PAWhaps that'll be my area of exPAWtise...and may then again do some commission work in sweaters, depending on how things go.
She makes nice sweaters, doesn't she Uncle Angus?

I'm PAWretty sure that you don't know that she has extensive nerve damage, aside from other neurological deficits (that contribute to disability) so working the hand to eye coordination et al remains a PAWsitive element in therapy, and with a portion of ALL proceeds benefiting "MICA'S IMHA Research FUND", well THAT benefits everyFUR.

we hope that you'll drop by sometime and lend us a PAW.
we'll likely need at least a few weeks to get the store up & running tho..

your black pearl advocate in kind,

the MiRRAcle (as mom & mica call me)
signing off FUR some frisbee

hug all your LOVED ones, PAWlease.. it feels good & THAT works both ways!

m, m & angel m




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