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Bailey's Tails From The Bark Side

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Playtime with Mom and Dad

December 27th 2012 7:15 pm
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Today Mom and Dad took me to the forest for some playtime. They know I get bored in the winter and need some more outdoor time, besides what I get in our backyard. They bundled up and we got in the car and drove over to the forest. We only saw one runner there today. Sometimes it is crowded there with runners, walkers, bicycles and other dogs.

We played the run for treats game. Mom and Dad spread out from each other and I run back and forth between them and get a treat from each one. I run to mom and she gives me a treat and then says "go to daddy" and then I run to dad and get a treat and he says "go to mommy". When we were done with that game, I explored a little bit and sniffed everything and then we went home. Mom said it was too cold to walk the couple of miles on the trail that we usually do.

It felt good to get out and run.


Christmas Cards

December 30th 2012 1:28 pm
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Today mom arranged all my Christmas Cards on two boards and then had me take pictures with them. For the 6 years that I have belonged to Dogster I am the one in the family that receives the most cards. This contest is not even close! Bailey about 60 cards vs. Mom and Dad about 5 cards!

My cards


The 3 Treat Ride

January 5th 2013 2:09 pm
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Today mom and dad had a bunch of errands to run. First we went to the drive thru at the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions for Daddy. They gave me a cookie! We went to a couple of stores and mom ran in and did the shopping and dad and I waited for her. Then we went to the bank and first one teller gave me a cookie and then another teller gave me a cookie! What a successful day! I was very lucky!

Latest update on the cookie situation! Daddy went through the McDonald's drive thru window and for the first time ever, they gave me a cookie! I will no longer bark at them when dad goes there, unless they forget my cookie! I am now keeping track of all the places that have dog cookies for me. So far the bank is the best one. They even let me come inside but then I have to do tricks for my cookie!


My New Year Resolutions

January 6th 2013 2:41 am
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I see that I am supposed to make some New Year Resolutions so here is my list!

1. I will not jump up and down and scratch the back door to come in when I see that Mom is already standing there about to open it.

2. I will not expect a treat every time I come back in from going out.

3. I will not bark at the mailperson or any delivery people because they usually bring something good to the house.

4. When we go on walks I will not stop to sniff EVERYTHING!

5. I will not bark at bicycles or other dogs on my walks.

6. When I am on my leash and I see a squirrel I will not yank mom's arm off trying to run after the squirrel.

7. I will put away my toys when I am done playing with them.

8. I will bring the ball back to Mom and Dad when we play fetch even if they do not have a treat to give me.

9. I will not develop selective hearing when we go to the forest for playtime and I am let off my leash.

10. I will not try to herd mom in the direction of the pantry or the cookie jar when I want a treat.

11. If mom and dad have to go somewhere together, I will not bark at them and make them feel sorry for me when they get home. I will cut back on the drama!

12.....oops! Gotta go! Newspaper boy is here and I have to bark at him and his bicycle!


Not doing too well on my New Year Resolutions

January 9th 2013 4:10 pm
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Well, the New Year Resolutions are all over with! I think I have broken all of them. I did not like them anyways.

Today it was nice and warm (at least for January in the Midwest). It was over 50 degrees and we went to the forest for some playtime and a walk for the second day in a row. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer but rainy.

We played the run to daddy, get a treat, run to mommy, get a treat game and then we took a nice walk on the prairie trail. The parking lot was full of cars since many other people had the same idea of walking or running or bicycling today.

I had a good nap when we got home!


Spring in January

January 11th 2013 8:15 pm
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This week we have had some warm days. Most of the week it has been in the 50's and today it was in the 60's. The grandkids came over after school and played ball with me in the backyard. I had a great time and it was fun to have them come over.

Tomorrow evening we are supposed to start getting rain and by Sunday it might be snow. I like snow but mom and dad are not happy about this news.


Bonnie and the bunny

January 13th 2013 4:20 am
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My furless sister wanted to go visit a friend of hers this weekend so she dropped off Bonnie to stay with us.

Bonnie loves to stay over but she has managed to get herself in trouble a couple of times when she visited us. Twice she escaped from the yard. The first time she did that, she wanted to go to a party at the house next door to us, so we found her quite easily. The second time she went over to the Junior High school (about a 1/2 block away) and a very nice boy helped her get home.

Tonight mom let us out after dinner and when we came through the doggy door into the enclosed porch Bonnie was carrying a big dead bunny in her mouth. Mom screamed (she screams loud) and told Bonnie to drop it. Bonnie dropped the bunny and mom got us both inside the house.

Now she is trying to talk dad into going on the porch to pick it up and get rid of it. He told her he will do it after the football game! I don't know what all the fuss is about!

After football game #1 and before dad got settled in for football game #2, mom talked dad into helping pick up the bunny! Friends on Facebook were warning mom about fleas and other things that the bunny could be leaving on our porch. I will not say they looked like The Three Stooges picking up the bunny, (since there are only two of them) but they were having trouble. Dad put on gloves and got my pooper scooper and mom held the trash bag. He kept picking it up and dropping it but finally they got the poor bunny inside the bag and off the porch. Then mom began scrubbing the floor where it had lain.

We were now free to use the doggy door to the backyard and mom let us out for potty time before bed. She wiped our feet before we could come in but apparently did not get Bonnie's paws very good. Bonnie then jumped on the cream colored couch in the living room and left mud prints. Mom said some bad words, cleaned that up and we went to bed.

Today is another day! I wonder what adventures we will have today!


Daddy took me to the V-E-T!

January 15th 2013 7:24 pm
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Today mommy went to work and I was spending a nice day with Daddy. In the afternoon he said we were going for a ride. I love to go for rides. If we go to the bank or the pharmacy, they give me a treat. I got in the car and was so excited to be going for a ride. Then I saw where we were going! It was the dreaded v-e-t!

Dad had to pull me out of the car. I knew this was not going to be good! They gave me my annual exam and they gave me SHOTS! I told you this was not a good place. When it was over they gave me a treat. I took it but I was not happy with them. It is much better to go to the bank for a treat.

When mom got home I made sure to look pitiful so I could get some sympathy and another treat from her.


Thank you Dogster HQ

January 18th 2013 4:37 am
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Thank you Dogster HQ for choosing me as one of you Daily Diary Picks, even if it was the one about me going to the V-E-T!

I do appreciate it and it almost made the experience better! BOL!


Valentine's Day Sweets!

February 14th 2013 2:09 pm
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Thank you Dogster for the free box of chocolates to send to all my pals today! I did my best to send out as many as I could and if I forgot anyone, it was not intentional. It was lovely to be able to give so many good presents on a holiday that celebrates love.

Tomorrow mom and dad will be home and I will be back home again. I have had a wonderful visit with my furless sister and Bonnie but it will be nice to be home again and see my mom and dad and I sure hope they bring me a pressie!

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