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Adopt 2011 Contest

May 15th 2011 12:17 pm
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Adopt 2011 Contest

I have survived another home move this past year with my family and more ahead I surely will take with them. Where they go I go because as the Song says " WE are Family!!" I now have a birdie brother Cecil ,a sweet green Budgie, whom I adore. I am Still Quirky, now greying around the face almost 8 yr old grrl. I still fear Storms & Fireworks but am a really well behaved lady. I am so very beloved,more each day. Please Opt to Adopt,it will change your life as well as the adoptees,for the better! DaddyO often says I can't believe they did what they did to me as a pup. Mommy has come to think & say "Well we got to bring her into our family BECAUSE they did just that & she had resucers who cared!"

Don't let a Sad "Tail" scare you off!
Diamonds are not easy to find & take a little work to really shine!

DarlaMarla Pun'kin Pie! We love to kiss you and look into your soulful Amber eyes. You tolerate us doing so and sometimes give your special soft dry "cat kiss". We love you so our Quirky Brindle Miss. We don't know what we'd have done without you. My Shadow, Aloof Pokey nose girl. TO us you are the BESt in the World!

So folks who read this and wonder Hmmm about these Crazy dog love songs. Opt to Adopt and you'll find out why. You just might have a quirky family member waiting for you! Hurry Quick and Go find yours today! So you can make up Silly Love songs like that "Beetle" & My DaddyO too! Bol. We love you Mama! Love, Mommy, DaddyO, BruddaB,SistaS and Cecilxo

MY PAwrents recently found out more of my story from my foster Mom when they ran into her recently. I was in a cage at a Town shelter. I was in a far cage in the Puppy room,since I was quite small. All the puppies were barking but not me. My F-Mom came over toward the cage and someone said "Don't bother with that one. She's afraid of people, she's on "the list". Well She looked into that cage,saw a scared little pup with pretty eyes and said shes coming with me. She told my Mom I just couldn't let them put her down with those beautiful eyes and we are oh so glad she did. My eyes still give my family the Smooshie hearts awwwws.

Entry Body:
My new life began July 4, 2004. My Mommy and Daddy were at a 4th of July BBQ where I was back in foster care AGAIN. I was in foster several times due to my quirks(very shy, not trusting) and my health. One person thought I was "diseased" and contagious to her kids,which I Wasn't. They said I couldn't walk on a leash, and refused to go in the elevator. I was not cut out to be a Big city dog as I did not know what most things were. I also do not respond to being "forced" into things, I freeze or run. I actually was very good pup Mommy said, considering how scared I was. I am a a "pound pup" , picked up near a "TOney" town that shall remain nameless. I was tied in a backyard in another home. I did not know how to play with people or toys. I did and still do truly LOVE other pups,cats, birds bugs even. The folks call Me Mrs Ghandi sometiems. I was /can be aloof but a real "cling on" Shadow at the same time. It Makes my kisses and trust all the more special.

I to this day Have a strong dislike of sharp objects, anthing to be used as a "weapon" and any type of perceived "fighting". I would grumble when I heard the word "K- I -L -L" . My pawrents had no plans of getting a dog as they rent their home. It is hard to find good housing and most all don't allow pets. Mommy always looked on Petfinder every night dreaming of one day having a dog to love again. I was in foster with 2 big AmStaff foster brothers,1 tiny Mighty Moe foster pup sis, 1 teeny abandoned Kitten that I was Mothering. I was very quiet and I stayed near my now human cousin ,the little kids or hid in my bed with my kitten. Mommy talked about the dogs and how much we would like to get one someday. Well after a long day of fun for the humans ,they were talking very serious talk. Daddy said she is in need of a home, would be a good match for us and our situation. Mommy worried about this and that as Moms do. They decided to go for it and I was put in the car to go home furever with my Blue bear and other toys. I still have them nearly 7 years later! I cried for my furblings all the way to my new home. Mommy felt terrible. I met my human brother,then gerbil sis Mercedes and liked them immediately.

