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July 8th 2005 8:59 pm
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Dad takes me rafting quite often during the summer months. Our favourite spot to go rafting is the Delaware River. Dad gets there early in the morning and we hike up the canal towpath for about 8 miles. Dad then inflates the raft and our journey begins. We usually do the section between Frenchtown, NJ and Point Pleasant,Bucks County, PA. This section of the river has the most rapids and islands to visit, so it`s a lot of fun! Dad just added 2 more photos of recent rafting trips this summer on page 2 of my Dogster Plus photo album.

First Mate and Ship`s Lookout


2 New Photos

June 26th 2005 2:17 pm
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Woof Woof,

That`s 1 woof for each new photo that Dad just added to my page. These pictures were taken on our recent June backpacking trip to the Delaware Water Gap. The first was taken on Thurs,June 16 2005 at campsite 1 on the Appalacian Trail. Skies had just cleared following a thunderstorm (I hate those things!) and a beautiful double rainbow appeared.

Pix no. 2 was taken 2 days later on nite 3 of the trip. Dad hiked down the mountain a short ways and found a small flat spot to pitch our tent. We both had GREAT views of the Delaware river from this spot. Can`t wait for our next trip!! Dad`s going to sign me up for Dogster Plus so that he can post lots more pix to my page!



A summer backpacking trip

June 22nd 2005 8:51 pm
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Dad and I recently got home from a 4 day backpacking trip to the Delaware Water Gap in NJ. It was the first time Dad was able to take me on a summer backpacking trip as he usually can`t get a string of days off in the summer months. Dad remarked on the novelty of seeing the Appalacian Trail fully vegitated as opposed to viewing bare tree branches and even snow! I simply loved all the new summer smells!

We arrived at the Delaware Water Gap on Thursday morning June 16 and almost immediately had a small adventure. We hiked back the Dunnfield Creek trail and soon came upon a HUGE crater. Dad says that it was caused by washouts and erosion from recent floods in the area. I slid my way down to the bottom, at one point tumbling head over tail and finally landing on my back atop my dogpack! Dad also had to make his way down with care as his pack is just a tad bigger than mine!

All worked out ok and we made our way back to Sunfish Pond for some swimming. Dad used a lifevest as a personal "boat" and swam out far into Sunfish Pond. I was happy just to relax on shore and catch the cool mountain breezes.

Alas in the afternoon as we were hiking back towards Camp Mohican on the Appalacian Trail a thunderstorm rolled in. I find these things SCARY and can`t understand why they don`t seem to bother most humans, Dad included. Dad gave me plenty of comfort,though, and the dreadful storm soon passed.

As Dad was pitching our tent on Thurs nite, a beautiful double rainbow appeared. Dad tried to tell me that the thunderstorm was worthwile after all,but I`ll reserve judgement on that!

On Friday,we hiked thru Van Campen`s Glen and its interesting canyons and waterfalls. The smells here were superb. Much nicer than the photos Dad was taking with his digital camera if I do say so myself! We made our way down to the Delaware River and watched a party of canoeists go by. (Hint Dad, take me canoeing sometime PLEEEESE!).

Our campsite on fri nite on the Buttermilk Falls trail was very nice. We camped beside a small stream and its gurgling waters lulled us both to sleep.

On Saturday, after some swimming in both Hemlock Pond and Long Pine Pond, I met another K-9 hiker. We had another small adventure while hiking back the Rattlesnake Swamp Trail. A large portion of the trail had somehow been flooded with murky swamp water and both of us had to bushwack around it. Dad said it reminded him of old Vietnam war movies where soldiers wade thru the rice paddies. (I don`t know about that, I`ll stick with Animal Planet reruns!}

We had a great campsite on Sat nite just off of the Appalacian Trail with sweeping views of the Delaware River far below!

It was a GREAT trip. Woof Woof!



Big Meadows

May 31st 2005 2:38 pm
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Dad added another photo to my page from our recent Shenendoah trip. It was taken on day 4 as we hiked thru the Big Meadows area adjacent to Skyline Drive. It was quite warm that day,but refreshing breezes were blowing across the open meadow. From here, Dad and I hiked down the Mill Prong trail for a refreshing swim in Mill Prong which is near Camp Hoover. The Big Meadows photo appears just above this entry.

Got to run now as Dad is taking me for another rafting trip on the Delaware River tommorrow.



Wearing my Dogster button

May 23rd 2005 7:18 am
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Dad just posted a new photo showing me wearing my Dogster button. I proudly displayed it on my dogpack while hiking in Shenandoah National Park . These are nice buttons and I urge all pet parents to buy their dogs some!



Photos from Shenandoah

May 21st 2005 2:15 pm
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Dad and I got back from our Shenandoah hike about a week ago. Dad is reviewing the pix that he took while down there and will feature favorite ones from time to time as my primary Dogster photo. He just added the current one showing me atop Robertson Mt. Robertson mt is 3,296 ft high and offered us spectacular views. Like Leonardo in "TITANIC" ,I felt like King of the World up here!



