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Pit Bull Stolen Urbana Illinois

December 18th 2009 5:53 pm
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This happened not far from where I live. I have been to this Dog Park and so has my cousin Bonnie. Never would we think that someone would do something like this. People will not feel safe with their dogs now. Everyone will have to be more cautious about who is around.

This is the story and plea of the dog owner whose dog was taken from her.

Stolen Pit Bull, Urbana, Illinois

Anyone having information, please contact Heather at

Please help get the word out on this frightening incident.
Maybe with your help, Yumi can be home with her family by Christmas!

I know everyone is busy doing their own thing, but if you could take a few minutes to read this and see if you can help, I'd be eternally grateful.
I took my dog Yumi to the Urbana Dog Park today.
We were by ourselves and near the east-side fence.
A man entered, with a white, American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix on a leash (I've never seen them before).
Yumi ran at full speed towards them, naturally, to play and say hello.
The guy ended up grabbing her, and took her into a dark green car which had his accomplice in the driver's seat.
Yumi had tried to get out of his grasp, and lost her collar but the guy had successfully managed to steal her.
I was running and yelling, trying to get to them.
It all happened so fast but they got away (turned right on Perkins Road, but don't know where they went after that).
My cell phone hasn't been working so I wasn't able to call anyone right away.
I reported this to the police.
I want EVERYONE to be careful about their dogs.
I had my eye on my dog but that just wasn't enough.

PLEASE if you know of anyone driving a dark green car (Honda, perhaps, I couldn't read the plate number though) that may be lurking around the dog parks, contact me and the local police department.
I can't describe the person driving the car, but the one who took my dog was a tall, white male probably in his late twenties.
He was wearing a black hoodie and jeans (couldn't see his hair type/color).
Pretty non-descript, but that's all I know.

If you know ANY information that would lead to either finding out who these creeps are, or where Yumi is, like I said contact me and the police.
Here is Yumi's description, in case you see her if she manages to escape or is dumped: 1.5-2 years old, dark chocolate and white pit bull, with a pink and black nose,
spayed female, weighs 50 lbs (she's small and compact...looks like a big puppy), very friendly but can be scared of loud noises/strange things, knows many commands
(so she should come if you spot her and call her...her name is pronounced "Yoo-mee").
A couple pictures of her are attached. I just want her back safe and sound. THANKS! t/Yumistand.jpg

AND ms/nn183/misty77_bucket/Yumistand.jpg

Heather Davis
University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
College of Veterinary Medicine
Class of 2013

THIS PUP HAS TO BE FOUND FURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My parents go to Las Vegas to visit Duncan's family

November 12th 2009 8:07 pm
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Excerpt from The Rag and from The PDPC Royal News Magazine
My Parents Go To Las Vegas to Visit My In-Laws
by Bailey

My parents have just returned from a trip to Las Vegas to visit Duncan's parents, Sybil and Joel. They spent a week in Las Vegas and had a wonderful time.

Duncan's parents have lived in Las Vegas for quite awhile and know it very well. They were great hosts and it was so nice for my parents to travel to a city where they know someone.

Mom and Dad stayed in a timeshare condo right off Las Vegas Blvd. or The Strip as it is known. They spent two days sightseeing using a hop on hop off double decker bus to get around. They saw all the major hotels this way. It was like taking a trip around the world since there are so many theme hotels like The Venetian, Paris, Luxor and New York, New York. They also saw 3 wonderful shows: Bette Midler (by themselves) and Jersey Boys and La Reve with Sybil and Joel.

They arrived on a Saturday and met Duncan's parents the next night for dinner and a wonderful Cirque du Soleil water show at The Wynn. The show was amazing and the set with its everchanging water levels for the performers, incredible!

The next outing that the parents planned together was to have dinner and see Jersey Boys. Mom had heard that it was wonderful and that turned out to be true. It had a great story and great music. All four parents really enjoyed seeing that musical and highly recommend it.

On their final evening in Las Vegas, they were invited for dinner at Joel and Sybil's home and they were entertained royally. They have a lovely home and backyard and they prepared a fabulous dinner. Mom and Dad also got to meet Monty and Miss Harley Nicole, who both are adorable. KoKo, the parrot was fun to meet also.

They flew home the next day and shared all their Las Vegas stories and pictures with me. I only wish that I could have joined them on this trip but I am so happy that they had such a nice visit. It was a wonderful place to visit and made even more wonderful by the hospitality shown to them by my in-laws.


I have been tagged by my friend Sassy! And then re-tagged by- Vern!

October 19th 2009 7:33 pm
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1. What Costume?? Your pawrents are taking you out Trick or Treating! They're both ready in their costumes, but you're still stuck in your room choosing yours! Gotta hurry! What do you do?

a. Just grab a random costume and put it on! Who cares?? You know you always look good in any outfit!
b. Take your time and just find the purfect costume! Mom and Dad can wait, can't they?
c. Run to your pawrents and go trick or treating without any costume at all! Anyways, still got my fur.
Answer fur me: C, I do not like being dressed up!

