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2nd round of chemo???

December 11th 2013 3:58 am
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I went back to the South Texas Veterinary Specialists today for my CBC and 2nd round of chemo. CBC came back with my liver enzymes high so Dr. Harris wanted to do a ultrasound. Mom said ok since she wanted to make sure the cancer hasn't metastasized to my liver. It came back all good everything within normal range, not metastasizing, but the high enzymes were from an adverse reaction to the chemo I took 3 weeks ago. I can't take it any more, but the vet gave me another drug (hydroxyurea) to take daily. YAY! Another pill, just in case I didn't have enough already with the bajillion I'm already taking! BOL (Oh yeah, she also added another pill to help my liver and gallbladder!) Bad news is I have to have my CBC done EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK! ACKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!

Unfortunately when they did my ultrasound, they shaved me. Mom thought it would be just a little and when she came to pick me up it was almost from side to side. So now I'm 3/4 nekked!! OMD!! Mom felt I would get cold, so she put one of her tank tops on me and it fits perfect.

Other than that, I'm doing pretty good. This is a lot for this old girl to take on, but I'm tough and I can do it! I have the eye of the tiger and you're going to hear me ROAR. (Lyrics from Katie Perry) BOL :)


Barked by: Winston (Dogster Member)

December 11th 2013 at 4:39 am

You ROAR away Doo! We're roaring with you.
Barked by: Wendy G

December 11th 2013 at 4:51 am

I can heer yu way up here in SW Ontawio, Doo!!! Yu go, gurl!!!
Barked by: ♥Sophie Claire CGC (Dogster Member)

December 11th 2013 at 5:49 am

This Okie girl is doing a great big ROAR for you Miss Doo! Hear all of us ROAR!!!!!!!!!
Barked by: Buddy (Dogster Member)

December 11th 2013 at 5:55 am

We hear you ROAR way up here in cold Saskatchewan, Doo! Our paws are all crossed for you sweet girl!
Barked by: Riley (Dogster Member)

December 11th 2013 at 6:57 am

You are a CHAMPION and we're goin' hear you ROAR!!

Like Zaidie said, we hear you all the way up in Canada.
Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

December 11th 2013 at 7:17 am

Hugss for you... you know my feelings about chemo... so its good you are not having a 2nd round.

heck.... a Weim has little enough hair !!

I have mentioned to Mum about Milk Thistle to support lover and kidney function

Barked by: Hanna Belle (Dogster Member)

December 11th 2013 at 8:06 am

The above comment was from me. Mama goofed!
Barked by: MrJackFreckles~SirLick-a-Lot (Dogster Member)

December 11th 2013 at 5:30 pm

I can hear that ROAR, too! I will send it up to my cousin, I know if Riley can hear it, then so can Murphy!

Barked by: ✨ Whitley ✨ (Dogster Member)

December 12th 2013 at 2:29 am

I'll ROAR for you, and I'll even get our kitties to do it too!
Barked by: Binx, Service Dog -In Memory (Dogster Member)

December 13th 2013 at 2:57 am

I'm SO sorry to hear you are going through all this, cancer just SUCKS! :-( I have to believe that things WILL GET BETTER for you and that you will be ok!!!


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