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Canine Piracy

Canine Piracy - Chapter Nine: Crafty Antics

September 3rd 2007 7:10 am
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It was finally daylight when the Captain awakened, stretching as far as his muscles would allow and climbing out of bed, groggily. His head still ached, but he felt that it would vanish in time. Everything would go in time…Even he himself…one day. When the medallion finally ticked its last..

He shook the nasty thought out of his head and pushed open the door, making his way onto the deck. Everyone was still asleep, it seemed, down below in the “cabin” like areas. Even Rat who had spent the night in the crow’s next was up high, knocked out. Hawking grinned to himself, deciding to allow them the extra sleep. It wouldn’t be long until they arrived at their destination. What that was exactly…he didn’t know. But then again, he couldn’t care less. It was where Frederick had been heading and that was good enough for the Captain.

He climbed up to the helm, grabbing ahold of the wheel. They were a teeny bit off course, but he soon fixed the problem, turning the wheel so that the ship was now a little west of their previous line of sailing. Now that they were on a fool proof course, Hawking was satisfied and he looked out to the horizon. He could barely see a tiny trace of land lining the sea, and the thought of a new town and a new enterprise excited him. His ears were perked, a devious grin formed on his features.

“Here we go…”

He released the wheel, now feeling a bit less achy than he had been. Now that they were nearing their destination, he figured that a good awakening of the crew was in order. Whatever crew he had left…Because he had been knocked out the night before, he had no idea if his crew had even survived the encounter. A chilling thought indeed.

Jumping down from the helm, he found his way down the stairs into the galley, holding his breath. A quick count of the figures in the hammock like beds told him that everyone was accounted for, though some of them were charred, scratched, or bruised. A wave of relief crashed over Hawking, allowing him a sigh. But soon enough, the expression on the Captain’s face said he meant business.

“Alright you bilge rats, up and at ‘em!” He shouted. The whole ship seemed to jump in fright. Katie and Scooter, the terrier twins, both awoke with loud yelps. Lakota did nothing but grumble as his parrot flapped its wings fervently. Baxter shouted and tumbled out of his hammock, groaning as he got to his feet. Gabi awoke calmly and leapt out of her bed, landing smoothly next to the disheveled Baxter.

“Captain! You’re awake!” She said, trotting up to the captain and flashing a smile.
“Aye.” Hawking replied, simply. “Now get up you scum! Our destination is near.” He turned from Gabi and went back to the stairs and up to the deck. He had forgotten about the Pomeranian up in the crow’s next. He muttered to himself and looked up.

“Oi! Rat!” He called. A snort came from up above and Tortuga peered over the edge of the nest.
“Aye Captain?” He said, groggily.
“Get down here.”
“Yes. Now.”

Rat sighed and leapt out onto the riggings, making his way down onto the deck. As he did so, the rest of the crew had emerged from down below.

“What’s going on Captain?” Lakota said, curiously.

The Captain said nothing, but instead, he pointed out towards the approaching land.

“Hey! We’re finally there!” Baxter said, wandering over to the ship railing. “So what is this place, Captain?”

“No idea,” Hawking replied, joining Baxter. “But we’ll find out soon enough….Rat! Bring me the map!”

Rat trotted over with the map in his grasp and handed it to the Captain who opened it quickly and scanned it with his eyes. They were headed North West towards the land and in this particular spot on the map, the words “Guvvnar bule” were crudely scribbled. But it made no sense to Hawking. The words didn’t even look English, and of that he was sure.

“Baxter..” Hawking said. “Can you decipher what this says?” He handed the open map to the mountain dog who looked it over carefully.

“Guvnar bule?” Baxter said to himself. “It doesn’t even sound like English..”
“That’s exactly what I was thinking.”
“Guvnar….Guvnor….Gov…” Baxter gasped. “Governor! That’s what it says.”

Hawking blinked. “That makes sense..but what of the second word?”
“Let me see…” Baxter said. “Bule? Uh..Bull…Bale…Balle..”

“Ball!” The captain exclaimed. “The Governor’s Ball!”

“That’s it…Frederick must’ve been heading to this..governor’s ball on this island. An odd plan. What does he plan to accomplish? And how would he even get in? The Trading Company in this part of the seas is very strict on their ‘No Piracy’ laws. There’d be no way that Ol’ Freddy could sneak his way into such a prestigious affair..” Baxter said.

