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The ROCKY Story

Permanently Blind

August 9th 2007 9:36 am
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First of all check out All-Mighty Clothing. A very cool Bostie-inspired clothing store and our Rockster is on their website!!! All-Mighty also has a myspace page and a Flickr account with lots of boston terrier photos.

As of today, Rocky will have been on prednisone for almost 1 month. I am tapering off his dosage & he will be meds-free in about 2 weeks. So far there have been no changes. He is still the same blind 'happy pinball' dog that he was when he first came here and Dr. Stevenson said that if there are no changes it is likely that Rocky's optic nerves are too damaged. It looks like he won't be getting his sight back. :(


I know it's easy to feel sorry for Rocky - being newly blind at the ripe old age of 9 years. But the good part is that he is doing really well in spite of not being able to see.

For a blind dog, he is happy, confident and playful. He likes to fling and drop his own ball (or kong) and fetch it, using his nose to relocate it. It takes him some time to find it again but he is getting better!

Most people don't believe me when I tell them he is completely blind. When you talk to Rocky, he turns his head and *looks* at you. When he sits on your lap, he turns his head from time to time and *looks* at you with his big pink tongue wagging. We sometimes forget that he isn't really looking at us.

His navigation skills are not wonderful.... he still bumps into things (especially when he gets excited) but is learning to compensate for the blindness with his nose and ears. He is good on a leash (except when there are other dogs around) and he will follow me everywhere, listening to footsteps and voice directions. I believe that with time, he will get smarter using his other senses.


*Amazingly, he can get "lost" in my apartment, unable to locate me on the couch from a few steps away BUT he can sniff-out another dog's toy hidden in the bushes from several feet away!

* Rocky lies on my bathroom floor when I get ready/do my face in the mornings. When he hears the sound of my hairbrush or the toilet flush, he gets up on his feet and waits at the door.

* Words that Rocky knows (but doesn't always respond to):Treats, Walk, Sit, Shake Hands, Stop, Careful, Come Here, This Way, Up/Down(for steps), Lie Down, Hungry? When you ask him a question, his eyes open wide and he cocks his head to one side. He is so cute!!!


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