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Bailey's Tails From The Bark Side

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Daddy has been in the hospital

March 2nd 2014 10:10 am
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I have been staying with Tracy and Bonnie because Daddy had 2 falls at home and has been in the hospital since Friday night. We are trying to keep up our Dogster stuff but if you don't see me every day it is because we are busy trying to get Daddy well and home again.


Staying Home

February 12th 2014 7:31 pm
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I have been packing up my pictures, diary entries and memories. Looking for a new home and creating temporary ones. Packing up my group and trying to find ways to keep in touch with everyone. Had the moving truck parked in front of the castle and almost loaded. It did not feel right. The other places were nice! The new furs were friendly. It was not home. I told myself someday it would feel like home but right now it was just making me sad. I would not be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in our PDPC pub, would not be doing the balloon launch on April 1st for Rainbow Bridge Day etc.

Then I heard the news. We still had a home here. We could stay with our friends that we had made over the last 7 years. We do not know the details of what is going to happen but we can stay here.

Thank you Dogster/Catster for working it out.


The Blizzard told by Mommy and then Bailey

February 5th 2014 7:39 am
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Mommy's story

Yesterday we had a blizzard and I went to pick up the grandkids at school. I got there early and waited in the car line to get them and then they needed some things from their house so we went to their house and back home to mine. This all took over an hour because the roads were so bad we had to go very slow.

When I walked in my husband asked me if Bailey was with me. She was not in the house and he assumed I took her with for the ride. The kids and I ran outside to look for her in the snowstorm. I was heartsick and sure I would not find her. She must have thought she was going with me and followed me out to the garage when I left to get the kids and I did not see her and then ran outside while the garage door was up. Since it had been over an hour and the snow was coming down so hard I was almost sure I would not find her.

It was so awful. I knew she had been outside on her own for over an hour. A white dog in a blizzard, no collar because we do not keep it on in the house. She normally stays close to home but she was not in the front yard. She also is good about staying off the street when she comes out with me when I get the mail but with the snow she would not know where the street is. I figured she could get very disoriented in the snow too.

The visibility and the roads were so bad that I knew taking the car to look for her was not going to work. The kids and I set out on foot to look for her. I saw a neighbor down the street shoveling and I yelled to her and asked her if she had seen any dogs out. She said no. I said I am looking for a white dog and then Bailey came running out from this lady's backyard. She had not even seen her back there. Bailey tends to blend into snow. She said "you mean this one"!

I was so relieved and happy. She must have wandered down the street ( only 2 houses) and she came running out when she heard me. I felt so lucky to see her coming towards me.

Bailey's Story

Yesterday mommy was going somewhere and I wanted to go too. I followed her out to the garage but she did not open the car door for me. When she opened the garage door I went outside to go peepee. Next thing I knew mom was driving down the street without me.

I sat and waited and got a little bored so I went and investigated the neighbors yard. Then I heard mom and the kids yelling and I came running. They acted like I had been gone for a year! I got treats when I came in the house and I did zoomies to let them know they should not have left me outside by myself.

Mommy will certainly take me with her next time.

P.S. The next day I got in trouble for catching a squirrel. SHEESH!


Published in Princess Divas and Prince Charmings Royal News- Magazine, February 4, 2014

February 4th 2014 6:45 am
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Thank You PDPC
by Bailey

I just read Angel Buttercup's article for our last edition of The Royal News Magazine. Thank you for the kind words for me and my mom. We learned how to be admins from you and your mom! We think the world of you both and know that this is no longer as much fun for your mom as when you were still here with us. It lets us create a world where our pets can live on in our memories but we still feel the loss.

Keeping your pets alive in memory here is a strength but it is also one of the things that also weakened it. As we lost beloved fur pals and even a few of their voices, this world that we know as Dogster/Catster would change. We could give support and sympathy and feel the loss too, but some would not feel the same way about continuing here.

Other websites competed with Dogster/Catster providing socialization for the humans, games to play, being able to show pictures of themselves and family and their beloved pets too.

That weakened Dogster/Catster but did not break it. The site started to deteriorate and none of the problems were ever addressed. It went from little things like the color of the Community Tab not working to finally not being able to change the backgrounds on your page.

I have heard some smart comments on ways that could have helped fix the problems here. Free up space by discontinuing the inactive pages (there are many) and inactive groups, stop being a free site and charge a small fee to join and an upgraded amount for Plus Membership etc. All good common sense business ideas.
This is not going to happen. Nobody wants to fix it, they want to end it.