“Ah, but what if no one knows his true form? Or even his true name, for that matter?” The Captain replied, smirking. Baxter thought for a moment and had a revelation.

“Disguises?” He asked.

The Captain grinned his mischievous grin.



On the docks, the crew of the unnamed ship stepped onto land. Not two minutes afterward, they were shrewdly greeted by a peg legged feline with an attitude and a lazy eye. He seemed to glare at everything, the way his eyes were positioned.

“There’s a fee to dock yer ship ‘ere.” He growled, glaring at the Captain.

“Sorry mate, I don’t seem to have anything on me at the moment. But I’ll get back to you, eh chum?” Willie replied. He started to continue down the docks but he was stopped in his tracks.

“I’d be glaaad to take an IOU if need be. But ye only ‘ave two days to make the payment.” The cat replied, grinning slyly. The smile seemed to make him look even uglier than he had been. “What be yer name, sailor?”

Hawking gave a disgusted look. He wasn’t about to give his name to some feline who claimed to be the Harbormaster. But he had an idea.

“Frederick,” he replied. “Captain Frederick of the Black Bone.” Hawking turned to his crew and winked. He turned back to the cat and grinned.

“Alright mister Frederick. Enjoy your stay here at Port Freebound.” The cat gurgled and soon disappeared to the other docks.

“Odd fellow.” Baxter said. “So I guess this is Port Freebound? Never heard of it.”

“Aye, it’s supposed to be one of the most popular, aside from Port Royal.” Hawking replied. “Never been here myself, though. C’mon, we need to figure out where this ball is going to be. No good being here and not knowing where it is.” The crew proceeded away from the docks into the town. The atmosphere was healthy feeling. No waste could be seen on the ground whatsoever. It gave the crew an absolutely filthy look. There was no way they’d fit in at this rate. And what was more, they still needed said ‘disguises’. If they were going to figure out what Frederick was after, they needed to do everything he had planned on doing.

Hawking looked around. There were plenty of people milling about and such a crowd was perfect. They could pull off what he had in mind without a hitch.

“So…what’s the plan, Cap’n?” Scooter asked, peering from behind his sister.

A quick glance confirmed his plan. Not too far away stood a man. He stood in the doorway of a small shop and was entertaining a few well dressed men along with their two lady friends. It was too perfect to pass up.

“Ya see that group of people there?” He whispered to Baxter.

“Yes…” Baxter replied.

“Well…take what you can..?” Hawking said.

Baxter smirked. “And give nothing back. I like it. Let’s go.”

“Hang on,” The captain said, grabbing Baxter before he took off. “We need a large enough distraction.” He noted a group of horses being auctioned off nearby and grinned. Perfect.

“Stay here.” He told the crew, and snuck off. Baxter quirked a brow in curiosity. What could the crafty dog have in mind?


Crafty was the key. The Captain blended in with the crowd as best as he could, weaving in and out in between the dogs and cats that roamed the streets. But it wasn’t long before he found himself hidden behind a stack of gun powder barrels, only a yard or so away from the town dwellers who stood in front of the merchant.

Hawking took off the pack he had been keeping on his back and searched through it. He found what he’d been looking for easily, pulling out a small smoke bomb sort of thing. He’d bought it off of a pirate back in Port Royal. The sea dog said he had no need for it anymore, so he gladly let it go. But until now, Hawking had no use for it. Now that he did, he waved to Baxter who had been keeping a keen eye on his Captain. Baxter didn’t fully understand, that is until Hawking showed him the bomb-like contraption. Then, with an endearing smile on the mountain dog’s face, he motioned for the rest of the crew to follow his stride as he unknowingly made his way over to where the Captain was, and it was there that they all took cover.

“Alright mates,” Hawking said, “Here’s the plan. First, I launch this little bugger into that crowd over there, and in all the smoke and confusion, you guys – ”

Rat cleared his throat.

“Alright…and me,” The Captain continued, “will raid their little party there, take their riggings, if you know what I mean, and bam. Instant disguises. We can walk all around town in those fine clothes and nobody would be the wiser.”

