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Bailey's Tails From The Bark Side

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Balloons! Everywhere!

October 1st 2012 7:56 pm
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OMD! There are balloons all over my page! I used to be afraid of balloons but after a few Rainbow Bridge Day balloon launches, I am now more comfortable around them and like them. I have so many balloons on my page, it might just float away! Thanks Dogster HQ for the opportunity to send balloons to my pals. I sure I hope I did not miss any!


Home again!

October 29th 2012 6:51 pm
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Mom and dad were on vacation for 3 weeks and I stayed with my furless sister and her dog, Bonnie. I like being with them. Bonnie and I have fun playing together. I did make a list of complaints about the visit:
1. I have to go to doggy daycare when Tracy is working.
2. Tracy does not give me as many treats as I demand.
3. Bonnie always want to play with the toy that I am playing with.
4. Tracy had me groomed at daycare.

When mom and dad picked me up I was very happy to see them but I had to let them know they should not be leaving me and I told them all about it and showed them my list. I watched mom unpack the suitcases and put everything away. She brought me a souvenir....a collar with an attached bandana that says something in French. I would prefer a toy or something I could eat!

Anyways, I am home again and able to play with my Dogster friends. Hope all my pals and their families are safe from the hurricane.


My 7th Birthday

November 1st 2012 7:17 pm
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Today was my 7th Birthday.

I had a great day. My cousin Bonnie is staying with us and we played outside today. Mom made cuppycakes for my birthday. Bonnie and I had to pose in party hats in order to get some cake, but it was worth it. We really enjoyed eating our cuppycake.

I want to thank all my pals for the great gifts on my page. I will be sending you all thank yous. You are all the best for remembering me. I have been on Dogster since I was one year old. I have celebrated all my birthdays on Dogster except for the very first one. I am so happy to have such great friends.


Bad morning at my house

November 2nd 2012 1:13 pm
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This morning was a bad morning. My Aunt Tracy's dog Bonnie is staying with us while she is away. Mom let both of us out in the yard and she was doing some things in the kitchen before going to work.

The phone rang and it was Aunt Tracy, who is out of town. She asked Mom "Do you have my dog?" That made mom run to look out in the yard.

Mom told Aunt Tracy that Bonnie got out of our yard (somehow the gate was wide open). Aunt Tracy told her that someone had called her and said that they had Bonnie. One of the high school kids found her by the Junior High, checked her tag, called my aunt Tracy. She called my mom who then realized she was not in the yard. The Junior High is across the street behind the neighbors who live on that side.

Mom told her to call the guy back and find out where they were and she would run and get Bonnie. Tracy told the kid where to bring Bonnie back to. Apparently he did not have a hold of Bonnie because Bonnie came running down the street with the boy behind her and zipped into the house. I being the good girl that I am never left the yard.

Mom was so relieved to get Bonnie back. She told Aunt Tracy to call the boy back (but he was in school by then) so she can give him some kind of reward. He really was a good kid to take the time to go over to a loose dog and check the tags and call the owner on his cellphone.

We are so lucky that this story has a happy ending!



November 3rd 2012 8:56 pm
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Yesterday I received a big box in the mail and it was from my Dogster friends in St. Louis! The box was from Georgie Jackson and Duffy

I usually go and visit them each year and we either go to a dog park or to Purina Farms for the Doggy Olympics but this year it did not work out because of the pawrents vacation. I really missed seeing them and the fun we have together.

I opened up the box. Bonnie is staying here and she was very interested in what was in the box too.

Toys, treats, bully sticks and a beautiful sweater! Bonnie and I loved the new toys and we were looking forward to eating the treats! However mom had other ideas. For the third night in a row, we had to take pictures.

Thank you Georgie Jackson and Duffy I love my presents and you and your families too!


Daily Diary Pick and Daylight Savings Time

November 4th 2012 11:01 am
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VERY early this morning I found out that Dogster had picked me as one of their Daily Diary Picks. Thank you Dogster!

The reason I found out so early was that mom totally forgot about turning the clocks back. She normally will get up about 4:30 a.m. This morning she got up and turned on the computer and let us out and made herself a cup of coffee. When she sat down at the computer she realized it was only 3:30 a.m. We posted our group stuff for PDPC and STAFU, gave out some birthday gifts and went back to bed for a couple of hours. Good thing it was Sunday and she did not have to go to work too.

Then it seemed like forever before I finally got some breakfast!


Holiday Picture Time Again

November 10th 2012 7:43 pm
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Bonnie and I took our annual holiday pictures today. Dad brought me from home and met Mom who was coming from work. Aunt Tracy brought Bonnie. We met at Animal Outfitters to see the photographer that we see every year. He always remembers us. Mom said that is not necessarily a good thing. We of course, wanted to run around rather than take pictures. Dad left after 5 minutes of watching our shenanigans.

I wanted to check out the room, smell all the smells and play in the water dish. I knew they had a stash of treats too. They wanted both of us to go over by this holiday background that was set up but it was more fun to wander around the room. Mom seemed to want the two of us to go sit by the backdrop for something she called "holiday cards".

This year the photographer had a sled that Mom kept putting me in. They kept trying to get the two of us to stay still and look at the camera. We were both interested in the treats and what toys were in the room. Bonnie was confused by stage props. She thought they were toys and kept taking them. Mom said it was just chaos but miraculously he managed to get some nice pictures. I knew it would all work out. It always does.