We are left with choices. I opened PDPC on Facebook and I am seeing some of my pals there, even ones that I had not seen for a long time at PDPC. I am looking at other pet friendly sites. So far I am not excited about them but we shall see how they work out.

The thing is, it will never be like it was. We all are not going to like the same pet site and go there. Some may decide it is time to just put this aside for now and focus on other things. Whatever you do, I wish you all the best and I thank you for the friendship and support I received for 7 years here. This has felt like home and family and you are all important to me and you have our best wishes for the future.


Forever Home

January 26th 2014 8:13 am
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We learned the term Forever Home when we joined Dogster. We knew how important it was to make a lifetime commitment to an animal when you adopted them. We knew that it was making them part of your family and you do not get rid of family when they become inconvenient. The term Forever Home, we learned here.

That may be the reason that this decision to get rid of The Community part of Dogster is so upsetting.

Everyone understands a business closing, but understanding closing down the part of the business that is its base is much harder to accept. I could be wrong, but I never saw any effort to try to keep this together to try to solve monetary issues. There could have been an increase in membership dues or something to keep up with increased costs and that would have been justifiable.

The people (and their pets) who have been loyal to Dogster/Catster all these years and continued to be here on a daily basis, feel like they are losing a home and also their family. They are scrambling to find a new place to be together but there is no place like home.

I enjoyed my almost 7 years on Dogster. I have met some wonderful people here and made friends that I would never have known. I love the spirit and support and fun and I am very sad to see it end.



January 16th 2014 1:40 pm
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In life there are always changes. Some are for the better and some you do not want but they happen. We make new friends, we lose loved ones, we change jobs and places to live. Some of these changes you just cannot control and some are made by choice. 7 years ago I joined Dogster and my mom knew very little about posting on a website like this. We found it to be fun. We made new friends that became personal friends, not just internet acquaintances. We developed attachments and had fun playing little games and decorating my page and working on groups. We learned how to make pictures. We have spent a lot of time on Dogster/Catster and it has been a daily part of our life. We will miss it but hope there will be a change in the future to make up for this void. This is one of those changes that we can't control so we have to look forward.



December 29th 2013 7:38 pm
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This morning mom let me out very early. It was still dark out. I was not waiting to be let back in at the back door so she came out and had to call for me. I was under the bush that puts stickers in my fur and when I came I had a bunch of stickers on me. For some reason, she decided I needed a shower and gave me one this afternoon. When we were done I did my after bath zoomies through the house and then rubbed on all the floors and walls and furniture to dry off nice. When I was dry she gave me brushing too. Dad thinks I look very nice but I think I smell like shampoo! I need to go roll in something as soon as mom stops watching me.


Merry Christmas

December 25th 2013 8:24 pm
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I had a very nice Christmas Eve with the family visiting us. We opened our gifts and I had some nice gifts from mom and dad and Bonnie. My secret Santa from Lil Doghouse was George and from the B & A, it was Georgie! I also received packages from Buttercup and Duffy! I received some great treats and toys and bully sticks and a charm and Eskie ornaments and a blankie. There were even gifts for my mom in there. Thank you all of you! I am very grateful for the nice gifts. Mom thanks you too!

I was able to send out Christmas trees to as many good friends as I could. I only hope I did not forget anyone! Many thanks to Dogster/Catster HQ for letting us send out the free gifts and wish our pals a Merry Christmas. We made you the Royal Member of the Day at Princess Divas and Prince Charmings to thank you for all you do.


Dancing Skeletons And Stolen Cookies!

October 31st 2013 7:10 pm
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How exciting! I have dancing skeletons on my page for Howloween! Thank you HQ for letting us send out so many presents on this fun holiday.

The other day I went with my dad while he was running errands. I love when he goes to the bank and the pharmacy because those people know how to treat dogs! They always give me a cookie. At the pharmacy, they gave him two cookies for me. He only gave me one and put the other in the console between the two front seats. He had to run into the grocery store so he left me in the car for a couple of minutes. That gave me just enough time to open the console up and get my cookie! Dad was surprised because he did not know that I could do that! BOL! BOL!


My lucky shirt

June 24th 2013 8:26 pm
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Mommy says that my lucky shirt helped the Blackhawks win the championship and that big Stanley Cup! Once I started wearing the shirt, they did not lose any more games. This is a good shirt!

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