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She's A Golden Doodle Dandi

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Early to bed!!!

July 20th 2012 8:49 pm
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Momma said I have to get all my posting and diary entries done early tonight cause she's going to bed early...I'll believe it when I seez it! This weekend is going to be very busy so they're getting up early tomorrow to get things done. Sunday the rain is suppose to be back. Rained here today, I really and truely feel bad for all the pups and purrs who are soooo hot, but I really wish we could get some hot weather instead of being just warm and wet enough to make it humid. I guess you always want what you don't have :0( Silly me, I still want it!!!

Momma & Daddy are meeting Jim and Judie for dinner on Sunday. They're going to Outback Steak House, I love it when they go there, Mom always saves me a bite of steak...yummmmmy! They haven't gotten together since September and they are really looking forward to seeing them. They travel together,places I can't go like Disneyland and Disney World. I can't go on the rides cause of the no thumb thing...can't hold on Dad says. I could try and there's so much else to see and do but doggies (unless you're a sevice doggie) can't go in to the park. Darn, some of those rides look mighty fun. I can just feel the wind from the rollercoaster blowing my blonde hair back as we fly up and down and tear around those corners. A doodle can dream!


WOW What I Was Missing

July 23rd 2012 6:54 pm
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Well, here for the past few weeks everytime I tried to post things on dogster took FOREVER! Sometimes it just would not stop locking up the page and you had to leave and come back in and try again. Mom said if it didn't get fixed we might not play on dogster anymore cause it took way to long. Well Mom went to our groups and asked if anyone was having the same problem. None could be found but a nice lady named Pam (my Mom's name too) suggested that we change browsers to see if that helped. BOY did it ever help. Not only does the locking up pages seem to be a thing of the past but we never knew that there was a rubber duckie (other than mine) swimming in the pool or that the beach ball twirl. I even had some nice pup send me a gift and it just showed up as a black square box, figured that was just dogster fleas. My tennis balls are bouncing! Thank you Pam for always being able to help my Mom, cause she's a good Mom but not so swift on the computer. Oh well, a doodle can't have everything...wait, maybe I could with this new browser, hehehehehehe Thanks to all who answered Mom's distress call! We get to stay and play on dogster, YEA!

Tonight is bath night, I'm not crazy about the bath part, but when Dad tells me to get in the tub I do and he suds me all up. Then I go down and watch tv while I get my hair blown dry and tomorrow Mom will begin the grooming process. I really need tiding up! I love all the attention and lovin I get, so a bath is a small price to pay. Now where did I put my rubber duckie?



July 28th 2012 5:44 pm
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Well Mom's back to painting after taking yesterday off. She went to have a short nap...16 hours later she woke up! I guess her body was trying to get back all of sleep she doesn't get. I never left her, well except when I needed to take a potty run. I sleep on her side of the bed on the floor. I have tons of beds and blankets that I use during the day, but at night I sleep by Mom. Mom & Dad are amazed at how intuitive I am. But it's really just a case of loving them.

Well I got my bath and Mom gave me a hair cut so feel very pretty and a little cooler since she cut more hair off this time. I love being groomed, I get my Mom all to myself and she talks to me the whole time. I can't tell anyone what she talks about...I'm a good secret keeper. Mom calls grooming me her therapy. I know that I'm a big dog...75lb-80lbs... but I'm still their lap dog. I know how to get up in their chair real careful so I don't hurt them. Once I'm on their lap it's time for a nap. Good thing they have recliners or I wouldn't fit.

Well, Moms headed back outside, I think she hears the paint calling her name!


