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Bailey's Tails From The Bark Side

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First One in the pool each year

March 11th 2010 2:47 pm
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Yesterday the temperature almost reached 70 degrees. Mom let me out in the backyard and I decided to go swimming in the standing water on top of the pool cover. She thinks March 10th might be a new record. I am always the first one in the pool (although technically I was not really IN the pool) and the last one out. I came back to be let in the house and she realized I was all wet. SURPRISE! She was not exactly delighted with me since I was just groomed on Monday! BOL! I say it is pool weather and Dad better get that cover off soon.


Read The Rag in STAFU

February 8th 2010 3:59 am
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I belong to a wonderful group STAFU and every month we put out a newspaper for the members to enjoy. It includes information, pictures, fun and even celebrity gossip from Las Vegas!

You can read it here! 0


Dogster Diary of the Day, January 8, 2010

January 8th 2010 7:26 am
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What a surprise! I woke up and went on Dogster and found out that I was the Diary Pick of the Day for Dogster. I was so excited to receive this honor. Thank you very much Dogster HQ for choosing me. I am trying to be more regular about writing in my diary!

We do not have anymore snow today, just little flurries but the snow is drifting in places because of high winds.

The new thing that is happening here is Mom went up in the attic and brought down these things called suitcases! She is putting clothes and stuff in them. I know what this means! They have done this before! It means that they are going somewhere and by the size of the suitcases I can see they are not taking me with them. Hmmmmppph!

Mom tells me I am going visiting at my furless sister's house and that means I will get to play with Bonnie for the next two weeks. Really that makes me happy but I will not let them know that. I want them to feel guilty about leaving me. I can't wait to get into Bonnie's food and toys.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Later today I found out that one of my very good friends is not well and both her parents are not well either.

Sassy, Sally and Jimmy you are in our prayers, always.


Fun In The Snow

January 7th 2010 4:58 pm
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What a great day! I woke up and there was lots of snow. Then the grandkids came over to help us shovel out our driveway and I got to play with them in the snow too. I did lots of running and jumping and burying my nose in the snow. Everyone was shoveling and Dad had the snowblower and I got to be out there with them. David was throwing snowballs too! Those are hard to catch!

I hope I get to play in the snow again tomorrow!


Snow is coming

January 6th 2010 9:11 pm
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We are supposed to get lots of snow tonight and I love the snow. For some reason Mom and Dad do not enjoy it like I do.

Today Dad took me to the forest preserve and I ran in the snow. That is the most fun of all. I just love checking it all out there and as soon as Mom or Dad pulls into the parking lot I start scratching at the window to get out of the car. I hope they take me back there tomorrow too!

The snow has already started falling! I will see how much there is when I wake up.


Saving this poem

January 3rd 2010 3:17 am
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Today 2 Spots n' a Dox posted this poem in response to Noah going to The Rainbow Bridge and I want to save it.

A poem by Genie Graveline)

I Miss My Dog.. ......
I miss my dear and faithful friend.
We traveled through the years together,
he and I, each watching the other grow older.
he was the keeper of my heart-
aware of my ups and downs,
responsive to my needs,
affectionate and true.
My life is different now without him.
It's strange to come home
and not hear his familiar bark,
or see that tail wagging furiously
back and forth--so happy just to see me.
I sit...expecting him to run over and nudge me,
or put his head in my lap,
but, he doesn't come.
he is not there.
This place is not the same without him.
Still, I know that I was lucky
to have him for so long.
I keep telling myself that.
But, whenever I feel like it,
I'm going to have myself a good cry,
and I won't be shamed by my tears.
It's the least I can do
to mourn such a loyal and devoted friend.

Mom thought this poem was very meaningful and touched her and we are going to save it. The parents that she meets on Dogster love their dogs so much and it we all feel their sadness and hurt when one crosses over to The Rainbow Bridge. We all feel the loss.


Pressies! Toys! Treats! Christmas Cards!

December 25th 2009 5:21 am
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Once again Santa Paws was very good to me. I received wonderful pressies from all my secret Santa Paws.

Thank you George Underwood!

Thank you Mr. Duffy McDuff!

Thank you George!

I also received some wonderful pressies from my friends.

Thank you Buttercup!

Thank you Kipper and Winston!

Thank you Paxton and Idgie!

Thank you Animal Outfitters! (My doggy day care)

My cousin Bonnie brought me a pressie and we opened all our gifts last night together. Bonnie and I enjoyed playing with all the toys together, it did not matter who they were for. We shared and we were good about it too. We also sampled some of the delicious treats that we got.

This has been so much fun to receive all the cards and packages in the mail. I get way more than the rest of my family. They get something called bills, which judging from their expression is not anything that I would want to receive!

I also want to thank all my friends that left me pressies on my page! I hope I thanked you all for being so good to me.


2009 - Where did the year go?

December 24th 2009 5:24 am
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This has been quite a year in my little life, at home and here on Dogster.

I lost some good friends but also prayer and power of the paw has helped some of my other friends. Keeping that going for these friends and their families. It was especially hard losing Duncan this year. He is still my special angel.

I had a wedding on Dogster and it was well attended and Duncan and I were touched by the love and friendship we recieved.