I was very skinny only about 12 lbs with thin fur. The Foster home and vets thought I was about 10mths old and would get not much bigger. It did not take Mom long to realize that the other pups probably ate much of the food before I could get to it in the short time I was there. Who knows how I was fed or lack there of in my other living situations. I am VERY well mannered with food and would not force for my share. I was and still can be leary of taking food from hands and will NOT eat if under Any stress. I am not a typical chow hound, quite self regulating for most part. I know WEIRD for a dog,bol. I had Demodex ,needed special shampoos,vitamins and meds from the Dr. I gained over 10 lbs in the les than 2 mths or so by my spay surgery. I suffered allergies and other issues due to poor start in life. The addition of regular good food,vitamins, lots of patience, loving care from my Mom and family has led me to be a healthy, happy but still quirky 3o ish lb short legged now very furry shedding girl.

I have improved greatly from the fearful scrawny girl I was to the beautiful Brindle Babe I am. I was from day one a very sweet girl, excellent on walks, with kids, other dogs big and small and other pets. I love life and have helped my Mom with her health issues. I can make her laugh even when she does not think she will. My family takes good care of me and says I am worth every penny and more. Good food, treats,exercise,vet care for every need and love unending every day. Every furry should have it so good.

My quirks are part of what make Me The ME they love, so not all are bad! I still love to poke & watch everyhthing due to my strong herding nature but it is well controlled & part of what they love about me. I have been feared and bad mouthed for my color, appearance which is ignorance. To Know me is truly to love me,my behavior wins over if take the time to look past the outside . I have also been complimented Often too for my beautiful coat, personality and good behavior.

One of my Moms & family's proudest moments is helped turn a neighbor with TRUE dog phobia due to a VERY severe dog mauling as a child into friends. I am happy to have my Furever family but they are even more happy to have me in the family. I did not have a nice start like far too many pets. If my Foster Mom did not save me or the Dad from last family did not give me back to my Foster Mom I would not be where I am today. I ask everyone to please STOP and just listen with your heart. If you really listen you won't go wrong and will be able to help pets in need. DO what you can to help Stop BSL. It really does affect ALL dogs and their families.

My Poppa(Moms Dad) always had the family get their pets from the "Pound", way back before it became popular. Mommy's family always went that route. Remember "Your best friend is Waiting... Adopt today". If you can't adopt , Please donate, volunteer in some way and Please Click at The Animal Rescue Site,Free each day to help feed shelter pets. Every little bit helps more than you know.

Thank you & PAws up to MY rescuers and ALL the wonderful folks who give so tirelessly for pets in need. Bless you all and All the creatures who are waiting for their furever homes still. Be they Dogs,Cats,Birds,Horses and small critters. Sooo soo Many are waiting in this Bad ecomomy & due to forclosure situations.

Big thanks to Dogster,Gibbon & ALL the Furtastic Adopt special helpers each year. You ROCK pals!!

Hugs & Pokes, DarlaMarla Pun'kin pie xoxooxoxo


She's Leaving ON A Jet Plane...

April 4th 2011 6:56 pm
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Oh my there is all this talk around the house lately. DaddyO keeps saying Mommy has to go Byebyes for awhile. Hmmm great wonder where We are going? ALas She is going ALONE to see her Daddy for is 80th Birthday. Well with her one younger sister & brothers actually. I have to stay home with the "boys"(DaddyO,Brother & Cecil). Phooey I say who will follow her to the bathroom and mark her every step? Who will lean against her ankle in bed & wooo at bad noises??

She has only once been away from me for about 2 1/2 days in almost 7 years!!! I am her Shadow,her Quirky grrrl. She has made lists and warned DaddyO about overfeeding me. DaddyO is a bit concerned as I whine and look for her even if she goes to Bingo!! SO what's a pup to do??? I will survive they say. She gets to share a bed with her sister instead of ME,bol. I wish I was going to see Poppa too. It's very special because he has been very sick & Making it to this milestone is HUGE! She will Miss me most I think. Will check in when she gets back as not sure if Sr.Center has internet there. Keep paws crossed I am not to whingy. Happy Woofdays,Gotcha Days & All Special Days to Furs missed while away. As ever the Power of the PAW is with each of you Everyday! Thanks to all for the lovely prezzies & good wishes. Sorry for any I have missed reply! Hugs & Pokes, Poor Lonesome Me, Mizz DarlaMarla :(


I've Been Tagged.....

January 10th 2011 6:00 pm
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Wow I've been Tagged by my good pal,the handsome Cane Corso, Makavelli! Thanks pal,it's been awhile & it is so much fun to do for new Furs and us old timers.

1) Do you ever steal your fur-siblings toys?