Boring Old Thursday

August 2nd 2012 11:24 pm
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Oh bother, it's just boring ol Thursday night, Mom hasn't been feeling so good for the past several days and the whole week seems to have taken forever! She's feeling a little better today but still not herself. Saturday is her B-day and Dad wanted to go and do something fun, but she said no, she wants to work on the house. She says she can just feel the rainy, cold weather coming all too soon, so she wants to keep working on the siding :0( I'm still waiting to see if I ever get to see the ocean. I've seen tons of picture that she's take before I came along, but none have the most important thing in them...ME! Dad's got another week off later this month, so I'll keep giving her the big, brown puppy eyes when Dad asks if she wants to go somewhere and maybe I'll get there yet this summer. Maybe I need to have my big, brown puppy eyes checked to make sure they're working right BOL!!

Tomorrow it's suppose to really start warming up and be hot (80-90 well, that's hot for us) this weekend and nice all through next week! We have so much water around us that high 80's and above can be real humid. It's not a dry heat, it just sort of saps your energy, but it's better that the rain. For me it's just way too hot, I have a lot of hair!! Luckily Mom & Dad have several air conditioners in the house so I stay cool, unless we loose power.

Well, Mom's looking droopy eyed,so I guess it's bedtime.

Good night Dogster Pups & Purrs!


We're Doin it!!! Yeah Finally

August 6th 2012 8:16 pm
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We're doing it, we're actually going to do it!!! We are finally going to go to the ocean!!! I can hardly hold still and I can't keep my tail from a waggin!! Later this month Mom and Dad are taking me...yes me to the ocean for a few days. Mom finally got tired of painting so she finally told Dad ok I'm ready for my sea breeze fix. Mom says the sea breeze blows the cob webs out of her foggy, paint fumed brain! It's gonna be just Mom, Dad and me. I get them to myself at a dog friendly hotel for 2 whole days. I don't know if I like the ocean but I am really ready to find out!! Dad's home so I gotta go tell him that all systems are gooooooooooooooo!


Ocean! Yah

August 27th 2012 4:27 am
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Well I finally made it to the ocean, and there was an added bonus...Tiffani got to go with us! I really liked going to the ocean. The hotel was extremely dog friendly. Everyone had to pet me, they even came out of the pool to pet me and ask Mom & Dad a bunch of questions. The lady at the front desk gave me a treat, but I only like Milk Bones, so I took it to be polite, but she noticed that I didn't eat it, so what does she do? She came the next day and said she bought some different kinds of treats...I ate them and she was happy. Everyone was so nice every where we went, I really hope we get to go back there.

Being in the water was cool, I was jumping waves and playing with Mom and T. Dad was the photographer this time cause he didn't want to get wet. He got some good shots. Before we left we went to this place where there are tons of stores, people and dogs! Some of the dogs were still in their cars and the NEVER STOPPED BARKING!!!! The dogs who where walking around were all nice, we sniffed, said hello and got a lot of hugs from the kids. All in all it was a great trip!

When we got home Mom took me in to see Sarah, my vet to check out my lump. It hadn't changed so I stayed there and she removed my lump and cleaned my teeth so I woke up with white teeth, minty breath and a hang over you wouldn't believe! When Mom and Dad came to pick me up I was still woozy so I just leaned on Mom, got into the car and came home. I slept most of the rest of the day. The lump was checked for cancer and all those dirty little bugaboos and everything was fine, just a bump that younger dog get and surgery to remove them takes care of it. Sarah said I was suppose to take it easy, no jumping, fun at all. That didn't last very long but Mom still says STOP JUMPING AROUND! And I do,at least until she's not looking...hehehehehehe Poor Mom she tries but I feel fine and want to go back to having some fun.

Mom & Dad went to see a Mariners Base ball game for her birthday (she worked on the house on her b-day but Dad wanted her to do something fun) so she said she wanted to go to a ball game but during the day. So she picked one ended up being the 1st time in Mariners history that the pitcher pitched a perfect game!! I guess this has only happened 23 times in all of baseball history, at least that's what we were told. Mom was hoarse for 3 days, she kinda croaked went she talked.

Well Mom hasn't been to bed yet tonight and she has some stuff she has to get done so she said it's time to wrap this entry up! So I guess this is The End! BOL BOL


I'm Home!!

