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So many changes, so little time!

December 3rd 2008 9:43 pm
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Not less than 1.5 weeks ago, Meowm and Pawps brought over Ruby. She's their friend's outdoor Lab mix, that had been formerly abused. Their friend W found Ruby sitting on his lawn one afternoon. After making earnest attempts to locate an owner w/no one claiming her, he decided to keep her. Only problem is his girlfriend is severely allergic to all animals with fur, so he kept her outside. He provided her with a good life-- a giant yard to play in, regular food and water, and vet trips for vaccines, check ups, spay surgery. It took him several years to get her to sleep inside the garage, as he was afraid she'd get cold. But she wanted to be near the family, and would always sleep next to the glass door where she could see in-- longingly...

Well Meowm and Pawps had their eye on Ruby for a long while now. Since Meowm was in her early twenties, so its been a LONG time. The only reason she couldn't adopt Ruby b/c she didn't have an indoor place herself that allowed big dogs until after she and Pawps got married and bought a house.

So soon after the landscaping in the backyard was finished, they brought Ruby over. Her former owner loved her, but just didn't have the time or energy to devote enough attention to her. Her physical needs were met, but not her emotional ones. Meowmy had vowed long ago to take Ruby in, so this was a long time coming. Anyways, to make a long story short, they brought her over on Friday, much to my utter delight and surprise. I'd met her before, but I was overjoyed that she was coming to visit my house. At first, she was very hesitant to come inside. She kept looking at the screen door, b/c she'd been taught not to come through it. She also came relatively potty-trained, and when taken outside, immediately went potty without much prompting.

After a few days, she was already sleeping on her new bed with me, and horsing around with me all day and night. Little did they know she really loves to play, so she makes a wonderful playmate for me. When Meowm comes home late from work, I'm already pooped-- and that's pretty hard to do with a JRT mix like me with seemingly boundless energy.

Its been almost 2 weeks now, and Ruby has made such strides. She used to never like treats, but now she gobbles them wholeheartedly. Any changes in even her food bowl would cause her to not eat, but she has adjusted quickly to a new food and water bowl with running water, as well as her new bed, her new home, and new family. She has been an angel towards the kitties, and they got used to her within about 20 minutes. There was never any hissing, restraining-- nothing. She was perfect, and still is to this day. She wishes she could play with them, but has never even pawed at them for their attention. So they really love her, and seem to enjoy her company.

And its only been a month or so since most of our health problems went away. Meowm says with 4 furbies, if its not one furbie, than another one is sick. The current issue is with my feet-- I keep chewing on my back paws, and there are some red spots. She's been applying hydrocortisone but is going to have to take me to the vet soon if something doesn't change. She's tried getting me off evo beef but is thinking maybe she should migrate to venison instead of chicken and turkey.Hmm...

Meowm was kinda harsh on me for a little while. I kept being naughty, and trying to get under her skin. She of course forgave me within a minute or so, as she would always say she could never stay mad at me b/c I don't respond negatively to much of anything-- not even being reprimanded for my actions. hehe She's been giving me more attention as usual, now that Chabifa is feeling better. She still loves to hug and kiss me, and let me jump towards her knee so she can give me a human hug. She still accepts my kisses, and lets me lick her nose (and mouth) when Dad's not looking. hehehe I have been getting so much playtime with Ruby, that I'm pooped at night (always a good thing for M and D). I also get along fabulously with Tabifa, our new kitten. She comes and sidles up to me, and then plops down to sleep right next to me. She even licks me like Milo does (damn I'm popular with the kittens). I don't really bug her to play as I do with Milo, but I do enjoy her snuggles, and we share cuddletime on the different pet beds, and on the many soft couches and human beds together. She's a real sweetheart, and I've always loved kitties, but she is one of my favorites (along with Milo, my brother of course. Tabifa is more like the little sister I never had). Meowm has been good about giving all of us enough attention and love...


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