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The life of Molly Saran!

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I Love Dallas Tx !!!

January 23rd 2009 1:25 pm
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Daddy got a call last night from the woofderful people at the Dallas Tx mall he was in a few months ago ... He gave them my photo & entered me in a beautiful dog contest & they voted me 3rd place !!!!! I got an honourable mention & a certificate that mommy says we will frame & put on the wall .... anyone who is barking with my brother Max , don't believe him ... there were more than 3 dogs who entered !!!! BOLBOL

Maybe i can convince the pawrents that we should go to Tx & thank them pawsonaly !!!!


***** We hope Molly's ego calms down soon*****


Hot Hot Hot!!!!!

July 7th 2008 1:35 pm
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OMD it's over 30C here & is supposed to stay that way all week !!!! Usually i sit in my window & watch all the people & dogs , but today it is just too hot to sit here !!! Thank god , Mommy left the basement door open it's alot cooler down there, but even tho it is finished & safe for me to be downstairs it's not a place i usually go without Mommy & even then i don't stay very long , but it's cool & there is a futon, Maybe if Max decides to go down & take a nap i might go with him ..... Mommy will be home from work soon & she will give us some ice cubes , i think i will do an extra special dance for them today !!!! Yummy !!!!

well i am off to check out this basement thing , hope everyone is enjoying their summer !!!!



Oh My i do not like it when the sky makes noise !!!!

May 22nd 2008 1:17 pm
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It was just a normal morning , we get up with Mommy , she gets ready for work , we have our breakfast , she leaves for work , We play with our toys & nap & sit in the window & bark at everything outside ... Well about noon all i hear is a big BOOOM! oh, how it hurts my little ears & scares me too !!!!! I wish i knew how to use the phone , i would call Mommy & tell her to come home & comfort me like she usually does when the big booms happen !!!! it went on for a few hours , it seemed endless .... Then the sun came out & everything is ok again .... Mommy will be home from work soon & i'll be sure to tell her how brave i was !!!!!

going to take a nap in the sunbeams


Molly Saran


Oh, What a night !!!!

February 12th 2008 8:07 am
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The last 2 nights i have been stealing Mommys pillow & she has woken up with a stiff neck ....So last night she gave me my very own pillow (after all i let her sleep in my bed) & i loved it !!! i got all comfy & then i decided to bring a toy to sleep with me on my new pillow, as i was choosing the perfect toy , Max decided he wanted to sleep there !!!!! he made himself comfortable & stayed there all night !!!!! The nerve of him !!!! i sleep at the top of the bed with Mommy , he sleeps at the bottom !!!! So i went & slept at the bottom of the bed cold & alone ,while he slept on my new pillow all comfy & cozy with Mommy !!!!

I woke up this morning very grouchy & ignored Mommy & Max , now i need to figure out how to make sure this never happens again !!!!

off to take a nap !!!!


Our friend Bella Paige is Missing Please help us find her- ...

February 4th 2008 9:47 am
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Please help us find our friend Bella Paige #568339 from Orange County , Ca this letter is from her mommy :

Subject: Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sent: Mon Feb 4

Hello Fluffs
I cant thank everyone enough for all the wonderful support and love you have given me and my family at this time. I am just a total wreck and cant seem to keep it together for more than five minutes.

Bella was wearing a pink collar with a gold heart tag.
She is not microchiped... she was scheduled to be this month.

She is gold and white with a white tail and four white paws.
She is aprox 10 lbs and has a black rubberband in her top knotch.

I cant thank everyone enough for all the prayers and kind and comforting words, I am really trying to stay calm, but its not working. If any of you would like to post her information some where that would great.. I am trying to get her all the exposure I can get.
I know she couldnt have gone far becuase she doesnt run.. she is a roamer and sniff sniff... im sure you all know how that is

I am praying that she did not have to sleep out in the cold last night and are going to do anything in my power to try and find my baby girl.
She is my life, my everything...
I have seen STAFU prayers work MANY times.. and I just hope that the lord above will hear us howling and will bring my baby girl back to me safely.

Love you all and Thank you


I am DIVA !!!!