2. Sugar Rush! Looks like you caught the eye of the person at the first stop! She thinks you're so adorable she decided to let you choose the candy you want! What do you pick?

a. CHOCOLATE!!! It may not be good fur pups, but it's so worth it!
b. Cherry Lollipops, makes me look sassy!
c. Bubblegum! I just wuv the bubbles!
Answer fur me: A but my Mom will take it away from me and the other two choices too!

3. Scary Monster!!! Oh noes! There's a huge scary monster on your front porch! Of course, you gotta protect your pawrents somehow! How will you do it?

a. Growl at the thing. Might be even be afraid of you!
b. Push your pawrents aside and run along with them! It's best that you're all safe.
c. Hide behind your pawrents. They're stronger, and not to mention braver, let them do the work.
Answer fur me: C, but I will have their back and I will be barking!

4. Opinions?? So, what did you think about this game?

This was a different game. I liked it.
Off to tag some of my furriends now! ^_^

I will tag....



Tagged by my friend Sedona, The Amazon Warrior Princess

October 18th 2009 8:30 pm
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Tell 7 random facts about yourself. Post these facts & the game rules in your diary. Then tag 5 dogs (don't forget to list their names) who must tell 7 random facts about themselves. Let these dogs know they've been tagged by sending them a Paw-mail or rosette.

Here are my 7 facts...
1. I am an only pup.
2. I love to swim.
3. I love to take agility lessons
4. I went to St. Louis to visit my Dogster friends Georgie, Jackson and Duffy
5. I love when Mom and Dad take me to the forest preserve for walks
6. I will be 4 years old in November
7. I love to play with my cousin Bonnie

I am tagging

Rudy Patudy


Another friend has gone to The Rainbow Bridge

October 17th 2009 9:07 pm
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My friend Miss Molly went to The Rainbow Bridge today. Mom and I are very sad for her family. We feel their pain. It was hard to let her go but they gave her lots of love and it was the right time. We have lost so many dear friends this year. Trying to picture them running free and healthy with their angel friends. Missing them all very much.


Sitter Interview

October 11th 2009 9:20 pm
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This summer Mom and Dad hired a sitter for me to stay with while they went on vacation. They were very pleased with the girls that were watching me. They also had a very nice house with a fenced front and rear yard and it was very close to where Mom works.

Mom and Dad will be leaving at the end of this month to visit my in-laws in Las Vegas. They thought they would be leaving me with the same sitter but when she called the company she found out that the girl is now in Chicago going to law school and I would be with another sitter. Since they had never met him and since he has his own dog, we went to visit this afternoon.

It is further from home than the last place I stayed. I investigated the house and yard thoroughly and really did not want to play with Sandy, his dog. I imagine I will warm up to her when I stay there for a week. I really do enjoy going new places and sniffing everything. It is very exciting to visit a new house. Mom told him that he should feed us separately because she does not want me to get upset if Sandy tries to eat my food. It looks like I will be staying there for a week .


The Busy Hayride Weekend

October 10th 2009 6:41 pm
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This has been a very busy weekend. Buttercup and I are giving hayrides and games and parties in two groups at the same time. We are driving our great friends around in haywagons in STAFU and PDPC. We are having lots of fun sharing food and spooky stories and playing games with our furiends. The fun will continue tomorrow and we will be giving out prizes also. I hope they are having as much fun as we are!


I was interviewed by Raja the Traveler

October 8th 2009 5:02 am
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Raja the Traveler picked an interview with me to do on his website!

He really did an excellent job of thinking of just the right questions and created a wonderful video of my experience at the St. Louis Canine Games at Purina Farms.

I want to make sure that I save it here in my diary!

This week Raja interviews Bailey, the talented American Eskimo dog athlete. Bailey reports about all the fun she had at the Spirit of St. Louis Canine Games on Sunday, September 27. Over to you Raja…

Raja: Bailey how did you hear of the Annual Spirit of St. Louis Canine Games?

Bailey: I have some good Dogster friends that live in St. Louis. We had a meetup last year at a dog park there and planned to do this activity for this year.

Raja: Backing up, as I understand it, agility is a hobby rather than a profession for you? Is that correct?

Bailey: I have been taking lessons for two years purely for enjoyment. We have no plans to compete, but if you end the lessons, you end the experience.

Raja: So true. Specifically, how do you see your hobby benefiting your life and the lives of your humans?

Bailey: I enjoy the running and climbing and going through the tunnels and the jumps and weave poles. It is good exercise for both Mom and me. It keeps us active and it’s an activity that we do together. It also teaches obedience and trust in your handler.

Raja: Bailey you have a very good family! So let's discuss these games... You had to travel how far to get there? How did you travel and what was that hotel room like? (It was your very first hotel experience I hear.)

