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Twas Our Night Before Christmas

November 30th 2010 3:21 am
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I'm not sure what Christmas was like for you, when you were a young pup growing up, for me it was such a bright eyed wonderment of joy, filled to the brim that my ears could hear the bells on the reins of Santa Paws Reindeer. Of course, after my much older sisterfurs would rush me barely awake to the freezing cold window paine saying they saw Santa Paws! Couldn't I hear him? With witnesses like these, of course I heard them! The moon was bright on that yesterdays fallen snow and now they were woofing me into going downstairs to wake mother and father so we all could enjoy presents.

I was so young what Santa Paws needed to bring me was a clock, a watch or maybe even better how to tell time. At least so I wouldn't be fooled by my big sisterfurs. Well not remembering I did this last year I quickly bounced with my teddy in mouth downstairs rounding the corner to mom and papas room. I guess the loud banging sound when I hit the bed didn't help papas disposition by much cause when he woke up wanting more yegg nobs? I didn't know what that was? Do you? Anyway mama got up to take me back to bed and told me that Santa Paws has not been to our house yet! I really believe my mom huh. Moms are the best ever they keep you warm and snuggly, feed me give me treats and help. So I went back to sleep to wait for Santa Paws.

My sisterfurs pretending to be asleep so mama went back downstairs to bed. Well that sure didn't stop my sisterfurs! They came and woke me up again saying that I missed Santa Paws. He came and they watched him put the presents under the Christmas Tree. They want me to come and look under the tree to see all the presents!!!

I'm so happy and excited. We were giggling and shhsing it was hard to know what to do...heeheehee The excitment just shoots like sparkles all over and tingles through us. We knew we had to keep very quiet......more to come.

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