January 25th 2008 7:38 am
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Mommy went out to supper last night with grandma & grandma had liver , when they were done eating grandma had some liver left & they brought it home in a doggie bag for me & Max ( the waitress also threw in a hamburgh patty for us too ..BOL)

So Mommy came home all excited she had such a woffderfull treat, she broke up the hamburger patty first & we enjoyed every bite , then she handed me a piece of liver i took it & spit it on the floor, she tried to give me another piece & i would not even take it .... So mommy wrapped it back up & took it to grandmas house to give to her dog , i think i upset her a little , after all she thought of me when she brought it home & dogs are supposed to like liver ....Max ate all the pieces she gave him...I guess i am just picky , no , I AM DIVA!!!! BRING ON THE FILET MIGNON !!!!!

Hugs & Lickies



I have been Christmas tagged !!!!

December 18th 2007 10:14 am
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Ive been tagged !!!!
Here are the rules: send a short letter to Santa telling him the five top things you want most on your Christmas list, then tag five friends and let them they have been tagged by paw mail or by sending them a Rosette.

Dear Santa Paws

I Have been a good girl all year ( well , as good as a Diva like me can be )

When thinking about the 5 top five things i would want for Christmas this year my number one wish is not for myself...

1- I wish for a speedy & complete recovery for our buddy Tico so he can be home with his family for Christmas ...
2- for all my friends to have the best holiday ever !!!!
3- a light snowfall on Christmas eve
4- For Max to realise all the toys are MINE !!!! (The diva in me took back over )
5- a heated dog bed

Please Santa do your best to to grant all my Christmas wishes , especially #1 & 2 ....

Love Molly Saran

I have tagged

Mollie Tzu
Corn nut


I have such good friends here !!!!!!

November 16th 2007 6:59 am
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TGIF everybody !!!!

I want to thank everyone for the thoughts , prayers & gifts sent to us while Mommy was recovering from her Back injury & fall on the ice .... She is feeling alot better today because of all of you !!!!! She says maybe we'll go dancing tonight !!!! O.K. maybe not dancing but she is alot better ...BOL

Mommy was a little surprised a couple of days ago , she came home from work sore & ran a bath , Max always sits on the side of the tub with her , to make her feel better i sat there too & stayed there even tho she turned on the jets... I really don't like the sound the tub makes & i usually run away , but like a good girl i stayed to make Mommy feel better ...Max wanted to jump in the tub with her ,he often does that but i told him not too ... BOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend !!!!!

Hugs & Lickies

Molly Saran


Sorry we have not been around much ..Part 2

November 14th 2007 7:36 am
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Mommy Let me sign in long enough to update my diary , we got 5 cm of snow over the weekend & Mommys back was getting better , till she slipped on the ice in the driveway & fell flat on her back as she was going to work ...She is very sore now & has a few bruises.... We spent last night cuddling in bed with the heating pad ...If mommy moves over to the side of it there is just enough room left for me to lay on the other side ...when we woke up this morning i was scratching at the side of it to get mommy to turn it on ...that made mommy laugh so she tuned it on for 20min just for me .... ( i love the heating pad, because i get cold very easily )

Mommy says if i'm good maybe Santa will bring me a heated doggie bed for Christmas ..... oh boy i can't wait ....

I really miss Barking with all my friends here & hope we will be able to spend More time with you in a few days ....

your friend

Molly Saran


Sorry , we are not around much this week ....

November 9th 2007 10:01 am
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It has been quite a week here , Mommy has just signed in for a few minutes to update my diary so no one gets worried....

on Tuesday, Mommy had to go to a funeral for a family friend , Mommy has known the woman since she was 5 years old , she spent most of her time volunteering for the special olympics, which would tell you how much she will be missed not only by our family but by our whole community ....

On wed Mommy was lifting boxes at work & hurt her back & sitting at the computer hurts right now , so she is not spending much time online ....

on the lighter side , thrusday after work Mommy found me stuck on the kitchen table , instead of being in the rec room where there was a light on, i was in the dark kitchen stuck on the table , as soon as mommy came into the room & found me i jumped into her arms ..... we laugh about it now ....

as for Sheba daddy is getting a second vet to look at her , the first one we went to had never delt with a dislocation before ... we are waiting for the New appointment... She is comfortable but is finding it a bit awkward ...

TGIF ..... after this week Mommy is glad it's a 3 day weekend... Mommy is going to rest her back & hopefully next week we will be around more ...Mommy did promise that we would pop on here & there during the weekend ....

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Molly *the table dancer* Saran BOL

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