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At nana n papa's again!

December 19th 2008 5:37 am
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So I'm at nana and papa's house again, because my mom and sister are dogsitting for our cousins Brode (Golden Retriever) and Anja (4mo GSD). I had to take care of nana because she was feeling really sick, so I stayed in bed with her lots and tried to give her lots of kisses to make her feel better. Nana was so sick, she accidentally was feeding me some old purina that was in the closet instead of my fromms...which really messed with my tummy and I had three accidents in the house while nana was gone! I feel bad, but I just didn't know it would happen! Nana called my mom and we got it all straightened out now, nana even made me some chicken and rice to make my tummy feel better! She is so sweet to me! Anyway I feel better now, and I am going to go play in the foot of snow that came down last night! Miss you Shiloh!

peace, Creole


back from vacay :)

November 23rd 2008 6:00 pm
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So I have been back from my vacation at nana and papa's for a little while now. I had a good time and got spoiled there, as usual. Steak leftovers, and McDonalds double cheeseburger every day! woohoo!

My sister isn't too bad, now. She seems like she has grown up some. Plus she is bigger now, so I don't feel too bad about correcting her when she gets out of hand! :) We have alot of fun playing fetch and tug togther these days.

I sure miss my daily double cheeseburger, though!



November 17th 2008 1:00 pm
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Well, I'm going on vacation to nana and papa's house for a few days so I can have some rest from my new sister! She sure is a lot of work. But at nana and papa's, I can lounge around, hang out with ricky the cat, and get treats! It's an easy life up there! :)


New family!

November 8th 2008 8:50 am
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It's been a busy few weeks...I got a new sister, Shiloh. She is almost ten weeks old now. I like her, but she sure does like to play more often than I do! We do have fun playing chase, fetch, and tug together though, and I get lots of breaks and still get my alone time too :)



May 9th 2008 11:29 am
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Oh boy, it's been a rough few months! I recently lost my sister (the Basset in one of my pictures) because my people split up... rough! (No pun intended.) That's ok, though; I have a whole pack of cousins to hang out with now, and we are still going to go camping this summer for sure! If it didnt take me so long to type with my paws, I would write more in my diary!! :)



June 26th 2007 10:06 am
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So we went camping this weekend...its one of my favorite things to do. My sister Mabel and my cousin Honeydew came, too! We always get to go on lots of adventures in the woods (sometimes we get in trouble for that when we dont come back right away!) One of the best things about camping is that you always get to hang out with your people, all the time. I like sleeping next to the campfire while all the people sit around and talk at night. And of course, I love when they cook, because I get all kinds of treats when we are camping! YUM!!!



June 16th 2007 12:09 pm
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I just found out about dogster, so here I am! I'm a dog that likes to support good causes, so you probably will see me putting up a lot of cause-related things here in my diary. Here is my first one!

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