No, I don't have a fur sib to steal from but even pals I wouln't take their toys or food. Mom says they would definately take mine if I had some though. No stash goodies for later or my " Queeky" babies I've had since I was a little furry one either,hehe. I have a birdie bro whose food not as tasty.

2) Do you ever play keep away with your Mommy's things?

I occasionally like to grab some Toilet paper or tissue a fvorite of nine. Generally don't take things & quite trustworthy. I do like chase me though sometimes.

3) What is your favorite thing to do?

Ummm Walks, Sit in my Big Window to watch the world,sleep,see other pups, follow Mommy especially & Bum scritches from DaddyO. POKING yes love my poking!

4) What was the last thing your Pawrent said to you?

Um, let's see.... "Mama RELAX, Cecil(my Birdie brother) is Alright!" I am a worrier & the Dog Mother so must oversee everything.;) "So glad you feel ALL better Mama". My tummy was really off for a few days but now we've got Good poopies BMTO!! Gaining my affectionate nickname Stinky butt some real truth as I NEVER stink.

5) Have you ever tried to "redecorate" your house while your pawrents were out?

I gnawed a nice piece off their Solid wood German Trestle dining table when I was little and left a few "prezzies". I also gnawed several phone chargers my brother left around. I am good now, still have some SA but I'm not destructive thankfully.

6) What's your biggest pet peeve?

I don't like any type "fighting or Violence". I actually barked at Boxing on Tv when I was little but now am ok with DaddyO watching. I will try to herd & seperate people if they are horsing around. I have learned about "fooling around" and will woof playfully & poke. I don't like people being mean to their furs at all. I hate baths & water except to drink, snow is cool.

7) If you could have one wish, it would be....

OH wow just ONE, this is a tough. I really would be so happy to have more furblings & friends. I would be in my glory at a Doggy camp & Meeting my Dogster/Catster pals the BESTEST ever!

8) How did you come to your family?

I was back in Foster again because the former owner wife didn't like me. She said I was "Mangy" & didn't want her kids near me. Thankfully her nicer hubby took me back to my Foster Mom when he came home from work & found me hooked up outside! I did have some demodex but it's not contagious to anyone & all healed. My pawrents were at a 4th of July Bbq at the Foster house. I was there all skinny 12or so lbs of me with my Foster sibs 2 AmStaff/Pittie boys ,Little Tiny Pistol pup sister Penelope and my adopted baby kitty who was abandoned. Mommy wanted a dog for eons and long story short I came Furever home that night thanks to DaddyO saying shes coming home with us!

9) How have you changed, physically and personality wise, since you were a pup.

Well, I've gotten bigger in weight but not height,bol. I have filled out in health as well as alot more confidence. I was very nervous & fearful,still can be a bit nervous but tons better. I learned to play, still not a really toy playing pup. I however have stayed a good girl & Still LOVE other pups & furs. Mom says I have a natural goodness about me along with just a touch of sass to make her laugh.

I have the softest mouth & daintyness with treats most folks have ever seen. I have learned not to Poke/herd so much and definately not so hard. Of course I still like doing it,hehe but now it is managed. Hey Poking is what makes me me & is part of my strong herding/drover ancestry. A dog group which Mom has been very much in love with her whole life helps. My quirks both good and "bad" are what make my folks love me. I am a Quirky grrrl. Others might not understand or have had patience for some of them but they love me as other pawrents do their own pups quirky personality traits.

Now I'm Off to tag some furiends. The pals I'm gonna tag are:


Please see my Diary for info and tag a few of your pals,By Zealie Prezzie or PawMail. It's fun to learn something new about each other & makes the pawrents have to think too. Copy & Paste this to your Diary, putting YOUR information in for each question instead of mine! Have fun,Sure Hope you'll play..... TAG YOU'RE IT!!!!!!


Thank you Pals

December 12th 2010 7:08 pm
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I am sorry for delayed thank yous & any misses doing so. Our computer screen is very wonky,dark & hard to see. It needs to go in for a check up like yesterday. Pawrents very busy with appts for DaddyO so less playtime for me here. The Not seeing clearly not good for an already spazzy typist Mom,we all know her goofs & ooops. So much for the former class Spelling whiz,bol.