September 8th 2012 1:00 am
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Well it's been awhile but we are finally home. Mom & Dad went on a Disney cruise for a week while I went and stayed with Grama & Grampa. I love them bunches and they are VERY GOOD to me but this time I just missed Mom and Dad terribly! I was so glad to see them that I spent 15-20 minutes just whining and sitting on them! Don't know why, but I just couldn't stop talking to them when they got home. I'm not a whiner but boy I sure did it up right. I had to stop cause Mom started feeling guilty for leaving me. There are just some places that I'm not allowed and a cruise is just one of them.

Mom was sick when she got home and it just got worse. She's coughing so hard sometimes it's hard to breathe. They got home Monday and she just kept getting worse. Today it was easier to breath so we're hoping she's done with the worse of it. She hasn't been able to get to the computer until tonight...she can't sleep. They met some really great folks on the cruise and they all exchanged emails so they can keep in touch. They had dinner each night together and they all love their dogs.

Well here comes the coughing so it's down with more cough syrup YUK!


What A Night!

September 18th 2012 12:47 am
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Wow Mom has been working trying to make things work on a thread for over 3 hours now and it still won't work. Dogster is in need of a good flea bath...too much time out playin in the sun and not enough time in the bath tub! BOL BOL!! She finally gave up and notice her friend Lucas is Dog of the Day! Yea you deserve it Lucas. Taking care of our Mom's is a full time job, may time and a half...hehehehe

It's been a while since we went to the beach but now that I know what I've been missing I want to go back again and again and again! Mom said we can't live there cause our beach is very gray and rainy and cold. She said her bones couldn't take it. But when it's nice it's beautiful.

Mom got sick on their cruise (that's what happens when they don't take me) but it didn't keep them from having fun. They even dressed up like pirates on pirate day. It was a Disney cruise that's why the whole pirate thing. You know that word pirate can be a little scary. Mom was trying to find pirate photos and made a spelling error and typed private photos...good grief, never seen Mom's face so red and her fingers pushing any key she could to get rid of what came on the screen. Dad laughed so hard he fell of his chair. Poor Mom, she may not be too bright but she trys hard so Dad & I will keep her, even if she can't type!


New Laptop

September 26th 2012 9:54 pm
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Dad bought Mom a laptop and she' trying to get use to it. My paws are too big so Mom said it is totally off limits to me. At least she didn't use the old standby "you can't do it cause you don't have thumbs" Dumb thumbs!

Dad wanted her to have the laptop just in case she gets laid up in bed again. Bed rest...that's code for "drive the poor sick person crazy!" She was laid up for 2 months and she about went nutso! Daytime tv stinks and she watched all the movies she could stand but she had to keep her foot up so she couldn't sit at the desk... so no computer!

It's been boring for the past month. Mom has bronchitis and she can't breathe good enough to do much. I'm hoping this weekend will be nice and maybe we can go outside and I can play with my new ball.
It's a huge ball so playing with it is totally a outside game! Dad will be home so maybe we can get some play time together.



September 27th 2012 1:04 am
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Mom just read the article
"Supermodel Maggie Rizer: "United Airlines Killed Our Golden Retriever, Bea"

and she can't stop crying...all she can think about is "what if that was Dandi"

This poor dog died of heat stroke,and the airlines lied about several things that had happen. As much as Mom misses me when she flies to another part of the country, she would never have me go with her. That has always been the way it is. That's not to say everyone should feel like that...everyone has to make up their own minds and there is no right or wrong decision for everyone. We feel so sorry for Bea, all alone and dying, for her owner having to know that fact and for everyone who loved her.

Please Lord bring peace to Bea's Mom, help her to remember the good and let go of the bad. Please help the airlines to see that they have to do a better job.

It's time to go to bed Mom...I'm here and I love you, please don't be sad, dry your tears and lay your head down for some much needed rest. I am here!

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