Hanukkah and other holiday news

December 16th 2012 5:34 am
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We have been celebrating Hanukkah in Princess Divas and Prince Charmings with a live candle lighting service each night for at least the last five years. I was not yet two years old when I joined Dogster and we started this tradition right after I turned two and I am now 7 years old. Duncan and his mom wanted me to start the thread that year and we have been doing it ever since.

Last night we had a wonderful group of friends join us for the service. Vern was in charge of lighting the candles. This was the second night of Hanukkah.

Our guests were
Jan and Lacy will do the candle lighting on the Fifth Night
Patrick is doing the Candle Lighting on the Sixth Night
Bailey Rae
Angel Rocky
Miss Dixie
Alexandria and family
Molly from their family will light the candles on the Fourth Night
Weezer and Joe
Sandy SD
Angel Rascal
Angel Whiskey
Midnight SDIT
Candle Lighting on Third Night
Candle Lighting on First Night
Ranger and Tango will light on the Eighth Night

We were missing our friend Maxi because he had a loss in his family and we were thinking of him and his family and sending them prayers.

We had to leave to go do the candle lighting all over again at Fancypants Cafe

Those that could not make it came later! They read back through the service since they could not come at the time.

Candle Lighting on the Seventh Night

Thanks to everyone for all the support and friendship throughout the years. This has become a tradition that I look forward to each year. We also think of the friends that have been with us in the past and miss them.

Tonight we lit the candles for the eighth and last night of Hanukkah. Hope to be able to do this with everyone again next year! The last two nights were dedicated to the children and teachers and families in Connecticut. Our hearts and prayers are with them.

In other holiday news I now have all my Christmas cards ready to send out and all my Santa Paw presents have been mailed!

Also now that all the Christmas gifts are in the Dogster Gift Shop, I will be able to return gifts to the nice furs that sent me dreidls and Jewish stars!


Seven Years

December 22nd 2012 4:10 am
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I can hardly believe that 7 years have passed since we picked up Bailey as a tiny puppy. On one hand it feels like we just got her and on the other it is like she has always been here. I can't remember her not being part of our lives.

I waited a long time after our first Bailey went to The Rainbow Bridge to get another dog. We traveled a few times a year and we were busy with the grandchildren and I thought we would be fine without a dog in our lives. I started thinking we needed a dog again and mentioned it to my husband. I wanted the grandchildren to have a dog to play with and I was missing having a dog around the house. Once my husband was on board with the idea I started looking. He wanted another American Eskimo. He loved the fact that our American Eskimo would swim in the pool and was convinced we needed another one.

I contacted American Eskimo rescue groups without success. Looking back now with what I have learned from being on Dogster, I probably did not do it right or should have been more persistent. I then started looking at breeders. We did not want out of state breeders shipping us a dog that we had not seen. We also wanted to be able to see where our dog had come from. I finally found one about two hours away from us. I had to keep calling her reminding her that we wanted a puppy. On one of my calls, she informed me that they had a litter of puppies and we went to see them when they were 3 weeks old.

We selected one of the female puppies and gave her a deposit and then waited for our puppy to be old enough to come home. We went to get her just a few days before Christmas. We had already decided to call her Bailey. We bought puppy equipment in preparation of her arrival. We took our new crate in the back of the SUV to pick her up.

After meeting with the breeder and talking with them about her care, we took our little Bailey out to the car and put her in her crate. We maybe got as far as one mile away before we had to pull over and take her out of the crate because she was crying so much. The rest of the trip she sat in my lap.

When we got to the house I took her out of the car and walked her around the house with her leash and tiny collar that was too big for her. She was only 4 pounds. She then marched into our house like she owned it and has been in charge of our life ever since.

She has been a wonderful companion to us and a fun playmate and lifeguard at the pool to the grandchildren. We found out that first summer that she also, loved to swim. We did obedience classes with her and also agility classes. We have taken her on trips and when we were both working she would go to doggy daycare because we never wanted her to be left alone. Now that my husband is retired she gets to keep him company when mom goes off to work. Both my husband and I think we have never been so close to a dog like we are with her.

Thank you Bailey for the last seven years and I am looking forward to spending many more years with you at our side.

Happy Gotcha Day!

Mom and Dad


Wow! What a Christmas Eve I Had!

December 25th 2012 3:29 am
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We opened pressies last night. The grandkids and their parents came over and so did my furless sister Tracy with Bonnie. Bonnie was all excited because she loves coming over especially when there is company and cooking involved.

Mom made dinner for everyone and Bonnie and I had some extra food in our dinner bowls. Then it was time to open pressies. Except for the Hanukkah pressie that Buttercup sent me, I had not opened any pressies that came for me.

I received a Sock Monkey and two big cookies from Asta. From Tracy and Bonnie I received a destuffed cheetah. I had two Secret Santas! One was Pippin from The Best Lil Doghouse. Inside a huge red stocking was a big stuffed soccer ball, stuffed bone and cookies. There was even a pretty candle and peppermints for mom in there. My other Secret Santa was Sara, NPC, PDPC. She sent me a really nice bandana with my name on it, a Mr. Bill, a rope tug toy and a stuffed basketball. I received from my in-laws, Duncan's family, including Harley Nicole and Monty a Chewy Vuitton purse and cookies plus a bone picture frame and picture album. I also received a gift from Georgie and her brother Jackson bully sticks, treats, a stuffed pig, a stuffed reindeer that plays music and a kosher bone!

Bonnie of course had to play with all my toys too!

Mom tells me that I have to take pictures with these toys today to show everyone how much I love what they sent me.

I am a very lucky dog to have such good friends. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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