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Bailey's Tails From The Bark Side

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Snow is coming

January 6th 2010 9:11 pm
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We are supposed to get lots of snow tonight and I love the snow. For some reason Mom and Dad do not enjoy it like I do.

Today Dad took me to the forest preserve and I ran in the snow. That is the most fun of all. I just love checking it all out there and as soon as Mom or Dad pulls into the parking lot I start scratching at the window to get out of the car. I hope they take me back there tomorrow too!

The snow has already started falling! I will see how much there is when I wake up.


Fun In The Snow

January 7th 2010 4:58 pm
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What a great day! I woke up and there was lots of snow. Then the grandkids came over to help us shovel out our driveway and I got to play with them in the snow too. I did lots of running and jumping and burying my nose in the snow. Everyone was shoveling and Dad had the snowblower and I got to be out there with them. David was throwing snowballs too! Those are hard to catch!

I hope I get to play in the snow again tomorrow!


Dogster Diary of the Day, January 8, 2010

January 8th 2010 7:26 am
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What a surprise! I woke up and went on Dogster and found out that I was the Diary Pick of the Day for Dogster. I was so excited to receive this honor. Thank you very much Dogster HQ for choosing me. I am trying to be more regular about writing in my diary!

We do not have anymore snow today, just little flurries but the snow is drifting in places because of high winds.

The new thing that is happening here is Mom went up in the attic and brought down these things called suitcases! She is putting clothes and stuff in them. I know what this means! They have done this before! It means that they are going somewhere and by the size of the suitcases I can see they are not taking me with them. Hmmmmppph!

Mom tells me I am going visiting at my furless sister's house and that means I will get to play with Bonnie for the next two weeks. Really that makes me happy but I will not let them know that. I want them to feel guilty about leaving me. I can't wait to get into Bonnie's food and toys.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Later today I found out that one of my very good friends is not well and both her parents are not well either.

Sassy, Sally and Jimmy you are in our prayers, always.


Read The Rag in STAFU

February 8th 2010 3:59 am
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I belong to a wonderful group STAFU and every month we put out a newspaper for the members to enjoy. It includes information, pictures, fun and even celebrity gossip from Las Vegas!

You can read it here! 0


First One in the pool each year

March 11th 2010 2:47 pm
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Yesterday the temperature almost reached 70 degrees. Mom let me out in the backyard and I decided to go swimming in the standing water on top of the pool cover. She thinks March 10th might be a new record. I am always the first one in the pool (although technically I was not really IN the pool) and the last one out. I came back to be let in the house and she realized I was all wet. SURPRISE! She was not exactly delighted with me since I was just groomed on Monday! BOL! I say it is pool weather and Dad better get that cover off soon.


Rainbow Bridge Day

April 1st 2010 9:14 am
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Today I conquered my fear of balloons and Mom and Dad and I sent up balloons to our beloved angels for Rainbow Bridge Day!

We had 4 balloons. One for Bailey One, one for our other departed, beloved family pets, one for Duncan (who has now been at The Bridge for one year) and one for Rocky who just left us and our other good Dogster/Catster friends that we miss so much.

When Mom bought the balloons she explained to the salesperson what they were for. The girl was so impressed with the idea that she said she would send up a balloon also for a pet that she recently lost.

We went out on the lawn and sent love with the balloons. There was a good wind and it carried the balloons off and we could see them heading for the Rainbow Bridge. I think we could hear the angels calling out as they received them there.

I think that it must be beautiful to see. All those balloons floating up to The Rainbow Bridge and all those angels gathering around to receive them.


Dog of the Week! I can't believe it!

May 26th 2010 6:20 am
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Three years ago when I joined Dogster I was so excited to make new friends and join groups and get to know other Dogsters. It turned out that I made some great lasting friendships then and learned many things along the way. I never dreamed that I would ever be Dog of the Day much less Dog of the Week. Yesterday we came on Dogster early in the morning like we always do to do things in our various groups and then logged off. We came back on early afternoon and noticed there were presents on my page. Mom and I wondered what that was about since it was not my birthday and found out that I was Dog of the Week. I think Mom was even more excited than I was. She woke up Dad who was taking a nap to tell him. He pretended not to be too impressed but I know he was.

Mom made me some homemade Frosty Paws for a special treat! I know I will be quite the celebrity around our house this week although I think the bath and brushing Mom is talking about is a little over the top!

Thank you Dogster HQ for this honor. I really appreciate it and hearing congratulations from my friends has been wonderful and we love them all.


I got a pressie from Proportions today

August 4th 2010 6:53 am
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I received my two day trial package from Proportions today. Any package that is delivered, I think is for me and this one really was. I love getting pressies, especially if they are food or toys!

When I get my breakfast and dinner, I will let it sit there for hours sometimes unless someone puts a treat or something yummy in it for me.

Mom read the directions and mixed the chicken stew with my normal kibble (cut down by a third). I loved it! She was showing it to Daddy before she fed it to me and I just followed her around until she gave me the bowl. I did wait until she said take it and then I dug in. Licked that bowl clean.

Dad asked me how I liked it and I laid down on my back with my belly up and my paws in the begging position. I hope they get the hint! Yum!


My Agility Class

September 7th 2010 7:55 pm
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I was not a good girl at agility class tonight. First of all, I am fascinated by all the animals on the farm that we go to for the class. I saw my two favorites as soon as I got out of the car...the chicken and the kitty cats. Then the rams were running at each other in the pen and hitting their horns together. I had to stop and watch that. When I got inside the fenced area for class, I had to smell everything and roll a couple of times. I did not want to focus on Mom and kept wandering away from her. I was also not very nice to Ripley, the other doggy at class tonight. Mom says I am going to have to work on my obedience and focusing skills. At least I got alot of treats when I did listen!


Getting Ready For My Vacation

October 9th 2010 4:40 am
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Yesterday I went to the groomer so that I could look good for my vacation. I am going to St. Louis later today. This will be the third year that we have arranged a meetup with our Dogster friends Georgie, Jackson and Duffy. It will be the second year that the meetup has been at Purina Farms where we get to participate in the Doggy Olympics! Last year we all won gold medals! Okay everyone got a gold medal but it was still special. Mom has been packing things for her and Dad and for me to take with and we will be there for 2 nights. Usually when I see the suitcases come out I get worried because it means the pawrents are going on vaction. This vacation includes me. We will drive there later today and I get to stay in a hotel again. I am looking forward to my big adventure.

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