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"girls" (supposed to mean me & my littermate sister when we're together, but we both think that's our name too!), "goofy girl" (or just "goof"), "weirdo", pretty much any adjective with "girl" added to it

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:

November 30th 2005

visiting my grandparents & sister; my grandma likes to hold me since I'm so much smaller than my 14-lb sister, but I'm a squirmy little girl when I'm happy! I also like short humans -- they like to play, and the really short ones drop food a lot.

when I want to play, but my mommy's doing something else important. . . but I'm pretty sure there's something up there on the countertop to pull down and play with if I just jump!

Favorite Toy:
anything that makes noise, can be chewed on, or is small, furry, and lives outside. . . mouse cursors on the screen and laser pointer dots are kind of fun, too :)

Favorite Food:
Did someone just say "pupperoni"? I know what that word means, mommy!!!

Favorite Walk:
The walk to the car's especially nice, 'cuz I know that means I'm going to see my sister. . . or at least somewhere with different stuff to sniff.

Best Tricks:
Mommy just taught me that I can get a treat if I paw at her hand when she wants me to! However, don't ask me what "give me five" means -- five what? I only have four toes, mommy. :)

Arrival Story:
My "grandma" has sort of wanted a min pin off and on for years because we were cute, small, and definitely not your typical *boring* toy dog. . . and she eventually found my original human daddy who'd have some more be born (us!) in a few months. My "mommy" thought we were really, really cute also. . . so I adopted her by parking myself in her lap and snoozing almost the whole time when they all came to visit us at about 5 weeks old. It worked like a charm for telling her I liked the way she smelled and held me, especially when I pulled out the soft little sleepy-puppy whines if she moved too much when I was trying to sleep in her lap! One of my two sisters (the big, bossy one) was climbing all over my grandma, who seemed to like the attention and didn't mind getting chewed on a little bit before also becoming sort of a puppy bed. Going away from home by ourselves for the first time about a month later was kinda scary, but at least my sis and I still had each other for the first couple of nights until we realized the leaders of the new pack really were at least as nice to hang around with as we'd thought a few weeks earlier. I was a little bit scared when mommy and I left for somewhere new again once I was just starting to get the hang of the last new house after a couple of days. . . but a quick nose search told me that she must spend a lot of time here since her smell was everywhere, so I calmed down and went to sleep again pretty quickly. And, yay, I *still* get to see my sis at least every few weeks to play!

I'm generally way too smart for my own good. . . it keeps mommy on her toes just to stay one step ahead of my little schemes, but I think she likes that. My personal favorite trick is getting kitchen chairs to roll over to somewhere I want to get to, but am too short to reach on my own. If it doesn't go far enough or in quite the right direction the first time that I jump in. . . well, I have plenty of energy to just keep trying! I very much like to play with my sister when we go visit or her parents bring her to visit me! She's a few pounds heavier and an inch or two taller than I am, but that doesn't stop me from trying to win every game. . . .

Forums Motto:
The Energizer bunny...did you say bunny?

The Last Forum I Posted In:
question about nine week old

Favorite Place to Snuggle:
either so that my mommy can put her arm around me and let me use it as a pillow (she's so easy to train!) or by my mommy's tummy. . . can I be under a blanket, too?

I've Been On Dogster Since:
June 6th 2007 More than 9 years!

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The Diary of a Crazy Min Pin

Ho hum

January 23rd 2008 3:27 pm
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I don't have anything exciting to bark about right now, but I see it's been a while since I said anything. So here I am! Maybe I should tell you how my holidays were, since that's at least some noteworthy news.

Mommy, me, grandma and grandpa, and Nikki had a nice Christmas. . . all quiet and with lots of yummy presents from Santa Paws. Mommy says they were from Santa Paws of the Pacific NW, whatever that means. I just know it's all been good. :)

A bit after Christmas, though, Nikki and I got "abandoned" for a couple of days 'cuz the humans all wanted to go somewhere without us. Without us!!! It wasn't so bad to start with. . . we knew the people at the vet, and they were nice. . . but I missed my mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grandma and grandpa finally came to get us after what seemed like forever -- really, do you know what 3 days is in dog years? We really were starting not to feel so good, but at least we were HOME. :)

