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As the cookie crumbles

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Seven things about me.

January 23rd 2009 4:18 am
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I have been tagged by my good furiend Beijos
January 23, 2009[link to this entry]
Seven things about me!
Here I go:
1. I am moms best friend.
2. I have a big bark...but I'm really a marshmellow
3. I love all food
4. I love my sister Emmajean
5. I love riding in the car with my headout the window
6. I love to chase squirrels
7. I love to give kisses
The 7 furs I've tagged: Oh my gosh! Seven of them!




I have been tagged by my furiend Max! Thanks Max

November 4th 2008 3:41 am
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November 4rd 2008 10:22 pm Tag You're IT!!!! I was Just Tagged by Max I Tagged 3- others Walker, Dixie, Poana


Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diary the rules and their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose some dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

1) I love my pawrents very much.

2) I love to ride in the car and hang my head the window.

3) I love all my dogster furiends.

4) I love to play with my squeaky toys.

5) I love to play with my sister

6) I LOVE food.

7) I love to chase squirrels.

Now its your turn!!!


My best friend

February 26th 2008 11:19 am
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Emma went to the vet today to see why she's limping......the news wasn't good. Seems she has severe hip dysplasia which is normally in an older pup, but can also be a defect, a gene passed down from her pup parents.....the doctor was surprised to see an x ray showing how bad it was in a little pup like her......and surprised she's moving around as much as she is........she will need to take anti-infammatories / pain pills everyday, and also glucosamine tablets...and after her first birthday in July...she will have to have surgery, maybe on both hips but definetly on her left......and she's not allowed to do any jumping anymore or play wrestling with me......mommies cryin..just because she knows Emma's in pain....and feels so sorry for her......I'm feelin guiltly......been harder on her then I should have...who cares if she likes to cook and clean, and who cares if she doesn't want to growl and bark at anyone..and who cares if she wants to stay out and have fun a little later then I think she should.........or wears pink bunny slippers.....or goofy hats.....
***wipes a tear away*** what's more important is that she's not only my lil sis but she's also my best friend....and I'm going to help dad make her a ramp to get in and out of the car and steps so she can get on moms bed...and in a few months when she has her surgery...I"m going to spoil her rotten and hold her paw........


A star is born

February 13th 2008 2:21 pm
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Yup got my first EVER award........boy mom was proud of me.......DC's Mr. Valentine 08........**struts around the room**, I wonder if they made a mistake? ....well I'll enjoy it while it lasts......Poor Emma....moping around...Guinness didn't make the party...she hasn't heard from him...and though she tried hard to act like she was having a great time last night at the doggieconnection valentines party...I came home to find her cryin into her pillow, holding onto her diamond necklace......Hasn't moved off the couch all day........hard to watch. I'll have to do something special I guess to snap her out of it. It's even harder because I'm so dog gone happy.......**For once, my moment of glory.**I kissed Dakotas check last she's just so adorable.....I really want to tell her I wuv her...but my knees just keep knocking and my throat gets all dry......I might need to go to Emmas Place for awhile ...have a few drinks and work up the nerve. I'm really lucky to have met some great pupfriends there., maybe I"ll ask their advice.....the girls are great, and really smart....maybe they can help me.


Cooking with Martians

January 23rd 2008 5:08 am
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Here we go again........I see mom preparing to start another cooking lesson with Emma........pretzels are on the days lessons.....pretzels were always a favorite of mine...guess I'll be cancelling that off my list.......and our favorite martian is gearing up for this event......she's already taking off her bunny slippers and putting on her heels, and she's swapping her new pink bathrobe (just like moms), for her apron ...and of course........there's the helmit.......if I didn't think I'd get in trouble I'd take a picture......not a pretty sight.
Well at least she's smiling again......between being depressed about the helmit pictures on her page, missing Guinness, and not being able to play.....I thought she was never going to stop wailing was more of what she was doing, and no amount of cotton in my ears helped me not hear her.....but Guinney sent her a heart, and mom said she could have another cooking she's getting back to her cheery self....why I have to sacrifice my stomach on behalf of her emotional state does not seem fair...but mom asked me to help cheer her up....and then I'd get a new bone for being a good brother....I'd do a lot for a new bone...not sure this one will be worth it....I'm thinking I should write a last pup-will and testament just in case my stomach doesn't survive these cooking lessons.....


Going to the Moon

January 18th 2008 6:44 am
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Well Emma had her operation yesterday.......and she came home looking like an astronaut....with her plastic helmet and all.......I'm not allowed near says I can't be around her for a's afraid I'll lick her booboo, which I would..and moms afraid she'll want to jump around and play....and she was throwin up a lot last mom and Emma are all penned up in the computer room, moms even sleepin on the floor with her cause Emma cries if mom leaves her and poor mom...Emma kept hitting her in the face with her space helmet.........and I'm left all by myself......kind of stinks........I never thought I'd say it, but I miss my sis....alls she is doin is sleeping and it's hard to not feel sorry for her while she's walking around with that thing on her head bumping into everything, especially mom.......and she just has to be way embarressed going out in the backyard wearing it.......I think that's what's bothering her the most....... I hope mom keeps giving her those pain pills for a long time cause when she finds out mom took her picture and put it on her page...she'll be madder then a hen........I hope Guinness doesn't see it and tell her, she'd just die.....I'm not going to be the one to tell her about the pictures, that's for sure.....oh well it's going to be a boring week......