The crew nodded in unison as they heard the plan, and then Hawking motioned for silence, and with the very tip of his sword, he set the wick ablaze. In a swift motion, he rolled the lit bomb towards the crowd, and watched with anxiety. The fire burned through the wick quickly, and as it got to the very end, the Captain braced himself for-…


Hawking looked up. The bomb hadn’t exploded!

“Blast..” Baxter said. “So much for that plan.”

“I suppose we could find another course of act –” The Captain started, but was interrupted by the loud burst of the ball that he had rolled earlier. Dogs screamed and yelped as the explosion caught them off guard, and as if on cue, the smoke began to fill the area, making it almost impossible to see. It was then that Hawking waved to the crew, and dove into the chaos.


“My my Captain, that was a brilliant plan.” Gabi commented, some time after the brawl.

“Why thank you. And…eh…apologies for making you wear that display. It turned out that you probably wouldn’t have been comfortable in the dress that I had found for you….”

“And the fact that you didn’t want to strip down the ladies had nothing to do with it,” Gabi said, smirking.

“Ah. No.” Hawking replied.

The group strolled casually into the town, not catching any unwanted attention; Just as the Captain had planned. He sported the regal attire of a commodore, though he was a bit disappointed that he now sported a different hat than the one he’d grown so accustomed to. But all in all, he pulled off the “authority” look quite well.

The rest of the crew wore townsfolk displays, but were dressed in a manner which gave them an air of rank to their stride. They were no ordinary townsfolk, but respected members of society. And this was all decided by the way they wore their effects. It was interesting, really.

“So, Captain…where is this, governor’s ball?” Baxter said to ‘Commodore’ Hawking.

“Hm…‘bout time we found that out, eh?” He replied, and began to scan the area. His eyes landed on a red-coat dog who marched along the side of the street.

“Wait here,” He told Baxter, and proceeded to approach the dog.

“Excuse me, good sir.” He said, as he approached. The dog turned a non-interested gaze his way. “Yes you. Ah…would you happen to know when and where the ‘Governor’s Ball’ is being held?”

Then Hawking smiled. That charming smile.


Canine Piracy - Chapter Eight: Fire In the Sea

July 20th 2007 7:14 am
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He stumbled back onto the deck, clumsily, gazing at the rest of the crew who had returned with nothing. His heart was still beating at a rather fast pace, but he attempted to relax. Though, it was kind of hard, now that he heard every tick from the watch..and if the watch ever stopped, then so would his very life force…

“Captain?” Came the call. Looking up, Hawking saw that it came from Gabi, who wore an expression of concern on her features. Slyly, he slipped the medallion into his vest-like clothing, hiding it from view. He then brought his chest out and walked forward with dignity.

“Are…you okay?” Baxter said, quirking a brow.

“Who, me? Nono..I’m just fine. I just took a nasty fall from..uh..over there. Yeah,” Hawking covered, grinning sheepishly. He made his way over to the gathering which congregated around three lit lanterns. It was a pathetic attempt at lighting, but it worked. He sat next to Lakota, the blind Pomeranian and on his other side was Rat. He felt ridiculously large in comparison to the two small dogs, but he made no comment. God forbid he angered the furballs.

“So, captain. Where are we off to next?” Gabi questioned, pulling out an old map. “I found this map of the world over by those boxes. It looks like Frederick was heading somewhere..but..we can’t tell WHERE exactly.” She slid the map over to Hawking.
“Something that has to do with a treasure. Typical pirate.”

Hawking wore an expression of interest. The ticking of the medallion temporarily escaped from his mind. Examining the map carefully, he scanned it from top to bottom, searching for any clue as to what exactly his arch foe was after. There were lines crudely drawn all over it, with words that made no sense. On one corner, the words “longitude only” were written. That didn’t make sense, for one. In order to find the coordinates of ANYTHING, one had to look at both latitude AND longitude. Basic geography, really. In the bottom corner, he saw that his own name was written. “Hawking”. He chuckled a bit to himself, noticing that instead of spelling it with one w, Frederick had, in fact, spelled “Hawwking”. The captain made a mental note to mock his rival’s spelling when they met next. The other two words in the corresponding corners were unreadable, so Hawking dismissed them and began to go over the actual image on the map.

The Captain couldn’t decipher much, but what he could figure out was the direction that Frederick was headed, and thus, he made his decision. He rolled the map up and stuck it under his hat, to make sure it wouldn’t be lost. Parading up to the crow’s nest, he looked out to the barely visible horizon, distinguishable only by the light of the stars and the moon.