Apparently, our getting all upset is not good for our tummies, though. Mommy took me back home after a couple of days, but we had a bad night. . . all I remember much beyond getting up to go to my box every couple of hours was when I had to throw up and then was too tired to get back up and go to bed. (I don't know why, but I always have to go to my crate to throw up in it. Mommy says that's okay if I feel better there, since it cleans up better than carpet.) But mommy came over when she noticed I wasn't getting back up and picked me up, kept me warm, and snuggled with me until I went back to sleep. We met grandma halfway to Nikki's house and all 3 of us went to the vet. At least we were fine other than just having been really stressed out, so we didn't have to deal with more than just one set of shots. This funny stuff they call Pepto Bismol is nasty, though -- it's not fair that the humans can hold my mouth open and shoot pretty much whatever yucky stuff they want to in there. (I guess it's supposed to be a good thing if our people are putting it in us, but I sure didn't feel like it was.) Grandma took really good care of us all week, and mommy said hi to me from inside the phone every night. (How's she do that? Why doesn't she just come out?)

But we're all better now. :) We got lots of yummy stuff like beef and rice. . . and then also some canned food once we started getting better. And then I started wanting to get sick again in the morning once I was back on my boring old dry pellets, so I got canned food again for a while since at least that agreed with me! Every now and then, mommy will still let me have a little bit of canned stuff 'cuz I like it and she's nice. Thanks, mommy!!!

Oh, mommy says I get some canned food sometimes because the variety seems to keep my system working better so I don't get sick again and so she knows that I really am eating something at least every couple of days. Whatever, mommy.

Anyways, mommy and my grandparents said there's probably no more leaving us at the vet, and even the vet said it probably wasn't good for us. The humans said they'll figure out exactly what to do when they all want to go somewhere again, although they have some leads. Oh, and Mommy says WE GET TO HAVE NIKKI STAY WITH US in a week or so when grandma and grandpa go somewhere for a meeting for a few days. I'm sooooo happy!



November 23rd 2007 7:07 pm
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So. . . mommy left me with grandma, grandpa, and my sister Nikki the first part of the week. Apparently she and that funny lady who's been living with us for a little while were going somewhere fun without me. I dunno. . . getting to play with my sister 24/7 sounds pretty darn fun to me. I missed mommy for a whole about 5 minutes when she left, then it was play time!!

But then grandma and grandpa took us to that weird place we go about once a year to get poked and prodded on Wednesday morning and left us there! HEY!!!!! It wasn't too bad, but there were a lot of doggies there always wanting to be noisy. . . and Nikki and I missed our humans and our house. :(

BUT THEN. . . some people came down with our leashes!!!!!! And we got to go upstairs again!!!!!! MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY!!!!!!!! We were so excited to be in her car again and had to climb all over her and tell her how happy we were to go home. Then she told us we had to go in our crates. . . well, okay, if that means we get to go home. We just want to go home! It was a looooonnnnngggg two days. We still had each other, but nothing beats getting to curl up in bed with the humans.

We got home, and even mommy wanted to sleep for a while. Soooo nice. :) Every time she moved or made noise, though, we just HAD to tell her how happy we were to be home. (I think she started getting tired of being licked all over and trampled, though.)

Still no sign of grandma and grandpa, although they seemed to be stuck in the phone at one point this afternoon. How do they fit in there? Mommy says they'll probably be back tomorrow. I'm just happy to see mommy, although Nikki says she wants her parents back, too.

Mommy says she's making a turkey tomorrow for when grandma and grandpa come back so we sort of have a Thanksgiving together sometime this week. Yay, we like turkey!


new roomie

October 30th 2007 1:43 pm
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So. . . mommy left me withgrandma, grandpa, and Nikki for a WHOLE WEEK not too long ago. I missed her lots, but it wasn't so bad since I got to play with my sister all the time instead. Grandma has a lot to learn about how to cuddle up with me on the couch, 'cuz she wasn't doing it quite right. I told her so.

Then mommy came back, but she brought some other human I'd never seen before. Mommy says she's from Russia and she's living at our house for a couple of months while she's working sort of where mommy goes all day most days while I sleep.

(What's a "Russia"?!?!?!)

I'm finally starting to get used to this extra human hanging around so I don't initially always freak out when I notice she's there. She feeds me pupperoni sometimes for no real reason (mommy says it's something about making friends), so she's okay in my book. She apparently has a kitty back where she comes from, so I think she likes us small furry kids.

Now I just need to teach her to give me lots of yummy food all the time. Mommy's kinda slow to figure out when I want some of what she's eating, but there's always another human? I have this bad feeling that she's not any easier to train than mommy is, though. :(

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