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ADOPT 2012

July 1st 2012 1:48 pm
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WE can't believe it is ADOPt time of year on Dogster/Catster and I have been home for 8 years this 4th of July!!!! I am going on 9 years old as far s we know. As I was nearly a year old when adopted for the VERY LAST time!!! It has been an eventful year for me and my family we also Moved AGAIN-5 times for me not inlcuding before I came to them. We all are very thankful to be together. I am now considered a SENIOR???Yes by vets and many but still quite young in many ways grey hairs aside. As with humans Mommy & DaddyO say being a DOg Mother/Worrywort does give one grey hairs sooner. As Mom can attest humans will do that to each other too bol. My Herding instincts ever strong and ever vigilant! Mommys wishes my Author Uncle could articulate this for her but shes on her own,bare with her please!

Mommy J here I won't go into previous adopt story here just love this round. Darla has had an eventful year as many know and far too many here have gone through themselves. She was diagnosed at almost 8 with Mammary Mast cell cancer/tumours, HigherModerate Grade II,and yes she was spayed around year old after adoption. SHe had her Mammary MCT surgery June 14,2011 and suffered very bad reactions to the anesthetics scrily. She blessedly came through it all with YOUR POTP and Gods grace. ALL your support/experience/love truly helped us and forever grateful! We had another recent scare lip bump,OK for now. It is sneaky creepy Monster and does comes back so we remain watchful and EVER vigilant just as our Beloved herding grrl is for us all. We are LIVING Each day! What else can we do when SOOOO BLessed to have made ONE YEAR Post Op & spent 8 years of love with her so far!!! Carpe Diem, a dog must have thought that one up,bol, and try to give a Poke or many at life daily too!

We through Adoption are daily graced with her ever Whitening face, her ever present Grace, some very slight slow downs at times but then her Zero to 60s too, grumbly I vant to sleep moans, ever quirky herding pokey self and the so many "little" things that are BIG things to us! We have come so far, too fast at times it seeems,are so blessed to be with her still. She has ALWAYS been an OLD SOul and whatever the years may be they her younger or older ones will not ever change that! We STILL get the Awwww misty eye watching you and your beautiful profile siting in your favorite spot on your "Throne" in the Front Window. Be it small/large window or Bay Window it is and remains YOUR spot and makes you SOOO happy! We often think you must have had a good Dog Mom and siblings as you are soo loving in your special way and have certain inate qualities not always teachable by us humans. WE know who's your DaddyO,Mommy Brothers(human and feathered),Sister & family now and thats all that matters. All the good, the many quirks & the danged fears too are what make Darla ..our MAMA-DarlaMarla,Mrs Manicotti, Mother Hen, occasionally DaddyOs little shorty, pokey nosed Mamaluke!;) BELOVED by all who take the time to get to know you. We have ADOPTION to thank for your presence and healing of our lives.

We have Dogster to help us remember some of those times thankfully and the gift of many loving friends here. Most Non Dogster/Catsters,animal lovers will never understand our tight comradeship and love but it is a BLessing to we all have to keep it Going and get strong once again!

Senior pups have so much to give and having this very scary but enlightening experience has made our bonds so much stronger if that was even possible but yes it did. Truly would not want the rambunctious lovelimess of a puppy however cute and want an Adult and Senior pups in future for sure. She was an "old Pup"/young adult(around 10- 12 mths) when adopted. PLEASE Do give those over looked ones a glance and a shot. An adult or Senior has gone through the crazys of youth and has the experience of life to give and share gratefully.

SO many are loved well,housebroken behaved pets that have lost their homes through no fault of their own. DOn't we all deserve a comfy pillow and kind words in our Golden years?

For you Our Dearest Mama,Luna Facia Bella;
Out of What Once was Discarded Our Love was Born ! For that blessed day we are EVER thankful. I now choose Instead of hating those who hurt you and the kennel man who said to pass you up I now choose to forgive them best I can. We will FOREVER thank those who saved you and the man who gave you back to Foster Momma M. As I comfort you once again on the scary Summer nights We are blessed to have found you our that 4th of July. You are forever Our One and Only Beloved Pokey nosed short legged grrl, T his love grows stronger day by day like those "Oldies songs" We sing to you. Yes we will Still Love you, need you and feed you when you're 9 or 64 and forever!! You are Forever Our Grrl! Love always, Mommy, DaddyO, Bruddaman B, SIster of the heart S and Cecil your Feathery Budgie Brother He's Sorry for hoggin "your parlor" just has to be NEAR you!

As we have Said Before....
" YOUR BEST Friend is Waiting... ADOPT today!!!"

Give all your Furs and furless too a poke,soft lick,goodies and love for us all.

Hugs & Pokes, Darla, Mom Jeanie & family xoxoxo
Keep Power of the PAw and DOgster/Catster SPirit ALive!

ETA: I had to share this Poem Link. It is new to us and just perfect for Seniors.

{{{{{Your Old Dog}}}}} 921/dog-poem/


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