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Bailey's Tails From The Bark Side

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Heat Wave and Drought

July 20th 2012 8:23 pm
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Except for today (we had cooler temperatures today but it is going back up tomorrow) it has been VERY hot and dry here.

When the kids come over to go swimming I watch them very carefully and run back and forth along the pool edge when they are in the pool with their friends. I jump in and swim when I get too hot and then I go right back to running back and forth.

Yesterday mom told dad that if the kids come over to not let me out with them because she was worried that I would get overheated and also about my paws on the hot concrete. That was terrible! I had to run back and forth in the dining room while they were swimming so that I could see them.

I hope they never do that again! I need to be outside with the kids!


Found Something!

July 29th 2012 6:31 am
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Yesterday mom let me and Bonnie (she is staying with us while her mom is in Las Vegas) out after breakfast. When she called us in, I did not come running like I usually do. Actually I am usually waiting by the door to come back in.

I was sitting in the grass and she could tell by the look on my face that I was guarding something! She thought I had more baby bunnies but when she got there she saw I had a dead mouse! She picked it up with the pooper scooper and I wanted to keep it!

I think if I am the one to find these treasures, I should decide if we keep them or not!


Two friends went to The Rainbow Bridge

August 5th 2012 8:12 pm
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In the last two days, two friends have become angels and traveled to The Rainbow Bridge. Looie Weaver and Abby, who we have been praying for, have both crossed over The Bridge. Even though we have never met them or their families in person, we share their tears at this sad time.

Death leaves heartache no one can heal...
Love leaves memories no one can steal...


My lifeguard duties are getting cut

August 10th 2012 6:31 pm
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I am lifeguard at our pool. The grandkids come over to swim and I watch them in the pool at all times. If they are swimming I run back and forth along the side of the pool so that I can watch them. When they bring friends with them I really do a lot of running. On Tuesday they came over with a bunch of friends and I ran back and forth the whole time they were there. That night I was tired and rested like I normally do.

The next day I could barely walk. I would not let mom look at my right paw, which I kept licking. I also had no interest in eating or even taking water. Mom took me to the vet and the vet gave me pain pills and an anti-inflammatory pill to take. She felt my leg and paw and did not think I had anything broken and had not hurt the pads on my paw, so she wanted to try this first. If it did not work I would have to be sedated to have x-rays taken.

I am doing better. I was walking better on Thursday and today is even better.

Mom says I am not to go out anymore and watch the kids. She said I am overdoing it and I can only go out if the grandkids are there but not when they have friends because I work too hard then. I wonder if this means I will be getting a cut in pay now!


My sore paw

August 12th 2012 4:34 am
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I am walking (yes even running) again! Mom has discontinued the pain pills and just gave me the anti-inflammatory pill yesterday and I am doing well.

She continues to say that if there are a bunch of kids over, I need to stay in the house so that I do not hurt myself again, running back and forth so frantically. It is hard to keep those kids herded up. They keep moving!

We did discuss my Workmen's Comp claim and I settled for a dozen treats, some peanut butter and a bully stick. My pay will remain the same, in fact, since I will now be watching kids from the dining room windows, I think I will demand a raise!



August 16th 2012 3:46 pm
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We finally had a good rain. We have been in a drought all summer. We had very few freezing temperature days and very little snow in the winter, an early and extremely warm Spring (80's in March) and then an extremely hot summer without rain. It is also cooler outside now. We really need this rain in our area.

The kids went back to school today so I won't be seeing much of my swimming buddies. Mom has already banned me from the pool if they bring over a bunch of friends to swim anyways, since I hurt my paw last time they were here, trying to be the super lifeguard that I am.

Hopefully dad and I can still hang out at the pool for at least another month before he has it closed for the season. I like our swim time and I like sitting on the glider with him.



August 24th 2012 7:27 pm
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In my town, the high school football team is called The Bulldogs and the first home football game was tonight. They had a big event before the game and they call it Dawgapalooza!

News Flash....this is not for dogs! My pawrents went tonight because the grandkids are in the marching band and not only did they not take me with, they left me home alone! I can't believe this. I do not like Dawgapalooza!


Pawrents need to be retrained!

September 22nd 2012 5:29 am
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On Monday, Tuesday and Friday, my mom comes home from work later than my normal dinner time so daddy feeds me. Last night he forgot!

When mom got home I figured she would feed me. She came in and started changing her clothes so that she could run over to the high school and see the grandkids in the marching band at the football game. I barked at her and she only gave me a pat on the head and left as soon as she changed clothes. (Note from Bailey's mom: I thought she had been fed)

Now I was really upset I started barking at daddy until he figured out what was wrong. He eventually realized why I was upset and fed me.

I think I need to put Animal Cops on speed dial!


Only fibbing!

September 27th 2012 5:19 am
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Before we go to bed, Dad lets me out or goes out with me. When we come back in, he gives me a treat and then I run and bark at mom and pretend he never gave me one. Once in awhile this works, but usually she asks him or he tells her without her asking (since he hears me barking at mom) that he already gave me a treat. Mom says that dogs are not supposed to lie but I think it is always worth a shot! Even if I only get the extra treat once in awhile, I am going to keep trying. It is not a big lie, only a little fib!



September 29th 2012 4:27 am
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Last night the pawrents went to watch the grandkids in the Marching Band again! Ever since the kids started high school and joined the Marching band, they have been going to all these events to watch them. Parades, Friday night football and now the competitions are starting. I was left alone for at least two hours. When they came home I gave them a good talking too and did crazy zoomies and also spinning around on the bed. I like them to stay home with me. I think I will have to put my paw down and give them an ultimatum: No more going out together! They can take turns.

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