Bailey: We drove by car about 3 1/2 hours to St. Louis. We hit some bad rain when we got to the city, but most of the trip was made in good weather. The hotel room was very nice and I sniffed and explored it thoroughly. Mom and Dad ate in the room with me both their dinner and their breakfast. The hotel had a pool, but I believe they did not want dogs using it!

Raja: Eating in the room with you was really thoughtful. As we have noticed, many people want to travel with dogs, but they tend to neglect them and their needs when they want to do non-dog things. Your family really followed through. Plus there’s no point in upsetting an athlete before competition! Not going in the pool must have been hard. I know you have a nice pool back home and you’re an accomplished swimmer.

So, going to the actual day- When you got there, how were things set up? Did you find it easy to compete?

Bailey: When we arrived at Purina Farms the registration area was easily found and we registered and bought tickets to participate in the events. All events were for fun but some events were actually handing out prizes. You could also take your AKC Canine Good Citizen test there and there were some demonstrations such as Water Sports. They also had vendors there selling dog gift items and Purina Farms had its own gift shop and restaurant for the pawrents to eat at.

Raja: So well planned! So now what we all want to ask- How'd you do Bailey????

Bailey: I did well on the agility course, but had no interest in catching a Frisbee or Flyball. Little Georgie the Min Pin ran faster than me in the Race The Wind event. She was clocked at 18 miles per hour and I was 17 miles per hour. We all received gold medals and certificates and ribbons. Georgie and Jackson won a prize in the Costume Contest. They were pirates!

Raja: You are very agile, as we saw two weeks ago. I have no interest myself in catching a Frisbee, but I do like to pick it up and play keep away. You might like that too. You can tease your humans for hours.

Were there other furry friends there?

Bailey: I joined my good friends Georgie and Jackson and Mr. Duffy McDuff for a very fun day. Jackson unfortunately hurt the pad on his foot about lunch time and could not do any more events. He had to have it bandaged up.

Raja: I think Jackson was very brave. I’m sure he’ll be back next year. These Olympics are open to all dogs I hear... and it's a charity benefit. Can you tell us a bit about that please?

Bailey: It is open to all dogs and it is sponsored by The Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club and the St. Louis Samoyed Rescue. I saw many white dogs that looked similar to me only bigger. The picture of the dog pulling a cart is a Samoyed and not me. We did not try that one.

Raja: I almost thought that was you at first. But then I thought that doggie was too big.

Bailey thanks so much. Is there one final statement you want to end your interview with- anything special to share?

Bailey: I just want to say that if anyone has the opportunity to go to an event like this. it will be a wonderful day for you and your pawrents. This was such a nice day made even better because we spent it with good friends.

If you go, check out next year’s schedule eventually showing up at:

Remember, it’s not the winning, but the competing that makes for big fun and games for dogs and their people.

Thanks so much Raja for choosing me! This is a big event for me. I really enjoy my yearly visit to St. Louis to see my Dogster friends.

This is the link to the website gs-win-at-the-spirit-of-st-louis-canine-games.html


I've Been Tagged by Sassy, George and Jake!

September 30th 2009 8:27 pm
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I've been tagged ~
So here goes!

What color is your collar?

My collar is a red Hawaiian floral print.

What kind of food do you eat?

I get Premium Edge Healthy Weight Maintenance Chicken

What is your favorite treat?

I like Bil Jac treats.

Do you have a Valentine or significant other?

Yes I do! In May I married my sweetie Duncan.

Do you get table scraps?

Yes I do and I love them and expect them.

What is your favorite toy?

My stuffed ball.

When is your Birthday?

November 1st and I will be 4 years old.

How many times do you get to eat?

I eat twice a day, morning and evening.

What is your favorite color?

Mom says that I look good in red.

Do you hope all your pals put this in your diary?

If my pals have time to do this tag.

I am tagging:

Raja The Traveler
Crissy Edwina


Spirit of St. Louis Doggy Olympics at Purina Farms

September 27th 2009 7:35 pm
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Today we got up early and ate breakfast in our room at the hotel. We checked out and drove to Purina Farms. The hotel was very close so we were there in about 15 minutes. Purina Farms is huge and we were very impressed. We registered and bought tickets for the events and Georgie and Jackson and Duffy and their familes arrived and we went to do the events. We also saw Penelope and Sawyer and Max and Sandy there. They are all on Dogster.

It turned out that the lure coursing event had been cancelled but there was plenty to do. We did not do everything but we did the agility course, we were timed running, flyball, frisbee and manners and tricks. We also dressed up and competed in the costume contest. Georgie and Jackson won prizes for their pirate costumes. Duffy had an adorable sailor outfit. I wore my bee costume. Jackson unfortunately hurt the pad on one of his paws and could not do some of the events.

We all received ribbons and medals and certificates. It was a great day and we hated saying goodbye to our friends but we had to head home. I took some nice naps on the ride home. I hope we can go again next year. I love visiting my St. Louis Dogster friends.

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