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Notes between Naps

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Thank you

February 14th 2010 6:27 pm
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Thank you to Dogster for picking me for a diary pick of the day! My husis, who keeps up my Dogster page now, sent the email to my parents. They both thought it was nice, especially on Valentine's Day. My humom printed out my angel picture and hung it in her room next to my ashes, which she picked up on Friday. Thank you everyone for the nice wishes and thoughts, from me and husis and my pawrents. Now if you'll excuse me, I have running and playing to do and lots of food to eat!! Woof!


Cupcake is an angel now

February 8th 2010 4:36 pm
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Cupcake's husis here. I called her/my mom to check on Cupcake because I was so concerned with her yesterday. Mom said Cupcake hadn't eaten in four days, so today they wrapped her in a blanket and took her to the vet's. Cupcake passed over peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. We will miss you so much Cuppycake.


A better day

February 3rd 2010 1:54 pm
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Cupcake's mom says:
"c.c. had an okay know, one day good , one day bad...
ate hot dog in morning and beef at nite.... went out a few times and did okay....snowy and icy so a bit hard for her to walk out there. and actually had her head up a bit looking around yesterday like old times...the afternoons are better than mornings.
and she is still up to "stealing" the bed from addy : )"


Health update :(

February 2nd 2010 1:57 pm
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Cupcake's human sister here again. Cupcake's mom says she's not doing too well; she's very skinny, her hair seems to be falling out, her tumor has grown, and she doesn't eat much, although she seems to love these homemade peanut butter treats I made (Shakespeare, Lacey, and Addy all liked them). The other day Cupcake had hot dogs for breakfast and part of her mom's hamburger for dinner. Well the vet did tell Cupcake's mom to let her eat whatever she wanted. *g*

Her mom emailed me this today:

" c.c. isnt much better today, so if it is clear enough sat. you might want to come see her. i think i shall have to call the vet. meanwhile, adeline is giving her lots of kisses : )

she is usually good around 3pm...not much before. her pills give her a bit of an appetite, so then she eats a bit and then can gets up and around for a bit, but when she falls, like on the ice outside, or rolls off her bed, (funny site) she cant get up...but she still moves from bed to bed and "pushes" addie out of the big round one...sweet addie lets her have it : )"

That falling down and not getting up stuff reminds me of my Sydney angel. That was unfortunately a sign that she was getting worse. At least Cupcake has a nice sister, as opposed to Lacey who would just sit there when Sydney would want to get on the bed, hee hee hee.


Cupcake update

January 13th 2010 2:55 pm
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Cupcake’s human sis (Shakespeare and Lacey’s mom) here. I talked with Cupcake’s mom (my mom) the other day about Cuppycake’s health and well being. The tumor on her tummy, which her mom decided not to surgically remove this time (it’d already been surgically removed three times last year, poor doggy girl), has been growing. A few weeks ago, the vet gave Cupcake some a few days worth of prednisone to help the tumor shrink, but the meds are finished up and the tumor is growing. :( Cupcake’s mom also said Cupcake hasn’t been eating much lately, and even her bark sounds different. She mentioned how thin Cupcake is, and I remember this from Christmas, where you would pet or hug Cuppycake and you could feel her spine and bones. It’s not that she’s not fed well, she’s just not in the best of health. So our mom and I talked about talking to the vet about.. sigh.. quality of life and what not. I told mom a few things people told me when I thought it might be my angel Sydney’s time.. that the dog would let you know.. and if the doggy can’t do her three favorite things, then it might be time…. So I don’t know, Cuppycake is not in good shape, she’s an older gal now… but it’s hard to think about. I’m sure her mom will do what’s best for Cupcake.

Cupcake’s sister Adeline is very attentive to her. Addy, who used to be a breeder dog and was surrendered to rescue last year, has strong maternal instincts. Her mom (my mom) says Addy will lick Cupcake (kissing her like a mom would kiss her baby?) and seems concerned with her. Awww. *sniffs*


Back to the vet tomorrow

December 22nd 2009 2:27 pm
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Sigh, I have another bump on my tummy again. I don't know if it's a tumor or a fatty lump, but mom noticed it's getting bigger. She says she doesn't think she wants to put me through a fourth surgery to remove it though. I hope it’s not another tumor. :(

Mom did say that she’d like to try alternative medicines, like holistic stuff. Has anypup gone through this? Did it help?


Some updates from Cupcake's human sister

August 26th 2009 2:07 pm
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Cupcake had surgery today to remove a small cancerous lump. She did good and should come home this evening. Yay! :)

Her bloodwork is not as good as last year's. She has high levels of potassium and some others that are off the chart - our mom couldn't remember what they were offhand.

Cupcake's also very recently been having problems breathing. Mom thinks it could be that the tumor bump that was removed today was leaking inside, the vet said something like that could happen. Mom told the vet, and they used a different anesthesia, sodium pentathol I think, on Cupcake today. Both her mom and I made oh no, she'll tell the truth jokes.

Hopefully she'll rest and recuperate well at home tonight. Love you baby sissy Cupcake!


Surgery again

August 21st 2009 1:59 pm
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I'm going to the dogtor on Wednesday to have two little cancerous bumps removed. This will be my third cancerous bump removal surgery since I got sick last year. Mom says this will hopefully be my last surgery; the dogtor told her about a new medicine that's coming in the spring that helps keep the level 2 bumps away without lotsa surgeries. Mom's been pawsome at checking me for bumpies, but I don't like surgery and being sore afterwards.

Other than that, the dogtor says I'm a healthy girl. Woof! Well except for my arthritis and developing cataracts. Oh, and dogtor says I'm "thick," BOL. What can I say, I like to eat!



May 11th 2009 1:58 pm
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I had another lump take out on Friday. My mom and the vet are calling me Frankenstein cause I have stitches on my side. Thanks, that helps my self esteem a lot, BOL. I'm doing good though, and I was a good girl thro surgery. The vets really like me. They're going to biopsy this lump too, hopefully it's not cancer again or anything else bad like that.


Update on Me

May 7th 2009 5:16 pm
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Woof! Mom sent this email to my human sister about my latest bump. After sister stopped laughing at the "bordello" shot misspelling (what does that prevent?!? :O), she decided to post it.
" so remember i told you that c.c. had another bump on her side? well, it isnt a cancerous tumor, but just a mass tumor, which i think is different. it is on top of the skin, so will be easier then the last one to remove. at first the vet thought it was a spider bite cause it was big and red but when they did a culture it wasnt. but be careful of spider bites as the vet said they can be very bad !!
so anyway, c.c. was good at the vet, she got an injection to shrink the tumor a bit and her bordello[bordatella] shot ,and so then tomorrow, Friday, dad is going to leave her off at the vet hospital at 8am to have the tumor removed. she will probably be there most of the day cause they like to make sure they are ok to go home. she will also have more doggie warts removed and she has some tarter on her back tooth, that they will take off."

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