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Being an APBT in an ignorant world

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Lazy but strong. . .

May 15th 2008 3:46 pm
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Although my favorite past time is definitely sleeping with my mommy and daddy or watching tv in my recliner, I have recently started weight pulling.

My first competition was last september. Then I had to take a break as I got pregnant and had some babies. Well, when I am back from that I was over weight, and in the wrong weight class because of it, but I pulled alright.

Since then I practiced and got down to my normal weight again. I competed at a few IWPA shows and earned myself a spot in the IWPA National Championships in Yakima, WA.

I competed in the 40-60 lb class and took SECOND PLACE! I was only one pull behind the first place dog and am very proud! My people are proud too! I got 2 medals for the season and a few ribbons too.

Not bad for my first season competing. . . watch out for me in the adba, ukc and iwpa as I get going!

And watch out for my babies too! 2 of my boys are going to compete in weight pull and at least 3 of my girls will be little conformation queens! We're on our way to the top!

Bark at you later,

p.s. ull.html see me in my medal and read full descriptions of all i have done thus far! please check out this important resource for saving our breed!


Mommy is starting a new website to help pitties everywhere!

February 26th 2008 11:46 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] is a new site my mommy and some friends started recently. They are making a non-profit organization called Owners, Breeders and Dogs (that's me) Against Breed Discrimination.

This site is to generate donations and information for the cause of fighting BSL. All donations will be used to publish ads in newspapers, magazines and more to inform the public of this growing problem.

Also, they are working with several breed clubs already to spread the word. There is info and pics and movies already and more to come!

check it out!

go to the contacts page to see how you can help!


11 out of 12 ain't bad

November 7th 2007 8:19 am
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Yesterday i gave birth to 11 pups. mommy is taking me to the vet to check if they counted wrong soon. but my 11 are healthy and beautiful. they are all moving and eating and whining. mommy said they are the most beautiful pups she's ever seen. me and mush did good!

there are 2 red ones, 1 red brindle, 3 seal ones, 1 dark brown brindle and the rest are b/w. 3 are boys and 8 are girls. most of my babies have patches on their eyes and all of them have pretty white markings. i even have one thats cowpatched and one that looks like a pinto horse.

mommy told me that soon she will put up the pictures she took on our website for the world to admire my wonderful work. i'm the proudest mommy there ever was!

gotta go nurse!



I'm about to be a mommy

November 4th 2007 12:28 pm
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all this time mommy and daddy didnt think i had any babies in me. i was hiding it so well. i even pulled at 2 competitions and did really well. but, monday i finally started to show. and the vet was amazed. . .he didnt think i was pregnant either. . hehe i'm a sneeky dog.

well, now i got xrays yesterday and i have 12 babies. mommy and daddy told me they will have to go to good homes. i'm looking forward to interveiwing perspective people myself. i'm very concerned that not all people are as nice as mine. i've seen a lot of bad stuff on animal planet.

but, right now i'm really happy. daddy built me a 4 foot big whelping box. It is really nice with plenty of room for all my babies and me. This is going to be the best 8 weeks ever!

Wish me luck with a smooth delivery.




October 8th 2007 12:13 am
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Daddy took me and Atlas to the Apple Days in Cashemere. I didn't get any apples. But, I did get to pull! There was an IWPA weight pull and I competed!! So did Atlas. I was in the 60-80lb class and competed both days, Saturday and Sunday. Both days I pulled 1260 lbs. I only need one more good pull and I have reached working dog status. Day one I was in 3rd place and day two I was in 4th.

This was my second competition and I had fun. I met a lot of people and even got to play with some puppies!!!

Thank you for taking me daddy!!!

Oh, and thank you to BLUECAST K9's for letting us stay with you!

Love ya!


The weekend comes near

October 2nd 2007 6:22 pm
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This weekend Atlas and I are going to Cashmere, WA to pull. We are both hoping it doesnt rain. We havent gotten much training this week-due to rain. I am hoping to come home with another 1st place ribbon. But, I'm worried Atlas might beat me. We will be in the same weight class I'm sure. I am going to try my best to pull over 1000 pounds. I did around 1000 in practice last week.

