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Is there a Doggy Union?

July 3rd 2011 4:08 am
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My job is being lifeguard at the pool. In the summer the grandkids come over to swim and sometimes they bring friends with them. I work very hard the entire time that they are in the pool. I never take my eyes off them and I run back and forth along the pool the whole time they are in the water. I only take quick potty breaks or jump in and swim to cool off and then I am right back to work. When they finally go home I am one tired and hungry pup! I usually zonk out in the evening and nap to make up for all that work.

Lately the girl grandchild has been wanting to sleep over. I like when she stays over but she has been deciding at 9PM at night that she wants to swim again! That means that I am working a double shift! I think there must be some doggy union somewhere with rules that this is a violation of! I am horrified that I have to give up my naptime to go back to work. I am not getting paid any overtime either. Who do I complain to? If you know pmail me!

Barked by: Webster (Dogster Member)

July 4th 2011 at 9:03 pm

Bailey, I suspect that is all part of the plot: they work you so hard that you have no time left for any union activities!


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