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Bailey's Tails From The Bark Side

Published in Princess Divas and Prince Charmings Royal News- Magazine, February 4, 2014

February 4th 2014 6:45 am
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Thank You PDPC
by Bailey

I just read Angel Buttercup's article for our last edition of The Royal News Magazine. Thank you for the kind words for me and my mom. We learned how to be admins from you and your mom! We think the world of you both and know that this is no longer as much fun for your mom as when you were still here with us. It lets us create a world where our pets can live on in our memories but we still feel the loss.

Keeping your pets alive in memory here is a strength but it is also one of the things that also weakened it. As we lost beloved fur pals and even a few of their voices, this world that we know as Dogster/Catster would change. We could give support and sympathy and feel the loss too, but some would not feel the same way about continuing here.

Other websites competed with Dogster/Catster providing socialization for the humans, games to play, being able to show pictures of themselves and family and their beloved pets too.

That weakened Dogster/Catster but did not break it. The site started to deteriorate and none of the problems were ever addressed. It went from little things like the color of the Community Tab not working to finally not being able to change the backgrounds on your page.

I have heard some smart comments on ways that could have helped fix the problems here. Free up space by discontinuing the inactive pages (there are many) and inactive groups, stop being a free site and charge a small fee to join and an upgraded amount for Plus Membership etc. All good common sense business ideas.
This is not going to happen. Nobody wants to fix it, they want to end it.

We are left with choices. I opened PDPC on Facebook and I am seeing some of my pals there, even ones that I had not seen for a long time at PDPC. I am looking at other pet friendly sites. So far I am not excited about them but we shall see how they work out.

The thing is, it will never be like it was. We all are not going to like the same pet site and go there. Some may decide it is time to just put this aside for now and focus on other things. Whatever you do, I wish you all the best and I thank you for the friendship and support I received for 7 years here. This has felt like home and family and you are all important to me and you have our best wishes for the future.

Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

February 4th 2014 at 7:19 pm

You are missing a salient point.

slaymedia bought this site to run their 10th rate e-mag.

They NEVER intended to keep the Community.. they hated us.. they hoped we would go away. WE WOULD NOT

So.. now they have to throw us away.

They TOTALLY ignored all pleas for help to repair stuff from their OWN employees... they not only ignored the pleas.. they ignored the people.

They had NO intention EVER of keeping US.

This was honestly not a shock.. you only had to read the various business articles that popped up now and again. All that is a surprise is they didnt do this sooner.

So...there were no fixes.. because we dont exist to them... and never have.

They wont last.... and there is an industry out there that isnt impressed

Karma will out.... it always does.


Bailey NWD


Family Pets

Bailey One, We
Miss You
Bailey and


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