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Off Leash Fun

August 25th 2007 1:17 pm
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Last week when we brought Mom to her specialist Dr I had a new adventure. I went on my usual "park" walk with DaddyO. There is big open land and trees where they're going to build more medical offices. We met a man walking with his dog and he asked if I could play. Dad was little nervous of me off leash but we were away from the roads and parking lots so he said ok. I ran and ran and played so nice with this big dog and came back to Dad when he called. He thought he told Mom how good I was playing and coming back. Maybe next time we will see them again ,the man said he would look for us. The other pup was older and he had a ral good time too. The man told Dad that theres nothing like a dog playing with another Dog for exercise. People just cant keep up with us that way. I loved it.


Tag You're It( 2nd)

August 21st 2007 8:15 pm
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I was tagged by Maya, now I tag you!

(Copy and paste rules so no need to retype)

Here are the rules of the game!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

1. I am a confessed fabric licker and make Top notch spitballs with a paper towel. They say I'd be the envy of kids in Jr and high school !!?

2. Am I the only pup who is confused by MeerCat Manor? They kind of resemble a little dogs but they are Cats and sound like monkeys?? Oh well. I like dogs , cats and Meercats too.

3. I sleep curled up like a cat and LOVE to lay under sky light and sunbathe everyday.

4. I harrrummph like the Lion in Wizard of OZ when I get flustered.

5. I always get a bath when I play with my best friend Zoe. I come home all covered in sticky slobbery spit. They call it "Zoe Love"!! I miss living next to her and her family, but I Really HATE Baths ugghhh.

6. I know "look for cars" and to stop at the corners on walks. Mom has a cane and sometimes people slow down and look at me.

7. I am a " biker" in dog fur!!! I like motorcycles when I hear them zooming around the neighborhood. DaddyO's rebuilding his!

I tag:
Rudy Sims, Mojotiki, Stormie,Lucy,Sadie,Uggi,Athens


Love Tagged

August 19th 2007 11:03 am
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I was tagged by my pal Rudy Sims !
I just want to say. I love all the dogsters I have met. Its such a great place fun,sharing, lots to learn, and lots of support here. I would write or type for all my pals so much more but as Mom does the transcription it is hard for her. Please excuse the typos etc.!As my unwritten motto says and truly believe : "Cant We all Just get Along! "
So here goes in no particular order or ranking are some of my love tagged pals.

Abby # 582693
Well what can I say. Shes a beautiful brindle pup,! She is funny, thoughtful caring and sweet. She is My lost twin sister from another mother hehe. :O) We have alot of things in common even though Im not a Sheltiemix that I know of, Bol. Its got to be a herding thing or maybe a terrier mix thing Ah whatever it is! One of my first pals here on dogster. Love ya friend across the river, Thanks for being you!

The LabraMutts #553712(Homer,Justy,and Bobbi_girl)
They are good looking,funny, thought ful caring, brave- (alligators yikes!) and always have good advice or a chuckle to share. Thanks for being you. Mom Hope you are doing well and that your operation goes well . You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Bonzer the wonder dog # 299237
He is a super hero! He has a cape! big, handsome,Brave and daring( moose and bears on My!) .So welcoming and supportive of new dogsters. Thanks for being you!

Murphy(ozdogz minstral mc loch) #461587 and his sister Ragtime(461834)
Good looking , adventurous Cairn pups from the Great White North. So glad to call you pals. Always thoughtful, fun, caring in all the support they show for all dogsters catster and their people in need too. They embody that Critters care !Thanks for being you!

Rowdy# 473627(Joans Rowdy Shadow)
A handsome young GSD pup who just turned One! Always caring ,thoughtful , supportive for others whatever the need. He embodies Critters care by his actions! Thanks for being you!

Rudy Sims # 334828
You handsome Southern gentleman, brindle boy! Fun, athletic, thoughtful, caring,good sense of humour. Our brindle leader! hehe. Rock on! Thanks for being you! Hope Moms feeling better! Remember leave those crutches and brace alone hehe ;o) Bones taste better!

