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Bailey's Tails From The Bark Side

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June 3, 2007-Summertime

June 3rd 2007 4:17 am
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Well its now summertime. I just love summer. I get to go swimming all the time. I don't care if the chlorine turns my fur green-swimming is fun. My parents have their grandkids come over and sometimes they bring friends. They all get in my pool and I have lots of people to play with. Yesterday my cousin Bonnie came over. She is a big dog and she does not swim. She stole my rawhide bone but that is okay since I have lots of them. I am also loving agility class. I run and jump and go through stuff and over stuff and they give me treats for doing it. People are so easily amused. On Thursdays I go to a play date with lots of other dogs. Some of them are too big for me, but I play with the ones that are my friends, including my cousin Bonnie. Today Bonnie is coming for a sleepover. Maybe I can get her in the pool. Will let you know what happens dear diary.


Weds. June 6, 2007

June 6th 2007 5:46 am
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Today is Weds. I like Weds. Mom and Dad stay home and play with me. It is nice and sunny today. I have already had my walk and saw lots of other dogs this morning, plus the usual bunnies and squirrels. I saw one kitty cat. Later I am going to go swimming. Bonnie (my cousin) still will not go in the pool. Usually one of the kids comes over today and I will have someone to play with. Yay! I have agility class tonight so I will have a full day. That means lots of treats for me. I hope Mom brings the baby hot dogs. Those are the best. On Sunday Bonnie did not get to sleep over because Aunt Tracy got home early from Chicago and picked her up. Mom was glad because she said we were being rambunctious, but dogs have to play and we always want the same toy and the same bone at the same time. Well, got to go-lots to do.


Lots of new friends 6/8/07

June 8th 2007 8:35 pm
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In the last couple of days I have made so many new friends on Dogster. I am planning to really study their web pages, because all of them look so interesting and I have not had a chance to read it all. Muffin was my mentor and I met lots of them because of her. I am very grateful. On Weds. night I went to agility class and Mom and Dad thought I was not focusing. I would do the routines but not exactly when they told me to. Daddy said I had to focus because these lessons are 'spensive. Lexie and Augie were there also. Lexie is Kaia's little sister and Kaia had a birthday and gave me a treat bag. Yay!
On Thursday I went to play day and I even played with Chase who is huge. Mostly I played with my cousin Bonnie. By the way they had a kiddie pool there. I thought it was a big water bowl but I went and laid in it to make them happy. When I came home I took a real swim. Stayed home with Daddy today while Mommy worked and got in some more swimming,


Sunday-June 10,2007 JACKPOT

June 10th 2007 7:06 am
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Today is going to be a great day. I can feel it in my "bones". Ha!Ha! The sun is shining (means swimming), Mommy & Daddy don't go to work, maybe David and Shannon will come swim with me (Mom & Dad's grandchildren) and the best thing happened this morning. Mom and I went for our usual walk and when we got back she wanted to water the flowers. She was still wearing her snack pouch that she brings with on our walk to reward me when I poo & pee.
She bent over to fill the watering can, the pouch was partly open and I hit the jackpot. Treats all over the ground. I cleaned that up real good. This is going to be my lucky day.


Father's Day June 17, 2007

June 17th 2007 7:43 pm
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Today is Father's Day. David & Shannon came over to swim with me. When they are here I patrol the pool and watch them all the time. I never take my eyes off of them. If I am not watching them, I am swimming with them. Aunt Tracy also came over with her boyfriend and my cousin Bonnie. Her boyfriend also has a dog named Buck. They did not bring him this time. David & Shannon's Mom & Dad were there also. Everybody (except Bonnie) was in my pool today. Then they had a barbeque and Bonnie & I got some steak. I also did my usual job which is being the pre-rinse cycle of the dish washer. Mom tells me I also have a new cousin. Uncle Todd & Aunt Rachel just got a dog from the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago and named it Asta. I hope that they bring it here to meet me. Daddy got some nice presents and he was happy with all the company and cards and gifts. I gave him lots of kisses.


Rainy Days - June 23, 2007

June 24th 2007 5:39 am
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The last few days have been rainy. For some reason no one wants to go outside to swim. I don't understand. I like sun, rain and snow. Its all good. If I go in the pool and get wet, why can't I go in the rain? I hope the sun comes out today. This week my cousin Bonnie is coming to stay with us for a week. I better hide my bones and my good toys because Bonnie is rough with them. Mommy always has to sew them up after Bonnie gets her big teeth in them. I did not have agility class last Wednesday or play day on Thursday so I am looking forward to both this week. My Daddy had some surgery so I have been staying home and keeping him company. I am good company for him. I follow him everywhere and we nap together. I love Daddy.


Life with Bonnie

July 1st 2007 12:47 pm
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My cousin Bonnie has come to stay with us. She came Weds. night and is staying until Friday the 6th. She plays with all my toys and bones but will NOT get in the pool and swim with me. I keep telling her it is a good way to cool off but I can't convince her. Because she won't sleep in her crate, I don't have to either. BOL! Today we played a lot of tug in the yard. So far the kids have not come over to play with us and Mommy has been busy weeding. Maybe if Bonnie sees the kids and me in the pool she will come in. Mommy is looking at me and saying that my fur is turning green from the chlorine in the pool. I think that means a shower is coming up. After the shower there is all that brushing. Then she usually cleans my teeth. I hope she will be too tired from all the yard work and forget. Green is a good color anyways. Another thing I am now a Dogster Plus doggy.


4th of July

July 4th 2007 2:02 pm
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Well, like I was having a perfectly good day. My cousin Bonnie is still here and we played outside. Bonnie doesn't swim, but I do so I was swimming and rolling in the dirt and swimming and digging holes and next thing I knew I was having a SHOWER! Not only a shower, but brushing (Yuck) and then getting my teeth cleaned. I thought that this was supposed to be a holiday. I thought holidays were supposed to be fun. There better be a really good treat waiting for me after all this.



July 8th 2007 4:00 am
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I have two doggy cousins. One belongs to my human sister and stayed with us for the last ten days. One is new in the family (just adopted) by my human brother and his wife and I have not met her yet. They live in Chicago which is 150 miles away. This cousin joined Dogster last week and I was so excited to be able to tell other doggies about her. Everyone was friendly and made her feel real welcome. I have to work on my sister to put my other cousin, Bonnie on Dogster, also. Bonnie went home and now I have no one to fight over my toys with. I am going to miss that. Yesterday the kids came over to swim and they brought two friends with them. My day was very exciting because I have to watch these kids at all times when they are in the pool. I patrol the side of the pool and also swim with them. I was very tired when they went home. I hope they come again today since it is going to be hot. Well, got to go - time to go for my morning walk with Mom.


The Great Crate Protest

July 11th 2007 6:13 am
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My cousin Bonnie stayed here for ten days. She would not sleep in her crate. Since Bonnie would not sleep in her crate, I refused to sleep in mine, also. Mom slept upstairs in the guest room with both of us for those ten nights. When Bonnie left, Mom decided I could stay out at night and sleep in their room (but not on the bed). This morning she was going to go exercise and she got out my favorite treat that she gives me when I go in the crate. I hopped in the crate and took the treat. She closed the door on the crate and started to leave. I started barking. She left anyways. I continued barking. Daddy got up out of bed and let me out. Round One goes to Bailey! Victory is mine! BOL!

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