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Patches Exercise Program

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May 29th 2010 7:38 am
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May 2010 Update
Was reading through the diary entries and saw that in 2006 I thought Patches was done for! Well he is still here and in about the same shape as in 2006. He has been eating a product called "happy hips" which has glucosamine and chondroitin in it and he has much less pain when he walks and gets around pretty well. He goes on an on leash walk for about half a mile every morning with blind Brandy while Sasha and Alli run loose along with us. I took Patches recently for his three year rabies shot and had to lift him into the car (thank goodness he only weighs 65 pounds now) - it was a struggle but we made it and he was very good while waiting in line for the shot. Didn't have to have his muzzle on until the vet actually took him. Looks like he may be with us for awhile yet! Patches has three places that are his - he has a pillow on top of my back door deck where he can look out over quite a large area and it is his favorite place unless the sun gets too hot. Then he has a pillow underneath a table on the patio which is in full shade. He also has a shaded spot with pillows right by the back gate so he can look out and watchdog the whole place which he considers his very own job!


Patches is Such a Good Boy

June 5th 2008 6:20 am
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Patches licking granuloma is very nearly totally healed - hair has grown back and there is just a tiny line to fill in. The technique we finally used was to put the Benadryl anti-itch cream on the granuloma and then immediately take patches on a 20 minute on leash walk. We walked quickly and he couldn't take time to reach and lick on the granuloma. By the time we had returned home the anti-itch had taken effect and he had forgotten about licking off the Benadryl - we did this faithfully since my last entry and it worked very well.

Patches caught kennel cough from Sasha and/or Brandy. I knew what it was and started him on anti-biotics right away. Of course it was Saturday so couldn't get to the vet until Tuesday after the Memorial Day Holiday. But there was no doubt what it was so just swiped some of Sasha's antibiotics and got him started. So he has had a far easier case than the others. Went to the vet without him Tuesday and of course the vet agreed that is what he had and gave him his own course of antibiotics and we paid back Sasha's pills. His coughing is very minimal by now.


Some Success with Licky Spot

April 28th 2008 1:38 pm
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I bought some Benadryl Itch cream and put it on Patches before taking him for an on leash walk each morning for about 20 minutes. By the time we get back the anti-itch has taken effect and he doesn't try to lick the sore. It has reduced in size to about 1/3 of what it was and none of it is open. Have my fingers crossed that nothing happens to interfere with the success!


Patches and a Licking Granuloma

April 8th 2008 1:39 pm
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Poor Patches somehow skinned his front knees some days ago. One healed up perfectly but he has licked and licked the other one and it just got worse. Took him to the vet and the vet told me to put Tabasco Sauce on it so he wouldn't lick it. Did that and felt so sorry as it was extremely painful to Patches and he just licked and licked to quickly get it off. So that didn't work at all. Looked online and found a discussion group working on this. Two recommendations were tea tree oil and anti-itch cream with Benadryl. I found both at WalMart. The anti-itch cream works well but he immediately licks it off. I got some soft wrap and wrapped it up after applying the cream. The tea tree oil came as a spray that was bitter and was to prevent chewing. After wrapping his leg I sprayed the bandage with tea tree oil - true enough he took one lick at the bandage and gave it up as he didn't like the taste at all. This morning I went to change the bandage (which was still on) and had it removed and put on the cream. When I brought the spray bottle and bandage Patches ran off and I haven't caught up with him all day - he can go under the house where I can't get to him. Saw him out once and he had licked the sore raw again but won't let me near him. Will just have to keep trying to catch him unawares.

While we were at the vet I weighed him and he is down to 65 pounds which is wonderful - thought he was looking pretty trim and he is still quite active in playing and walking. We walk half a mile every day and run part of it.


Never give up with the good doggies!

May 4th 2007 6:40 am
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I was blown away - I always take
Patches for a walk on my own property (because of the
biting problem) and always on leash since he is an
escape artist. Something prompted me the other
morning to take off the leash just to see what
would happen (my property is fenced and he is old
and slow so thought there wouldn't be any bad
effects). To my surprise he heeled with me
perfectly off leash for the entire half mile walk.
I thought it was a fluke but he has repeated the
behavior all week long - he has gotten lots of
kisses for it! So even an old, part Akita, stubborn boy
can be a suprise!


My Tail of Devotion for Patches

July 15th 2006 10:22 am
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Dear old Patches was literally on his last legs - he was doing nothing but lie around breathing heavily and I was watching him for the proper moment to take him to end his misery and cross the Rainbow Bridge. I would so miss him as he literally would guard me with his life as well as being a lovely, sweet companion. Then quite by accident I adopted puppy Alli from the shelter and now Patches is once again running and playing like a teenager. He gets tired and has to rest and breathe heavily again sometimes but most of the time he is out with Sasha and Alli and playing as in his photo.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Poor Patches

June 4th 2006 10:51 am
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We have been having a heat wave and Patches is sufferring quite a bit. Not usual for a part healer and I am a bit worried about him.


Snakes Alive!

April 24th 2006 7:41 am
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Patches was barking under the house again and I thought I could hear a rattlesnake - I couldn't get to a place I could shine a light in to see what was there. Had to leave for an appointment and just said a big prayer for him and left. It was four hours before I could return and Patches was back out in his bed. This morning he seems fine - somebody was looking after him! Will see what happens today - hopefully the snake left but wouldn't bet on it. Patches is a goooood boy!


Blue Ribbon Day!

April 22nd 2006 6:09 pm
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I received a Rosette today all the way from Australia and that was very exciting.
Had a big day anyway - I discovered a big snake under the house and was barking and barking until I was hoarse. Mama just thought I was barking at a squirrel and didn't come out for the longest time. It was a very big snake and Mama had the neighbor come and capture the snake with a snake pole and he took it home. He takes care of stray snakes for awhile and then takes them way out in the wilderness to a safe place with water so they can have a new life away from barking dogs and mean people. Mama says it was a bull snake and not dangerous but he would not have been happy living under the house and getting barked at by all our dogs. She gave me lots of hugs for letting her know and most of all for being persistent until she came and found the snake.


Patches is a Dancer

February 5th 2006 8:41 am
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Was listening to Outlaw Country on Sirius this morning and Elvis sang Rockababy Boogie (not quite right name?) and I couldn't help but get up and dance to it. Patches was inside trying to con me out of a second Vitabone and he joined me in dancing bigtime - he can twirl and bounce with the best of em and he is a pretty old fellow!

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