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I've been really sick or what is Immune-Mediated- Thrombocytopenia?

October 16th 2007 5:22 pm
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It's been awhile since I checked in with the Dogster group. I've been missing my buddies and want to see how everyone is doing. I've been really sick and truth be told, almost died. My mom found out around the Labor Day holiday that I have a blood condition called - Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia. I spent 5 days in the doggy ICU, got poked lots of times with needles, had a blood transfusion, a nasty bone marrow test and lots of not so fun things done to me. It all started Labor Day weekend. There I was, enjoying the pool with my new found human friends. They were throwing my ball in the water and I was having fun playing. My mom noticed that I had bruises all over my tummy and the inside of my legs. She thought I had done lots of belly flops and put me on time-out. A day or so later, I was playing with my doggy friends and my gum started to bleed. Mom thought it was time for me to go back and see my vet because I get polyps on my gums. She took me in the next day and my vet ran tests after she saw my bruises. She didn't think it was from belly flops. She called my mom and said 'no surgery' - I was very sick. She sent me home with medicine after taking lots of blood from me. OUCH!!! The next thing I knew - that night the phone rang. My mom seemed really upset and it got worse when she held a flashlight up to my eye and saw blood pooling behind my eye. She started crying. Fortunately, I have a wonderful vet named Doctor Brick who calmed my mom and told her where I needed to go to get immediate treatment. My mom said later that if the doctor hadn't called that night, I would probably not be here.

Anyway, she took me to a big huge animal hospital. I spent 5 days in the doggy ICU with tubes hooked up to me and everyone taking my blood, giving me tests, and watching me really close. My mom got to visit me at night and the people there even made me a nice sign for my door that Mom took home. After x-rays, ultrasound and a bone marrow test, my doctor told my mom that I have immune mediated thrombocytopenia or IMT. I got sent home with antibiotics and a lot of prednisone. She found lots of websites that have made her feel a little better about me. Here are some she found:

She learned that the biggest thing that we need to do for me is to have blood tests to monitor if the prednisone is working and my platelet count is where it needs to be. I look much better now since the bruises went away. I'm starting to feel like myself again and even want to play.

From Betty's mom - Please check out the websites and learn more about this
disease. I was lucky enough to have a vet that called me that night and recognized when she saw Betty that morning how sick she was. She acted entirely normal this entire time and I had no idea she was as ill as she was. By the time she made it to the doggy ICU that night, she had already started bleeding internally. I hope anyone that reads this will pass this information on.


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