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A Big Hike

September 17th 2008 10:06 am
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Mom loaded me and my backpack into her truck. So that means a trip but not a super long one as she didn't load my food bowl. She didn't take Tasha so I knew we would be going for a long walk. She drove for about two hours, way up high, and parked at the end of a logging road. As she was putting my pack on we heard people coming. There were only two other vehicles parked on this mountain. Two young girls jumped in their vehicle and drove away. Then, we started hiking up a steep trail. It was good to get into the shade of the trees as it was a warm day. Real soon, we met 3 older hikers. They belonged to the only other vehicle, so once we went by them, we had the mountain to ourselves. We hiked up through the trees and way up to a super nice place with little lakes everywhere. We went up to the top of a big rock and had lunch and a rest. Mom took my pack off so I could be more comfortable. She gave me some water in my special hiking water dish. (It is made of nylon and folds up. I kind of wrecked the outside of it once, when I was a puppy, by chewing it, but it still holds water.) I wasn't too thirsty at the moment as I was drinking water in the streams all the way up. She was thirsty so she drank lots of water. She had a lunch of tuna on crackers and gave me half of them. When it was time to go, my pack was much lighter. Mom goes faster downhill than her slow way of going uphill. Ha, ha. She said she was going so slow when we were coming up because she had to watch for grizzly bears. Yeah, right. After our hike Mom drove to a place to look at a waterfall. Boring for me. Then, she took a different and longer way home. I was very anxious to get back to Tasha and get Mom home safe. It was long dark by the time we did get home.


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