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Southern Belle in the City

Me? DOTD? Thank you Dogster!

August 4th 2008 3:57 am
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Um, Mom, here -- Mia is quite overwhelmed by this honor, which has led to her fainting from squeals of delight! I'll be helping her recover from excitement. LOL! We'll be back later after she zoomies around the apartment and teases her brother, Gib.

xoxo Mia and Mom (placing a biscuit under nose to attempt recovery of happiness)


OH Me WUV Christmas!

December 31st 2007 7:58 am
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My first Christmas! All the traveling and fun and unwrapping and kissies and hugs and treats! What a glorious time to be me! BOL!

Mom keeps snapping that contraption she calls a camera at me. Sheesh! But I don't care if that means pressies! Me so thankful and happy for all the pressies given to me to make my first christmas extra special!!!!

Mommy laughs at me because I am scared of wrapping paper and bags that fall and boxes that rip open. But I am beginning to realize that with each crinkle and rip of paper, a treat will be discovered! So I am slowly thinking that it's a good thing!

Mom still has more pressies to open but we added a slideshow of pics to thank me fweinds for the gifts opened so far and it will continue to be updated!!!! Me so lucky to have fweinds that are so generous! And the Secret Santas are pawsomeeeeee!



Me tagged! Me tagged!

October 22nd 2007 5:49 pm
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Oh yay! Thank you Molly, Sydney, and Bonnie!

October 22 2007
Here are the rules of this dogster game of "tag" in case you've never gotten a chance to play. When you are tagged, you post 7 random facts about yourself, compose a "new DIARY entry" along with the rules and put them in your own DIARY. Then you pick 7 furs (kitties or doggies) to tag but make sure you tell them... a simple p-mail will do fine, or a rosette to tell them, but you must let them know that they have been tagged. Post their names also in your DIARY.

1. I travelled from Nashville to NYC to meet my furever family
2. I love to tease Gibby with toys and bop him on the head so he gets mad and chases me
3. I love to meet pups and if I can't, I growl and look mean! Grrrrrr
4. I am 90% housetrained. I can pee on command on the pee pad right before we sleep.
5. I do not like skateboarders or rollerbladers! Booooo!
6. My best friend (besides Gibby) is Luna, a Manchester Terrier!
7. I make squeaky noises when someone I love is going away. I MEEEEF!!!!!

Okay, Mom is going to have to check to see who hasn't been tagged yet although it looks like every pup! hehe! We'll hopefully pick some pups soon! C'mon mom and step to it!


Where to begin!

October 18th 2007 8:03 am
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Bad Mommy for not updating my diary! Hmmph! So in a nutshell...

I have now graduated from obedience class and Mom is looking into intermediate. I am growing bigger but still on the small medium size. hehe.

Although I began living here pretty relaxed with the world around me, I've come to be a bit timid on my leash for some reason. So Mom thinks I might hve some leash reactivity issues. Off leash, I am very docile and sweet. But on leash, my behavior is a bit unpredictable. So Mom watches me closely. I love to meet pups and people but every now and then a pup can be over eager or a person can look quite scary to me. So then I want to growl and bark at them. Mom's been working very hard to make me more comfortable with them. I want to make Mommy proud of me!

In September, we had our DP USA meet up which was sooooo amazing! We met some great dogster pals and had a blast at the AKC Dog Owner Responsibility Event. I even got microchipped...twice! They didn't get the chip in the first time. BOL! Well, actually, not so funny for me.

Last week, I almost got into two dog fights! The first was on the street when one of my pit bull pals tried to hump me and he wouldn't stop when I warned him so then we were growling at eachother. It turned out okay but he is not neutered so Mom will have to stay away from him until the owner decides to neuter him. Then we went to the dog park and there was a female in heat! Who brings a female in heat into a dog run? So even though the pup was usually so nice, she ended up nipping me and she took a tiny chunk out of me ear! OUCHIE! I was mad but I didn't attack. I growled and made noises. And then the owners apologized and said it was their fault. Now dad calls me the Warrior! hehe.

