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May 17, 2009 Our Wedding

June 3rd 2009 6:52 am
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On May 17th Duncan and I had our wedding in Jerusalem. Surrounded by friends and family we had a wedding we will always remember. We were very touched by how many were in attendence. We thank them all for sharing this very special time with us. We continued the celebration with a reception after the ceremony. I think the guests enjoyed their stay in Jerusalem and especially the wonderful tour given by Raja and the excellent CAT-ering provided by Tayla. Georgie and Ellie, my very good friends helped organize all the pictures and music. The day after the wedding we continued our tour of Israel and also Egypt for our honeymoon.

Much thanks to all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, Rabbi and Cantor! Special thanks to Raja and Tayla for the all the pre-wedding festivities too! It really meant so much to Duncan and me.


Thank you Dogster and Catster

March 23rd 2009 9:02 pm
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Yesterday I lost my best friend. My sweetheart Duncan crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. My doggy heart was broken at the loss of him. He had been my special friend from the time that I joined Dogster and
a huge part of my life. We had so many adventures together and we were looking forward to many more. But he is not lost to me. He is still here in my heart and I can find him here on Dogster. He is so loved by so many on Dogster and Catster. I have seen his picture everywhere. So many have joined the photo stroll to show their feelings for him. His page is filled with love and good wishes. I thank you all for doing this.


I have been tagged by Mr. Duffy McDuff , Holly Elise and- Rudy Patudy!

January 4th 2009 5:17 pm
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This is a game to help us all get to know each other.
The rules are simple, just state 7 facts about yourself and post them in your diary so we can all learn more about you. Then tag 7 pals, who have not yet been tagged, to continue the fun. Copy and send this note to let them know they've been tagged and to come and read your diary. Post the names of the pups you tagged in your diary so everyone will know. That’s it.
So come and read my seven facts, okay?

1. I am engaged to my sweetie Duncan and someday we will get around to setting a date!
2. I love the snow!
3. I love to swim!
4. I love agility classes!
5. I love going for long walks and sniffing everything!
6. I love going for car rides!
7. I love to play with my cousin Bonnie!

The 7 friends that I am tagging are:

1. Georgie
2. Madison
3. Gilbert
4. Sandy SD
5. Teddi Sue
6. Trudy
7. Tank


New Year Tag

December 31st 2008 4:22 am
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I have been tagged by Charlie, Toto and Duncan.

This is a game to help us all get to know each other.
The rules are simple, just state 7 facts about yourself and post them in your diary so we can all learn more about you. Then tag 7 pals, who have not yet been tagged, to continue the fun. Copy and send this note to let them know they've been tagged and to come and read our diary. Post the names of the pups you tagged in your diary so everyone will know. That’s it.
So come and read my seven facts, okay?

1. I have the best boyfriend on Dogster, Duncan! He is my one and only furever!
2. I go to agility classes each week but will probably never compete.
3. I love to swim.
4. I go to Doggy Day care two days per week.
5. I am not a lap dog!
6. I love when Mom takes me for long walks each morning.
7. I tell my Mom when she makes a mistake and gives me just dog food with nothing yummy in it!

I'm tagging

1. Bonnie
2. Georgie
3. Crissy Edweena
4. Sandy
5. Bella Cinderella
6. Bridget CGC
7. Baby


Dogster Dog Of The Day, November 23, 2008

November 30th 2008 10:25 am
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Normally the first thing we look at in the morning is who the Dog of the Day is. We got up a little late and we have to post the Royal Dog of the Day at PDPC and put up the Thanksgiving Trivia Game question, so we did not pay any attention. We did notice that we had pmail that said Congratulations! That made us curious to see what we had done that was so good and the pmail said Congratulations on being Dog of the Day! We were so excited. By We, I mean Mom and me. Maybe more Mom! We could not believe our eyes! It was a wonderful day of hearing from friends and making new friends. I am truly appreciative of this honor. Thank you so much Dogster HQ for choosing me! This was a wonderful surprise.


I have been tagged by Hollywood, Deuce, Duncan, Crazy Daisy- and Maximillian the Trickster!

November 9th 2008 4:08 pm
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I have been tagged by Hollywood, Deuce, Duncan, Crazy Daisy and Maximillian the Trickster! Ok pals, here's how it goes. You write down 7 cool, neat or weird facts about yourself and then you tag 7 other pals. You can notify them by pmail or rosette. Simple right?

