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The Adventures of Smiley

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Christmas Camping

December 22nd 2004 9:23 pm
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Woof Woof!

I`m so excited! Dad is taking me on a Christmas eve camping trip to the Delaware Water Gap on the Appalacian trail. We`re going to celebrate Christmas in this magnificent mountain wonderland. Hope there`s snow for us to enjoy. Dad`s going to give me my present inside our tent on Christmas eve.




Hiking in Denali Park Alaska

December 10th 2004 9:22 pm
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My dad just got a scanner for his computer. He`s letting me use it as I am pretty computer literate for a dog! From time to time I`ve decided to post pictures of our past adventures. In Sept 2002 we went to Alaska and hiked the Kesugi Ridge trail in Denali State Park. The views over the 3 days that we spent hiking here were awesome,but I was more interested in the pikas that I was able to chase all over the tundra!

The photo from this trip is the 3rd from the bottom. The mountain behind the cairn(which I marked after posing for the picture) is Denali otherwise known as Mt. Mckinley.



Lost in the Park

December 3rd 2004 8:51 pm
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I had quite a scare last nite! My dad took me on our usual evening walk thru pennypack park. He usually lets me run loose on the side opposite the bike path. Well last nite as I was running merrily along I caught the scent of a deer! I tried to control myself but I swear that Mr. Deer laughed at me. Well that was an affront to my doggie dignity!! I took off in hot pursuit. He ran out onto the street and across Rhawn st. I followed when my nerves were shatttered by the screech of car brakes. Terrified, I ran back down into the park only to hear Dad calling me from what seemed like a great distance. I ran about here and there but couldn`t decide which way to go! Then I saw Dad`s headlamp and ran towards him. We were both glad to be reunited. I promised Dad that I`d be more careful in the future. (But that darn deer DID laugh at me after all!)


My hikes in the Poconos

November 28th 2004 7:53 am
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Woof Woof!!

Dad took me to the pocono mountains for 2 nice hikes recently. On thanksgiving and again yesterday we went to Big Pocono State Park. It`s fun to hike here as there are miles of trails and the adjoining state game lands. Dad was careful to watch out for me as there were hunters in the area. I had my bright dogpack on, so I wasn`t really scared that anybody would shoot me by mistake.
On thanksgiving, we had some light rain, a bit of lightning and thunder,limited sun,and HIGH winds in the afternoon that turned the light rain to snow showers. A very exciting day!

Yesterday my dad used his gps (I don`t see what he likes about that thing since it doesn`t smell good or dispense any treats!) to navigate in some trackless areas near Wolf Swamp. We hiked in a pretty,secluded area near Wolf Swamp Run and found our way out to Deep Lake using the gps. Dad promises to take me camping here overnite in the near future. Can`t wait as I love winter camping trips and snow! I envy those dogs who do the Iditarod in Alaska.



Our walk thru Pennypack

November 22nd 2004 9:27 pm
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Tonite after work,my dad walked me on our usual 4 mile circuit thru Pennypack Park. It was raining lightly and all the good smells were out! I had a great time. Both of us heard a few owls hooting in the trees and the eyes of a deer resting beside the trail were reflected in Dad`s headlamp before I chased the deer away. Had a good run after him!




My Backpacking trip at the Delaware Water Gap

November 17th 2004 7:27 pm
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My dad and I got back from our 4 day hike in the Delaware Water Gap a few days ago. My paws were a bit sore from 4 days of carrying my dogpack so I delayed this entry tilll now.
We began our hike on fri Nov 12 in a cold rain but I had my doggie jacket on so I was snug and warm! My dad enjoyed the solitude of hiking along the fog shrouded Mt Tammany trail and I was thrilled by all the new smells. I surprised a few deer as we hiked along. Dad popped his tent up for us to have lunch out of the rain and after wolfing down some biscuits,I enjoyed a mid-day doze.

I was really tired when we stopped to camp near Mohican rd along the Appalacian Trail for the night. The cold rain beating against the tent lulled us both into a sound sleep.

Dad unzipped the tent door during the night (it seems that he wanted to mark a tree like I always do) and to our mutual surprise there was the white stuff coating the ground!

The next day was sunny and just great for sniffing and exploring. Ice shrouded all the trees and Dad snapped a few pix of our snowy campsite. We spent the day hiking the Appalacian Trail to an old woods road that went thru Millbrook Village. Dad told me that this was an old 19th century village and I marked the schoolhouse just to let everybody know that we had been there!
We hiked on to Buttermilk Falls--dad says it`s about 100ft high--and ascended that trail to camp for night 2. I had vivid dreams of chasing cats and squirrels all night long.

On day 3 as we hiked in the Blue Mountain Lakes area, dad spent time marking a few waypoints (whatever they are) with his GPS. This looks like a small box with buttons all over it and a small TV screen. I thought that GPS might stand for Good Pooch Service,but the darn thing didn`t produce any treats. Must be broken! The day was sunny and mild though and I had a good hike. There were nice views of the Yards Creek resevoir from our mountaintop campsite on our 3rd nite out.

As we hiked the Appalacian Trail back to our car,Dad remarked on the azure blue green color of Dunnfield Creek. He said that it reminded him of Havasu Falls in Grand Canyon. I was just glad that he bought me a cheeseburger at the Mcdonalds as we were leaving for home! Dad will post a few new pix from our latest trip on my web page. They`ll be just below the primary photo.

Eagerly awaiting our next adventure,

P.S. I put a Dogster pin on my dogpack so that any other K-9 hikers out there will know I`m on Dogster!


camping trip

November 11th 2004 8:40 pm
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My dad is taking me to the Appalacian Trail in the Delaware Water Gap for a 4 day trip starting tommorrow. We may get a touch of the white stuff tommorrow but I like snow so I`m excited! Will post a few details of our trip when I return. My dogpack is all packed up!



Photos of my travels

November 8th 2004 3:42 pm
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I`m SOO happy! My dad is posting some photos of me online! They can be viewed by going to the site "Webshots". Click on Community then advanced search. Type in member`s name--jpamusher. Click on any photo that comes up and then back to album to see the entire set. My dad promises to add more pix from time to time. Woof!



My visit to the Golden Gate Bridge

October 24th 2004 1:31 pm
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After the Grand Canyon, my dad took me to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We had to wait several hours for the fog to clear but when it did, the views were awesome. I had a howling good time there! Stinson Beach which is just north of San Frasncisco is a dog friendly beach. I met lots of nice California doggies there.



Photos from my vacation

October 24th 2004 1:05 pm
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My dad and I just got back from a trip out west a few days ago. I had to stay in the kennel while my dad was down in the Grand Canyon, but when he finished his hike,he took me hiking along the rim. I carried my food in my dogpack. The photo is now on the site.


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