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Here We Go Again......

February 14th 2012 11:21 am
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I just wanted to Wish All My Dear pals a Happy Valentine's Day, February and A wonderful year. Thanks for all the lovely prezzies and most of your friendship,PAW & love. We have been busy looking for a new place to live for awhile due to our Landlord losing his house soon,causing alot less Dogster time. We finally found a house rental that accepts me & Cecil Bird,NOT easy around here & expensive plus Utilities which are sky high. It is very trying to move especially on my folks. Brother is upset it is not close to his job ( he can walk from here to work and his friends closeby etc). It is not too far a drive but he needs his own car soon. We will miss the neighborhood here with our fantastic Bakery, Italian Market/butcher and all in walking area. DaddyO Will have to make stops when taking bro to work hehe in the plans.:)

It will be fun to have my own yard again but it is Full wood fence not chainlink so I can't see much. I love to WATCH the goings on. I do so quietly once I get to know the locals. Mommy says the stairs(it is an OLD Cape) will get me and her in better shape,bol. It is on a VERY busy road but I won't be out front without my lead. Another good point is it is across from Moms lifelong & Now families favorite Chinese restaurant,hehe. Please when you can send some paw & Positive vibes for the house, the move & that we all make it through this in good stead. I Always get Bad bloody colitis attacks when we move so hope that will not be the case this time,paws crossed. I have moved, just with my Furever family, 5 times so far!! Nanny alls us Tinkers!Bol

I will have to get used to the traffic,cars, trucks(Busy Dry cleaners next door). The Sidewalk with people walking close to our door, The Railroad tracks are pretty much across the street, RR yard is just 2 or so blocks over,the Main FireHouse about 4 houses away & Jr High school 1 block behind us & grocery store shooping strip mall. So we have lots of noise with cars,pedestrians,trucks & Sirens . Thankfully I don't HOWL a long with the sirens,bol! It would freak the folks out,lucky them huh??? ;). Sheesh this is now suburbia.

We send our love,PAW,prayers and good wishes to all of You EVERY day. It will take awhile to get things settled as it usually does once in.more each move it seems. Right now we are sorting and packing to get there which is crazy. We also recently got to get the heavy clean up done over there for March move in. I will love the place I am sure. Maybe they will build me a Bay Window like the one I now hav,bol. It is excellent to lay on with my Cecil boys & his Budgie Manor.Funny how MY chair placement is among top decorsting Ideas,bol. MY CLub chair will go by the front window as I MUST Survey my world!! I wish all the best and we will pop in as we can during it all. Forgive my misses and accept my thanks for all your support. We Love you bunches & So grateful to be part of this Community! Hugs & Pokes, Darla,Cecil & family xoxoxo


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