I played matchmaker at my wedding and paired up our friend Crissy with our friend Yuji. I found out today that he proposed to her. I am so excited about that. I hope next time I go to St. Louis, Crissy will be able to come and meet us since she lives in Missouri.

I also got to be the preacher at Penny Ann and Duke's wedding at Fancypants Cafe.

I have enjoyed working on activities in my main groups and treasure the friendships that I have made there.

I went to visit good Dogster friends this year in St. Louis and even got to stay in a hotel. Mom and Dad also went to visit some other Dogster friends even further away without me, unfortunately. I have enjoyed my agility classes and swimming and playing with my doggy friends.

Mom and Dad have been taking me to the forest preserve and letting me run in the snow. I enjoy going there during the year but usually there are a few months here where we do not go there. It is really fun in the winter and I hope we keep doing that.

I hope that this coming year will bring happiness and health for my friends and their families.


Pit Bull Stolen Urbana Illinois

December 18th 2009 5:53 pm
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This happened not far from where I live. I have been to this Dog Park and so has my cousin Bonnie. Never would we think that someone would do something like this. People will not feel safe with their dogs now. Everyone will have to be more cautious about who is around.

This is the story and plea of the dog owner whose dog was taken from her.

Stolen Pit Bull, Urbana, Illinois

Anyone having information, please contact Heather at

Please help get the word out on this frightening incident.
Maybe with your help, Yumi can be home with her family by Christmas!

I know everyone is busy doing their own thing, but if you could take a few minutes to read this and see if you can help, I'd be eternally grateful.
I took my dog Yumi to the Urbana Dog Park today.
We were by ourselves and near the east-side fence.
A man entered, with a white, American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix on a leash (I've never seen them before).
Yumi ran at full speed towards them, naturally, to play and say hello.
The guy ended up grabbing her, and took her into a dark green car which had his accomplice in the driver's seat.
Yumi had tried to get out of his grasp, and lost her collar but the guy had successfully managed to steal her.
I was running and yelling, trying to get to them.
It all happened so fast but they got away (turned right on Perkins Road, but don't know where they went after that).
My cell phone hasn't been working so I wasn't able to call anyone right away.
I reported this to the police.
I want EVERYONE to be careful about their dogs.
I had my eye on my dog but that just wasn't enough.

PLEASE if you know of anyone driving a dark green car (Honda, perhaps, I couldn't read the plate number though) that may be lurking around the dog parks, contact me and the local police department.
I can't describe the person driving the car, but the one who took my dog was a tall, white male probably in his late twenties.
He was wearing a black hoodie and jeans (couldn't see his hair type/color).
Pretty non-descript, but that's all I know.

If you know ANY information that would lead to either finding out who these creeps are, or where Yumi is, like I said contact me and the police.
Here is Yumi's description, in case you see her if she manages to escape or is dumped: 1.5-2 years old, dark chocolate and white pit bull, with a pink and black nose,
spayed female, weighs 50 lbs (she's small and compact...looks like a big puppy), very friendly but can be scared of loud noises/strange things, knows many commands
(so she should come if you spot her and call her...her name is pronounced "Yoo-mee").
A couple pictures of her are attached. I just want her back safe and sound. THANKS! t/Yumistand.jpg

AND ms/nn183/misty77_bucket/Yumistand.jpg

Heather Davis
University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
College of Veterinary Medicine
Class of 2013

THIS PUP HAS TO BE FOUND FURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My parents go to Las Vegas to visit Duncan's family

November 12th 2009 8:07 pm
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Excerpt from The Rag and from The PDPC Royal News Magazine
My Parents Go To Las Vegas to Visit My In-Laws
by Bailey

My parents have just returned from a trip to Las Vegas to visit Duncan's parents, Sybil and Joel. They spent a week in Las Vegas and had a wonderful time.

Duncan's parents have lived in Las Vegas for quite awhile and know it very well. They were great hosts and it was so nice for my parents to travel to a city where they know someone.

Mom and Dad stayed in a timeshare condo right off Las Vegas Blvd. or The Strip as it is known. They spent two days sightseeing using a hop on hop off double decker bus to get around. They saw all the major hotels this way. It was like taking a trip around the world since there are so many theme hotels like The Venetian, Paris, Luxor and New York, New York. They also saw 3 wonderful shows: Bette Midler (by themselves) and Jersey Boys and La Reve with Sybil and Joel.

They arrived on a Saturday and met Duncan's parents the next night for dinner and a wonderful Cirque du Soleil water show at The Wynn. The show was amazing and the set with its everchanging water levels for the performers, incredible!

The next outing that the parents planned together was to have dinner and see Jersey Boys. Mom had heard that it was wonderful and that turned out to be true. It had a great story and great music. All four parents really enjoyed seeing that musical and highly recommend it.

On their final evening in Las Vegas, they were invited for dinner at Joel and Sybil's home and they were entertained royally. They have a lovely home and backyard and they prepared a fabulous dinner. Mom and Dad also got to meet Monty and Miss Harley Nicole, who both are adorable. KoKo, the parrot was fun to meet also.

They flew home the next day and shared all their Las Vegas stories and pictures with me. I only wish that I could have joined them on this trip but I am so happy that they had such a nice visit. It was a wonderful place to visit and made even more wonderful by the hospitality shown to them by my in-laws.

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