She's no Suzie Homemaker

January 8th 2008 5:21 am
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There she was in her little flowered apron... determined to be the Suzie Homemaker of the Century...just so she can marry Guinness one day....Mom braved it in the kitchen with Emma yesterday for her first cooking lesson. ..Mom always makes our doggie cookies herself and they're great but she decided she'd let Emma try......we are going to starve!!!!....Poor Guinness......What a disaster the kitchen was....Emma had flour over all the place, including all over me, mom and herself...there was more batter on the floor then in the bowl.. Emma mixed that batter like she was digging one of her tunnels....Mom winked at me and told me to tell Emma how good they came out....but I almost broke a tooth...They were like bricks I had to practically swallow the thing whole, and almost choked to death....TEARS were coming out of my eyes I almost died from choking...I really hope mom doesn't let her back in the kitchen for a long time !!!! I might have to go live with grandma for awhile if this keeps up....


Truth or Dare

January 4th 2008 3:24 pm
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Well just when I thought things were calming down...and I might finally start getting Emma into shape with growling and guarding the house ..Guinness gives Emma a Emma being the ding dong sis she is says that they're engaged, even though she doesn't have a clue what that means.......but she's all around the house and pool wearing moms high heels, like she won the pup lottery. She's emailing every friend she knows...She hasn't told mom this yet.....the engaged part...she showed mom the ring, but that's all she said to her. Emma is pestering mom to have new clothes and her nails and coat done up...but Mom just thinks they're pup in love dating....wait til she hears that Emma thinks they're engaged. I'm not sure if Mom will cry or laugh....probably both....and then she'll have to tell Emma the truth.....or let Emma go on thinking she's engaged when she's only 6 months old. But ding dong sis thinks she's a full grown woman....even though she gulps her water like a rhino, and still thinks if she digs a hole deep enough she'll get to another country...Now I could tell Emma she's not engaged, just dating..but I"m a smarter dog to be on the receiving end of that one. Guinness is a great pup and Emma is head over heels in love with the guy. I think it's best if I just sit back a little while and see how this plays out. And I've got my own situation here.....have to get up the nerve to tell Dakota how I feel.


She's in the Army now

December 31st 2007 3:46 am
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The holiday was good but it's over, and now it's time to get back to basics with the little ding dong....I have severe doubts that I'll ever get Emma into shape and learn to be a dog......she thinks just because she "graduated" from pup school and knows how to sit, and lay down (when she feels like it) that's all it means to be a dog......girl or no girl, she needs to learn how to protect our family.....and what does she do? She shows up every day for our lessons in those pink bunny slippers, and sometimes she's even wearing her red reindeer ears........she can't even manage to put two barks together and her growl? sounds like an injured bird. It's embarressing......I try to take her out in yard and patrol the premises...but I'll turn around and there she is, looking at the birds, humming, digging a hole, eating leaves ,sunning herself..once she just layed down and took a nap....Her attention span is less then a second. Strange humans walk by, and she's waving hello and saying hi...I'm surprised she's not asking them in for cookies and water or a dip in the pool..... And when I get tough with her about it? What does she do? She puts her head down and gets all teary eyed. This is going to be a lot harder then I thought.....but I never give up. I'm going to have get tougher....decided I'll have to do something to get her attention.....I'm going to have to hide her bunny slippers and not give them back until she bucks up and gets it right....


Moms lost her marbles

December 13th 2007 3:10 pm
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I can't believe she made me wear those red reindeer antlers with BOWS on them.......and then put the picture on my own pup page........I'm ruined, just ruined....... What sexy chicks are going to look at me now without laughing? I'm 5 yrs old to mom and still her baby.....but I'm really 35 years old!!! What 35 year old male who be caught dead wearing those??........Since Emma came along everything is all sweet and girlie.......I"ve tried to be good, I've tried to help mom with Emma, I puppy sit her all the time, clue her in on how to be a dog....try to be extra patient, especially with the big guy in the red suit coming....but Mom is just having herself a breakdown or something. It's one thing to help Emma grow up to be a lady doggie, and I know it's important to Emma since she's in love with that young pup........but I'm a fullgrown MALE, looking for the lady love of my life....and there I am wearing RED REINDEER EARS WITH BOWS..What's next? A skirt? Can't imagine what mom will get me for frilly feety pj's, or fuzzy bunny should just be illegal to be able to post pictures without the pups conscent. I can't wait until dad gets home.......

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