Bella Rose #579744
My beautiful Akita friend! You are a role model and we keep you in our thoughts an prayers. You dont need eyesight to see the real beauty in someone! She has VKH like syndrome. She has gone blind and is fighting it with her Mom best she can.Thanks for being you beautiful Bella rose.! May they find a cure for all these terrible diseases so noone has to sufer anymore!

To ALL my pup pals and all the pups we meet in forums or read your group posts. I say THANK YOU for sharing your laughs joys,, tears and knowledge with us even when we might not agree it is good to learn from each other. You are ALL so Pawsome! Love You ALL!


From Dog Phobia to A Friend

August 2nd 2007 9:44 am
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This past weekend we were going for our evening walk. We just got to street when a neighbor from the corner house saw us and came out and ask to come over to us. She said she saw me walking often with my human "brother" or mommy. She said for some reason she thought what a nice dog and she wanted to say hello. She told mommy She is deathly afraid of dogs due to being severely mauled by a dog when younger. She had major scars all from legs on up. Ouch thats so sad. She petted me I was a bit nervous at first as She was slightly nervous . I watched Moms reaction she was calm so Isat next to Mom nicely. I dont really like being pet on my head so Mom explain that alot of dogs get scared of this. She petted my ruff(collar of fur around my neck), which is great.

She then invited us to her yard to meet her family. They all couldnt believe she was actually standing near let alone petting me. They have a house cat I see him in the window every day. Theyalso have a great koi pond and waterfall in the yard. It is the prettiest house on the block. They talked with Mom, so I sniffed ound the patio edges near Mom. I really behaved so nicely. I looked at the big colored fish and left them alone. I didnt know what that big wooden thing over us was. I kept hearing sounds made me alert., They call it a deck! The man was up there and came down steps to see us. They said I was a good dog and so well behaved. They thanked us for coming by as this was such a big step for her. It was a very happy day as alot of people are scared of brindle color dogs or "bully' looking dogs,, let alone someone who was so severely hurt by a dog. It was great that we helped turn someones lifelong fear of dogs to starting to trust again. We made a new friend and put a good memory of dogs for our neighbor too. Who knew a Walk could do so much!

Remember humans NEVER RUN from a dog it is a sure way of getting chased,knocked down and possibly bitten. Be Alert and calm. Keep your furry friends safe too.

Dogs Always be on Doggy Best behavior ! You Never know when you could Make a good impression and change someones opinion or even their life!
Wow what a great feeling! Gold stars for doggies!


Tag You're It

July 26th 2007 12:29 pm
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I was tagged, so I tag you!

Here are the rules of the game!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

1. I love to watch TV especially Animal Planet except that I get sad at the animals they save cry so sometimes I cry too. I try to look into the tv.

2. I don't bark tootoo much,,so my family knows they should look see what is going on.

3. I love all animals and hope one day to have a brother or sister but I am very attached to Mom, DaddyO and Big brother. I would want them(the othr pup) for me only to play with.

4. When we moved here last year one of my neighbors were kind of afraid of me. They had just gotten a puppy poodle mix and she kept escaping when the kids opened the door. My Mom and dad took me out when I was crying at the window and they saw here running around the yard across from us.She saw me and she followed me to her family three seperate times. They said how sweet I was and such a good dog too. Her name is Polish so I dont know how to spell it!. I am the neighborhood Dog mother now.

5. I always come up to my Mom?Dad and say thank you after I get fed. I eat some food and then come up and sofly nudge them and/or wag my tail. They say your welcome and I go finish my food. I was very skinny and hungry when I arrived but I am so gentle and good mannered with food. Never ever try to guard it at all,. Mom thinks that other d0gs ate my food in foster as I wouldnt stop them for it no matter how hungry I was. Im "well rounded now" , vet said Daddy needs to stop with treat so much ! He's Italian-American and Mom says that means love and food go together:O).

6. I am a real goofball after I eat or go out ot do Business. I run around and jump in my chair and flip upside down and smile like a gremlin. Then They scratch my chest and I am happy happy.

7. I try very,very hard to Talk , sometimes it sounds like words even my skeptical brother laughs and says yup she sure did sound like she said that!. He said it sounded like a bad word but I would never say that! ;o)
Ilove him and I lay in his room when he stays over at his friends house because I miss him.

I tagged:

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