I received so many lovely Thanksgiving prezzies & wishes, Holiday gifts & Fun greetings as well. It really is appreciated & I thank you each from the bottom of my heart. I am ever thankful for your friedship here. Dogster & Catster are very special communities we know so well. I also like all the yummy stuff I can eat calorie free and NO Nagging from Mommy,hehe. We are Always sending Hugs,Pokes & tons of Paw for all. Muah. Warmest Howlidays greetings to each & every fur/family!

Edit to add: HAppy Healthy & Prosperous New Year for all! Well we found out The screen needs to be replaced,hopefully within the Week!! The Repair Man said however did you even TRY to see it being so bad. It's really not good for your eyes!!! Stay WARM & SAFE with this wild Winter furs! Love to All. xoxoxo


Happy Thanksgiving.......

November 24th 2010 10:46 pm
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I Wanted to wish everyfur & their families A Happy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for Dogster/Catster and all the wonderful friends we have here,truly a Blessing. Thank you so much for the lovely prezzies & warm wishes that brighten my page & days! I am spending part of my day home then going for dessert to our friends. MY fur cousin Cupcake is scutchy sometimes to other pups & pawrents are going for dinner there. It is her house & I Really like her but pawrents said best if I wait home so she doesn't get too upset or make Grama nervous. I will get a little treat from my beloved Aunt. It will be my first "away" from them but I get to go to Friends after. I will Spend it with mY BIrds, Budgie furblings, not the Turkey! Bol. Brother is working helping the kenneled furs so keeping close to home. Be safe & enjoy your day whatever you do,remember You are loved & your friendship appreciated very much.

If you get a few minutes See my dear pal Willies diary about Thanksgiving tradition. He recently went to the Bridge & His dear Mom is missing him. We love you Wilster & send Momma J our love & Hugs. We are also keeping Miss Sally, Rocky,Sarge & Abbys Dad & all our pals who need PAW in heart today & everyday! We All have something for which to be grateful even as we go through these trying times of various kinds. Hope you enjoy a little goodie today. Hugs & Pokes,



November 19th 2010 11:36 pm
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I got a special delivery today. Mommy ordered my dogfood online & I got an Early Christmas Prezzie something called a Deer Antler. I sniffed it,licked it gingerly,than hid it several times. I am strange that way,bol. I lick & hide stuff,sometimes in the wide open. The folks pretend not to see it. I really like to then go back to check on it. I took it out and gnawed happily for about 20 minutes,this thing is like the Rock of GibralteR!! I put it down and then ran around like a looney dog. Mommy said "Oh no, Not the Mad Cowdog!"

I really enjoy it and chew it some each day usually. It will last me AGEs. Mom got the 6" one,plenty big for most any I would think. For all you power chewers this might be the one for you. I am not a crazy chewer at all but can do well with these little nippers in my my little mouth. Thanks to the pups who recommend them & gave advice. I can gnaw a braided Bully 5-6"in about 45 minutes when I finally get into it. I never chew other stuff up except the occasional tissue.bol. I like to come and go with this treat. My Pals Flicka & Lucas found a great site for them & great prices too. Mom is looking into the pieces so I will get some more enjoyment from the chewing and not give up.


Thank You Willie

October 16th 2010 9:27 pm
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Drop a word of cheer and kindness; just a flash and it is gone.
But there's half-a-hundred ripples circling on and on and on,
Bearing hope and joy and comfort on each splashing, dashing wave.
Till you wouldn't believe the volume of the one kind word you gave.

Drop a word of cheer and kindness; in a minute you forget.
But there's gladness still a-swelling, and there's joy a-circling yet.
And you've rolled a wave of comfort whose sweet music can be heard.
Over miles and miles of water just by dropping one kind word.

-Excerpt from-
"Drop A Pebble"
~~By James W. Foley.~~

Thanks for Dropping so many Pebbles of Love into each of our lives. Your ripples of Love, kindness & comfort still go on & on furever. You are loved & live in our hearts furever dear furiend. We keep your dear Mommy surrounded with love & prayers.

Love,hugs & pokes furever,
Darla, Mommy Jeanie & family xoxoxo


I'm 7 - Old or Middle Aged???