I haven't been feeling so well this week and Mom took me to the vet and it turns out I have canine influenza! So no trip to CT this week because I have to be on antibiotics and have very low activity. It's tough to not be able to play so much with Gibby. I'm bored! But the cough comes up every time I get too excited so I have to be good and get plenty of rest. So this was a perfect time to catch up on my diary!



August 4th 2007 6:38 pm
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Ho hum, I love the lazy Saturdays. Waking up and going out for a relaxing walk with Mom and my brudda, Gibby at 6:30. And the cleaning woman comes in and starts to make the place shiny while I nap in my crate so I don't get in her way. Ahhhh, streeeeeeetch! Oh? why is the crate door opening? Oh I get to hang outside the crate earlier than usual! But the cleaning woman is still there, Mom! And why isn't Gibby coming out with me?

Down the 64 steps of our apartment building and there is Dad waiting in the car. BONUS! JOY RIDE!!!!! Vroooooom! Off we go! Oh the people, places and dogs that whiz by as we pass block after block. Hmmm. What's this - a place called The Dog Run? Mom said this is where I learn stuff! Sounds very interesting! And it totally was the bomb! There were 6 other pups running around and I got to run around and check them out! A pup that was super huge and wrinkly called Blue and a tiny tiny 2.5 pound toy poodle that was so friendly and crazy fun! But don't want to step on her - eek! And an Aussie Shepherd who wanted to play like crazy! Oh what fun!

We gathered around and talked about stuff with the trainer and then we learned the basic SIT. Oh I know that one, silly Mom and Dad! Why do I have to learn that again! Oh no, Mom said, this one is different. I had to be on her left side and she wouldn't even say my name. Just SIT. And then even worse, they threw a treat in front of me! EEK! But I had to be so patient. Man, was I eyeing that treat. And then she would say OK! And I could walk over to the treat and eat it. yum yum. I'm liking this learning stuff!

That was just the intro class and the start of SIT. Next week, we really train with SIT and even have to SIT with toys squeaking - oh man that is gonna be tough!!!! But I'm READY for it! Bring...IT...ON!!!!


From Nashville to New York City...

July 3rd 2007 11:19 am
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Well, here I AM! Initially discarded like garbage and flung over a fence at a child's daycare, I was taken in by kind women and nursed back to health. Ready to go, I was fostered and waited for my furever home. Mom found me on Petfinder. She just couldn't resist my sweet face. The Southern charm just leaped out at her.

And off I went on this luxury trailer with A/C! And we drove two days to get to this place called New York! As soon as I stepped out of the trailer with this nice man, he brought me to my Mom. She held me close and said you are home Mia! Oh happy day! AND then she introduced me to my new borther Gibby and Daddy. Oh I love to play and now I have a brother to play with all the time!

Oh shoot! Off in a car and had to drive again. And I noticed that it became less green and more grey. Where is the grass? Where is the lawn? Hmmm. I leapt out of the car and we took a walk round the neighborhood for the first time. I sniffed and sniffed but no grass. This is not Nashville any longer! But i was thrilled! I walked around as proud as can be!

These past two weeks has been a whirlwind of discovery! The sidewalk is like a buffet of food! All i have to do is sniff it out! Mom has to watch me close though because she said that food is no good. Yuck. I sitll love it though. And every day, Gib and I play like long lost friends. And we share our toys and chase eachother around. Gib thinks it's funny how I have to stay in the crate at night though - ha ha - SO NOT FUNNY! He stares at me from the bed and snickers. Oh I'll get him tomorrow!

So many people too! All walking around and many of them come up to me and pet me. I love to get the attention. And I gracefully walk up to them for some lovin'. Mom is so proud of me. I've adjusted so well here and she is amazed. She says I'm her little surprise. One because I'm so good and I listen so well and, two, because they have no idea what breed I am - BOL! The vet did state rat terrier but even Mom is questioning that one. Definitely not Min Pin as originally thought. But whatever I am, Mom says I am the perfect daughter. Sans pee accidents - BOL!

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