Ok, here are 7 facts about me:

1. I live with my mommy & daddy in Mahomet, Il.
2. I love to swim.
3. I go to agility class every week.
4. I have a boyfuriend Duncan who lives in Las Vegas.
5. My cousin Bonnie is my best friend.
6. I go to Doggy Day Care when both my parents have to work.
7. I love to take long walks in the morning.

These are the 7 friends that I am going to tag:
1. Princess
2. Bella Cinderella
3. Madison
4. Bonnie
5. Georgie
6. Ravan
7. Ellie


I am engaged to Duncan!

September 14th 2008 7:27 am
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Hi Diary! I know I have not been keeping you up to date very well. I have big news! Duncan and I are engaged! We are planning a traditional Jewish wedding at The King David Hotel in Jerusalem. We do not have a date set but those are the plans.

It was a stressful summer since we did not know what was causing Duncan's big weight loss but that is under control now and a big worry was lifted when the biopsy showed there was no cancer. He is on his way back to his normal weight!

I am so happy that he asked me and he did it at his Well Pawty that was in honor of the good news that he is gaining weight again. He gave me the most beautiful ring and it was very romantic. Many of our good friends were there too.

I am looking forward to all the wedding arrangements but first we have to wait until my pawrents take their trip in October before we can firm up the date.

The next big news I will have to tell you about is in just a couple of weeks. I will be going to St. Louis to meet a bunch of my very good Dogster friends. I think Bonnie is coming too.


AFF Mother's Day Poem Sentimental

May 7th 2008 2:12 pm
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Here is the poem that my Daddy wrote for me to tell Mom how much I love her:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love my mother
And that's so true
My mother is my best friend
And I know that will never end
Sometimes I make puddles
But she still gives me cuddles
It is plain to see
When she is with me
That my world is complete
And that's a great treat!

Happy Mothers Day Mom!


We Had an Earthquake

April 19th 2008 8:18 pm
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Yesterday at 4:37am Mommy and I woke up because things were rattling in the bedroom. I did not know what was going on and neither did she. She thought it must be really windy and worried about a tornado coming. She shut the window and things were still rattling. She took me outside to go potty and there was no wind at all. She turned on the computer and one of the other dogs (Mr. Duffy) had posted that he had felt an earthquake in St. Louis. That is when we knew what we had experienced. Mommy turned on the news and sure enough this earthquake was felt in a number of states. Very unusual for the Midwest! Lucky for us all it was very mild and no real damage or injuries.
The weather is warming up and we are taking our long walks again. I just love going for walks and the longer the better. I get to sniff and try to chase squirrels and bunnies until I get to the end of the leash!
Today I got to go play with my cousin Bonnie. I love Saturdays! I know what day it is and that I am going to Bonnie's house while Mom and Dad work. Fun! (I also love to eat her food.)
Happy Passover Everyone!


I've Been Tagged by Duncan

April 9th 2008 8:32 pm
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I've been tagged by Duncan. I have to answer five questions with four answers, then tag four more friends to do the same! You can tag with a Fun Rosette or a Pmail!

1. Four Jobs I've Had In My Life:

1. Pre-rinse cycle for the dishwasher.
2. Alert the house that the newspaper was just delivered.
3. Lifeguard at the pool.
4. Decorator of the house by providing nice, fluffy white fur for the floor.

2. Four Places I Lived :

1. With my breeder
2. In my house with my family
3. At Aunt Tracy's when Mom & Dad go on vacation
4. One vacation I had to stay at Tail Waggers (a kennel)

3.Four Places I have Been To:

1. Tail Waggers for daycare in Savoy, Il.
2. Animal Outfitters for play dates and agility classes, in Champaign, Il.
3. Petsmart in Champaign, Il.
4. An agility fun run in Bloomington, Il.

4. Four Favorite Foods:

1. Cookies
2. Any people food
3. Cheese
4. Dog treats

5. Four Places I Would Rather Be:

1. Visiting my sweetie Duncan
2 . Playing with Bonnie
3. Taking a nice long walk
4. Swimming

I am going to tag the following four friends:

1. Susie-Kay
2. Junebug
3. Bella
4. Cinnamon

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