October 3rd 2010 8:18 pm
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Well Oct 4,2003 is my Picked Birthday since I was about 9-10 mths old when I was adopted July 4th. It is also the Feast of St Francis of Assisi one of the better known Patron Saints for Animals. The pawrents can't believe I am 7 years old,Time flies when ye are having fun, bol. I missed the Blessing of the Animals this year but Mom prays for me so I am covered. I sure love it seeing all the critters there at ur local Churches. There is Big Service in the City at St John the Divine(NYC to non-NYers hehe) you can google it. All kinds of animals come in & coexist peacefully, pretty cool I think. Happy Woofday to the 1,010 Fellow Dogsters who share this day! Kittys too!

I am in good shape but showing graying of my eybrows & cheeks where my tan points are or were. DaddyO says this is because I'm a worrywort & fret too much making myself OLD. Hmmmm I am The Dog Mother so Moms worry right? Mommy says I have a huge heart for every creature,just like my Pal St Francis who liked birds too. I have two beloved birdie "brothers", Cecil The sweet heart & Sinatra (aka Nancy) the noisier aloof Moody one,;) who I watch over closely each day. Mom is amping up the Exercise for me, something about Middle Age spread? She Must be talking about herself,bol.

I will be enjoying extra loving,my new brush & a few goodies for my special day even though its raining. In honor of my Birthday Please Give your furs a treat for me. If you can Please take a walk over to Visit Animal Rescue Site
Freekibble to Donate free food for shelter Pets just by Clicking,thanks. You can also Vote for your favorite Shelter to win money,search by name & state. I am so grateful for my family & friends. Thanks Dogster & to all my dear pals for your good wishes & friendship!
Hugs & Pokes always, Darla aka IronNose! e/home.faces?siteId=3


PAWs Angels Member of the Month

September 3rd 2010 11:57 am
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OMD!!! OMD!!!! What a terrific gift this stormy Hurricane Earl on the way day!!! I am so so awed & Shocked,but so very very Honored to be chosen. Thanks PAWS Admins & members for this great honor. I love the group so much & admire your support of all furs & their families. I really think it embodies the spirit of Dogster & Catster which is support & love. I try my best to share the love as much as I can . Even if I don't get to visit/bark around as often as I would like to you know my heart & Paws are with each of you. Mommy is Needing extra paws & a good automatic spell checker,winks. I look forward to filling out my Questionnaire. Hope it's not too long toothed,bol.

Furiends if you would like come check out the group. Lots of loving Furs & families there. ScooterPaws, Miss JAzziSunshine,the kitty,ErniePAws & families are some of the great adminstrators you might know from around the Park here. We all know someone who could use a lift,some paw human or furred. Each of us surely needs it on some days. Thnaks PAWS!Remember Power of the PAw is Awesome. We have seen many good turns from it around Dogster & Catster. A good hug & paws support really can make badtimes a bit better. Arrroooo Off to mooch, I mean enjoy some goodies for this great honor! Hugs & Pokes,Darla & Mommy J xoxoxo kindness-7852

PAWS Angels Wags for Kindness


My Pal Willie..RIP Dear Furiend!

August 5th 2010 1:54 pm
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I saw in my Pals SamuelJacob & Rio's diaries that our dear pal Willie is not feeling so well. He is now 14yrs old. He & his Mom Auntie Joni are among the BEST of the best. They are ALWAYS there for every fur/human in so many ways. Please send him & Mom some paw power,Chants,prayers & love. He is Dogster royalty & really could use some Dogster/catster power & love. Willie I am wearing my super cool Bandana this steamy day & keeping cooler thanks to you. I can only aspire to being such a "Cool" Loving doggie as you are. You helped show me how to spread the Paw & I try to share the love as you always do. Hang tight Wilster. You are surrounded with our Love,Pawrayers, Hugs & chants dearest pal.. Hugs & Pokes,DarlaMae & Mommy xoxoxo

Thanks you Auntie Pam,Flicka & Lucas for the Potp CAndle picture for Willie!

Please light a candle for Willie & visit his page.

Wilies Candles

eta: I can spell but apparently Mommy can't bol.;)Sorry Wilster!

Sad Update Oct 15th 2010
Dearest Willie we are so very sad that you have gone to the Bridge. Our heart aches for you Auntie Joni & we all surround you with love. The winds are howling here in NY. I know you were met by All the dear pals who are waiting at The Bridge. Thank you for showing me How to care Willie style. You have touched so very many lives & will live within our hearts forever! Certainly One of a kind Dogster royalty! Please light a candle & visit to show Willie & Mom your love. xoxoxo

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