I think training with a real cart makes this so much easier. I am getting used to it and hardly sniff it anymore. I hope I dont get distracted again though. I have a short attention span-but I wanna win something!!




Pulling my way to success!!!

September 9th 2007 7:29 pm
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I started weight pull training only last week. Today daddy and mommy took me to a competition to see what I could do. I pulled 680 lbs twice in practice without any problem. I pulled a total of 800 lbs successfully. I kept getting distracted though and timed out on 920 lbs. But, I got 5 points for being in first place in my class of 40-60lbs.

Mommy and daddy said since I pulled over 14 times my weight I only have 3 more pulls until I reach working dog status. Yay for me. We just have to work on my getting excited to pull and not being distracted by all the little kids.

I am really proud of myself and mommy and daddy are super-excited. They even called my breeder and told him how well I did. He was so happy.


I'M now CGC certified!!!

September 8th 2007 9:16 pm
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Wow! Today I went with mommy and daddy to a responsible dog ownership day at the park. There were all sorts of doggies and people there. mommy took mush mouth and daddy took me. They had a real nice lady there doing these tests for Canine Good Citizens. It was free to try, so I did it. And I passed! Now I get a specail CGC doggie tag and certificate. This proves to any disbelieving people that I really am a great dog.

A lot of people think that American Pit Bull Terriers are mean. Mommy says those people are ignorant sheep. The only reason to believe that, she says, is because you can't think for yourself and believe all the hype you hear. But, lots of APBTs have CGC certifications, lots are rescue dogs, therapy workers, drug sniffing dogs and even police dogs. Also, the American Temperment Test Assosciation says that ik 83% of APBTs pass it's temperment test, fewer labs pass than us even. But, most ignorant people stick to their beliefs because they don't want to know the truth.

This, mommy tells me, will prove to peope that I am a good dog.

Yay ME!

Mommy says that once Aurora takes a class, to get her used to people she will take the test. And, once Mush Mouth learns lay down he can take it too.


The newest news

August 29th 2007 1:38 am
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We are now all living in Spokane with daddy. We found a very nice landlord who rented us a really big house! It has a yard and a bedroom just for my siblings and myself. The cats get their own room too! We are all very happy to be back with daddy. Also, we've met some new people. The neighbors all seem to like us a lot.

Daddy told me he bought me a pulling harness. I don't know what that means but he said I will see soon. I'm really excited to see. Also, I just started my second cycle. Mommy and daddy said that if Mush Mouth and I decide to we can have puppies. I have been putting my bum in his face a lot but I'm not sure he's interested. Only time will tell I spose.

Also, mommy and daddy told me all my pedigree information is now up on the internet. Mommy made a website with a lot of cool pics of us too. She said it has a lot of useful APBT information, as well as all our stats and puuurdy pictures of course.

Mommy also told me that she saw way back into our pedigrees and all 3 of us; Mush Aurora and I are related by the Colby family of APBTs. Aurora and I are even 2nd cousins- my dad and her grandpa are brothers! We don't know about Atlas since his mommies owner didn't document his information. We love him anyways though and mommy said he even has a page on the site just like all of ours. But, don't tell Atlas, he is going to get neutered soon. Mommy and Daddy said that mixed breed puppies only add to shelter populations so we can't have babies with him.

Well. . . It's late so I will end this with telling you all that me and mush went to the off leash dog park by the Idaho border and had lots of fun last week. We ran and played and neither of us started any fights. There were a few scuffles through the day but we took no part in that.

type to you later,


A possible home!

June 25th 2007 11:57 am
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Daddy went yesterday to see another possible home. He told mommy it has a large fenced yard. Hardwood floors in the living room, two bedrooms, one bathroom, an eat-in kitchen, garage and shed. It seems like daddy likes this place. Mommy said he will apply to rent it today. Hopefully we get it. We are all tired of being outside. We miss daddy so much and never get to watch tv or lay in bed with mommy anymore.

Being an outdoor dog is the pits. excuse the pun.

We're really crossing our paws for this one!


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