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The Adventures of Smiley

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Alaska 2005 trip day 1

October 19th 2005 8:11 pm
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Dad and I just got back from our Alaska trip last Sunday, Oct 16. I`m going to post diary entries for each day of the trip,so here`s our adventures for day 1.

Sat Sept 10

We left our house about 9:30 last night and drove all night long to reach Buffalo, NY by sunrise. There was some dense fog as we travelled the NY thruway in the wee hours of the morning but I was a good co-pilot and helped Dad to navigate safely!

We crossed into Canada via the Peace Bridge. The customs lady must`ve been impressed by my handsome looks because she just waved us right thru without searching our car! I had brought my favourite dog food from home and was concerned that it might be confiscated as suppossedly the Mad Cow scare has caused Canada to ban the import of dog food.

Dad and I spent the day hiking in the Niagra Falls area. He made me pose atop a fence in front of the Falls for a dramatic photo. I was a bit nervous doing this with the thunder of Niagra Falls in the background,but Dad reassured me that he wouldn`t do anything REALLY extreme like making me ride over the Falls in a barrell!!!

We hiked across the Rainbow Bridge and had dramatic views of the Falls and Niagra River several hundred feet below the bridge.

We hiked some trails along the lower Niagra River well below the falls and Dad and I swam in some sheltered coves in the river. We spent a cozy night at the Niagra Falls , Ontario KOA. I was glad to crawl into the cozy tent after a strenuous day!!



Homeward Bound

October 2nd 2005 10:52 pm
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Dad and I will be leaving our friend`s homestead tommorrow and starting the long journey home. We enjoyed immensely our time here on Alaska`s Kenai Peninsula with it`s stunning landscape of mountains,sea and numerous lakes. Dad will post pix when we get home.

While staying on the homestead here, I could hear a neighbor`s sled dogs howling! It stirs the wanderlust in me and makes me proud to be a northern adventurer. While carrying my dogpack on hikes here, I felt a kinship with my sled dog brothers and sisters!!


P.S. This is likely our last computer access for some time, but I`ll write more upon our return


Travelling in Alaska

October 1st 2005 10:19 pm
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Dad and I are staying with a friend who lives near Homer, Alaska for a few days. This is the first computer access that we`ve had since leaving home 3 weeks ago. We`ve had a really nice trip thusfar. Nice hiking at Niagra Falls at the start. Dad even swam in the lower Niagra River!
Both of us swam in Lake Superior as we travelled across Ontario on the Trans-Canada highway.

In Elk Island National Park near Edmonton, we heard coyotes howling overnite as we camped inside our tent. I even saw one the next morning!

We hiked along the Yukon River near Whitehorse, then visited Skagway,Alaska and hiked the Dewey lakes trails. Nice views of Alaska`s inside passage from this trail! A cruise ship went by our campsite at nite and all the lights were lit. It reminded Dad of the Titanic!

We visited the Fairbanks area and hiked a trail there that went past these really neat rock outcroppings called Tors. Dad and I camped beneath one of these huge rock Tors!

We really like the Kenai Peninsla of Alaska. Nice views of mountains rising sheer out of the Gulf of Alaska!! Today we finished up a hike on the Resurrection Pass trail. This is a trail of stunning beauty that traverses a lovely alpine landscape. Dad and I saw numerous bear prints in the mud and their droppings, but unfortunately we saw no actual grizzlies. I was on guard in case any bears threatened Dad, but he was dissappointed that he didn`t get a photo of a bear!
Will write more and post pictures when Dad and I return home in a few weeks.



Alaska 2005

September 9th 2005 3:01 pm
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I think I`ve got all my biscuits packed up and my dogpack is ready to go. Dad and I are leaving for Alaska tonight. We`re driving up to Niagra falls then across southern Canada till we reach the Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek, British Columbia. We plan on some hiking tommorrow at Niagra Falls then we`re hoping to enjoy a swim in Lake Superior at a provincial park there.
Also anticipating lots of nice hikes in Alaska. I`ll write about our adventures on my return in Oct.



My own postage stamp!

August 31st 2005 8:52 pm
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Dad recently learned of this neat website called You can upload a personal photo and have US postage stamps made up bearing that photo. They`re LEGAL postage! Dad had some made up of me. This stamp is featured as photo 6 in my album.



Our Dogster License Plate

August 28th 2005 1:17 pm
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Just had to bark about this. Dad found this COOL website that makes up authentic looking license plates from all 50 states and Canadian provinces. He had Alaska plate made up which says "DOGSTER" and put it in the rear window of OUR car. Photos of this plate can be seen on page 3 of my Dogster Plus album.
We`re leaving soon for another trip to Alaska.



One year on Dogster

August 8th 2005 3:26 pm
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Thanks Dogster for the birthday cake! I`m proud to have been on Dogster for a full year! Dad and I love this site and hope to be on it for years to come.



Hawaii or the Delaware?

August 2nd 2005 8:54 pm
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Dad took me rafting again yesterday. It was a fun trip on a hot day but he made me wear this silly string of flowers when we pulled ashore on an island. I was beginning to think that we had sailed all the way to Hawaii,but I couldn`t find the Luau!! Dad said that the flowers were just for the photo. Darn! No Luau! Oh well, the Delaware is still a nice place to go rafting and Dad IS taking me to Alaska next month. Maybe I`ll get to see Hawaii some day.


P.S. These latest photos are the last 2 on pages 2 and 3 of my album.



July 27th 2005 8:14 pm
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I`m sooo scared that I could only manage a small woof there! We had a big thunderstorm roll in as Dad and I were taking our usual evening walk thru Pennypack Park. The winds were really gusty, making the trees bend and groan. Little branches were falling off and hitting the ground from time to time. I was hoping that a bigger branch or tree limb wouldn`t land on us. I`m REALLY scared of thunderstorms!

Hiding in the bathroom,



July 8th 2005 8:59 pm
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Dad takes me rafting quite often during the summer months. Our favourite spot to go rafting is the Delaware River. Dad gets there early in the morning and we hike up the canal towpath for about 8 miles. Dad then inflates the raft and our journey begins. We usually do the section between Frenchtown, NJ and Point Pleasant,Bucks County, PA. This section of the river has the most rapids and islands to visit, so it`s a lot of fun! Dad just added 2 more photos of recent rafting trips this summer on page 2 of my Dogster Plus photo album.

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