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Hoppy Easter...

April 6th 2012 7:17 pm
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Hiya pals, Thanks soooo much for all the beautiful fun prezzies,Easter & HOlidays blessings, wishes and Eggies galore!! I have lots of places to hide tham all here inside and outside under pillows even,bol!! I wish you and yours a Blessed Easter,Passover and Spring dear ones!! Thanks HQ for the goodies and new fun!! We are getting used to the changes.

Thanks dogness we are finally settling in at our new place(we rent). I have a yard again - Big WOOHOO, rooms upstairs/down and the whole house is ours!! It is a very old CApe Mom says,needs lots of loving but we like it so far. I even have my OWN..... PARLOR!! Yes it is DARLA MARLA's PARLOR"!! DaddyO has christened it as I go there now "Ven I VANT To be ALONE"!! Poor humans do not have such luxuries as Privacy. I follow them EVERY where if they move or even when they don't,BMTO. It is otherwise known as a LR but I usually get it to myself as we have a Sunroom where the main TV and Cecils BUdgieManor are. It is on a VERY Busy Main road but lots of new sniffs to check out,Trains passing.trainyard nearby & restaurant smells too. I have a doggie on the fence,wish he was a REAL Dobe. I have moved quite abit with my family in my almost 8 years with them and this is the FIRST time I did not get sick with Colitis,truly a blessing!

I have missed you all soo much,thanks for all the PAw that got us through. We lost Poppa March 2nd(Moms beloved Daddy) the weekend we moved. He is at Deserved Rest after a Couragoeus fight and Faith over the years. He is Missed terribly and just hitting Mom and the family now. He is Missed as all our Passed over loved ones are and in our Hearts forever. It has been crazy for awhile here and I apologize for all my missed posts and replies. Time really flies too fast. It is too quiet aroud Dogster and I do not want any to think you are forgotten. Especially those who are newer, I do hope NO fur thinks they are forgotten or dog forbid that No furcares! Dogster and Catster are loaded with caring furs, that would be awful. PAws crossed The fleas will subside soon and hope all will come out to woof and Purr!!! Let's all PAW In and keep the Love flowing!!

I keep you ALL always in heart whether I woof often or occasionally and whatever your celebration I truly want to say you are ALL LOVED! I send our PAW, Prayers and love, extra to those who are sick, fighting the good fight furred and human and all who have Journeyed Across in our absence our love & Condolences.

PAws Up... Hugs & Pokes for ALL!! Darla,Mom and family

~ Cecil,Budgieboy, tweets he would like a BIRDSTER!! ~

XOXOXO Blessings & PAW for ALL! XOXOXO


♥ DarlaMae ♥


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