Hiking in Virginia

May 15th 2005 1:33 pm
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Dad and I just got back from a week of backpacking (or in my case--dogpacking) in Shenandoah National Park,Virginia.

We started our hike on Sunday,May 8th. We hiked down the Rapidan fire road to the Upper Dark Hollow trail. The weather was warm and sunny with a refreshing breeze. On the Dark Hollow trail, we found a lovely area of tall trees. Shafts of sunlight were shining thru the trees onto a carpet of ferns. It was a lovely area. I caught the scent of a bear here but Dad didn`t see him, only heard the sound of a large animal crashing thru the brush. We camped nearby and I made sure to mark the trees around our campsite so Mr Bear would know that I was on guard and thus leave my Dad alone!

Next day, on Monday afternoon, Dad and I hiked down the Cedar Run trail. Midway down this trail, Dad found a sloping section of rock with a trickle of water running down it ending in a deep pool. Dad used this as a slide to plunge himself into the icy pool. He told me that it felt great, but I took one look at the steep slide and the icy pool and said "NO WAY"!!

Tues May 10th, we summited Robertson Mountain. The views up here were great (according to Dad). Personally, I was more interested in the wonderful scents and smells all along the Roberston Mountain trail. Dad marvelled at the stunning views of Old Rag mountain that were had as we descended this trail. I caught the sound of running water at the bottom of the trail and was thinking to myself " Doggone the views, let`s get down there so I can plunge my snout into that cold water!" Later in the afternoon, we hiked along the Nicholson Hollow trail and both of us enjoyed some swims in icy pools that were found along the stream here.

On Wed May 11 Dad and I made our way back along the Appalacian Trail, passing by Big Meadows campground. Dad was glad to be able to buy an icy cold pepsi here as the weather was quite warm--mid 80`s. I found a nice spot in the shade of a cabin for us to have our lunch. Dad bought me some fries from the camp store. Yumm! Much tastier than dog buscuits!

Thurs May 12, we hiked along Big Run after Dad resupplied and drove us to the southern section of the Park. Some of the crossings of Big Run were deep and I was upset at getting my dogpack wet, but dad told me not to worry about it. We were ascending Brown Mountain at the close of the day. The trail seemed to take FOREVER to reach the summit. Dad was hauling a gallon of water in his pack ( He tried to talk me into carrying the water, but I said " You`re the expedition leader--that`s your job!" He was really looking forward to reaching the summit and a campsite as that water was HEAVY. Suddenly, I let out a joyous yip. A NICE LEVEL CAMPSITE!! We made camp near the summit of Brown Mountain. Sweeping mountain views within walking distance from the tent. The smells at this spot were good also. A previous camper had apparently scattered ashes from a campfire here and the smell of woodsmoke was neat!!

Fri the 13th was both good and bad luck for me. It was cloudy and cool for a change, which was a relief after the hot days previously but my arthritus was acting up a bit and I was feeling a tad footsore. Dad let me go slow and we stopped early for the day on the Jones Run trail. A nice campsite beside the stream (or Run---as southerners call them). The gurgling stream lulled Dad to sleep---as for myself, I was so doggone tired that I didn`t need the aid of any stream to fall asleep!

Dad carried my dogpack part of the way on Sat as we ended our hike. I was really footsore and sure appreaciated his carrying it. Dad was going to try out this new medicine for doggie arthritus when we get back home, so I`ll probably be back to my old self in no time. Hope so , as I really enjoy hiking with my Dad. We`re a team, and Dad can`t imagine hiking without me!!



Our trip to Shehandoah

May 7th 2005 12:54 pm
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Woof Woof Woooof!!!

This rates a lot of woofing! Dad is taking me down to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia for a week of hiking. Dad wants to use his GPS and new digital camera on the hike and I just want to enjoy all the new sights and smells. My dogpack is packed and ready to go! I`ll have Dad post some pix from our trip when we return.



Another visit to the beach

April 29th 2005 8:02 pm
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Dad and I took another trip to the Jersey shore at Island Beach State Park on this past Tues,Apr 26. It was warmer than on our last visit here and Dad and I both enjoyed some wading in the ocean although the Atlantic is still a tad chilly. I`ve posted a few new pix from that visit on my page.




Our first raft trip of 2005

April 19th 2005 8:24 pm
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This is First Mate Smiley here! The Captain (dad) and I took our first raft trip yesterday on the Delaware river. Dad parked the car and we hiked several miles up the NJ canal towpath. Dad then inflated the raft and we launched into the Delaware`s swift current.

The river was running fast due to recent flooding and it was COLD. We didn`t try to do any swimming but we had a great time just floating down the river at a fast clip.

We went ashore on Treasure Island to have lunch. There were high sand dunes present here. The Captain said that they were deposited by the recent floods. Trees all along the river were knocked asunder by the force of the river when it flooded.

Our raft floated thru a few sets of moderate rapids. The rapids near Bulls Island were especially thrilling to "shoot". I`ve had the Capt post a rafting photo from this trip on my page. Can`t wait till the river warms up later in the season for some swimming.

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