“Gentlemen,” he began. It seemed to keep slipping his mind that there were two females aboard the ship. He realized this when the both of them cleared their throats, irritated. “Er..and ladies. Our next destination will be determined by this map! And it saaayys…that we go…EAST!” He pointed off to the side. “We must turn the ship, lads!” Hopping down from the mast as his crew watched him blankly, he ran back over to the wheel and began to turn sharply, throwing everyone on deck off to the side and down onto the floor.

“Well, at least he’s got his mojo back.” Baxter said, rolling his eyes.

But then, the ship lurched, hurling everyone to the other side, banging onto the floor into a pile.

“Captain! Watch where you’re bloody going! You just ran us into something!” Rat said with a hint of anger in his voice.

“But….lads….that wasn’t me,” The Captain replied, looking a bit taken aback himself. He had released the steering wheel as soon as it had changed course; right before the ship had lurched forward. His skin began to crawl as the water beneath them rippled and sloshed. The fur on the back of his neck stood, and the tension was rippling through the crew, just as the sea beneath them did.

“What’s..that?” Gabi whispered, a chill running down her spine.

Hawking motioned for silence as he leapt stealthily down to the deck, and brought himself to look over the sides of the boat.

It came unexpectedly, a giant appendage emerged from the water, slamming into the ship with immense force. The entire crew was thrown onto the floor once again and the panic began to set in. The sea around them shook and trembled with waves from the ambush, the water beginning to settle quickly afterwards.

The terrier twins rose, shaking off the sprays of water that had dampened the deck. “What was THAT?” They said together.

“I have no idea,” Baxter said, “Stay in the middle of the boat for now…until we find out what in dog’s name this thing is.”

Hawking bolted back to the side of the boat, looking over the edge once again, but this time equipped with two lanterns. With the aid of the faint light, he could barely make out the outline of whatever was below the surface of the rippling water. It was immense and large, large enough to easily overpower their meager little ship.

And then it returned.

Emerging rather gracefully, yet horrifyingly, out of the depths came the creature. Its head was that of a lizard’s, a fin that was pinned to it, and the flippers of a whale with the tail like a monstrous snake. It was terrifying to gaze at, but as it swam so close to the ship, the intelligence of the creature began to show through. Its eyes raced to scan every dog on the ship, and Hawking had to admit, the notion was frightening. But it was no matter. Whatever this creature was, it was going down.

“Twins!” He shouted. The terriers looked at him, taking their eyes off of the creature momentarily. “Go down to the lower deck and arm the cannons! Take Lakota with you.”

“AYE Captain!” They shouted, and they began to lead the blind dog down to the cannons. But the captain stopped them.

“Wait…on second thought, having a blind dog down near a bunch of loaded cannons may not be such a good idea…” He muttered. “Oh forget it.” He said, and told the twins to proceed.

Back on the deck, he ordered the rest of the crew to gather any weapons they could to take down the creature. They did so, finding numerous swords, daggers, and other handy tools. But the captain himself had a secret weapon..

In his belt, hidden from the naked eye, was a pistol. But no…not an ordinary pistol. The pistol that Captain Willie Hawking now held in his possession was that of royalty. And he would know, seeing as he had stolen it from a rather wealthy king in some far off land. He couldn’t exactly remember, but he knew that the king he had ripped off was most likely still after his blood…but it was something that Hawking always put to the back of his mind. If the king ever found him..then so be it.

Hawking went back to the creature that suddenly threatened their very existence.

It had just been floating idly, its head held well above the ship. Hawking had assumed perhaps it was sleeping..

That wasn’t the case.

Suddenly, the creature struck, fangs bared, an immense roar escaping from its vocal chords. Hawking kept himself composed as it barely missed him by mere inches, and then struck again, this time, only missing him by centimeters.

“Captain! Look out!” Gabi shouted as Hawking was knocked forward with a sharp blow to the head, slamming him against the side of the deck. But it was not the head of the creature that did it..In fact, it had been the snake like tail that had knocked him forward. The creature was larger than he thought.

Struggling to rise back to his four feet, he stumbled forward, but another blow to the ribs flung him to the other side of the ship, slamming him on the wooden deck. This time, he didn’t get up.

Hawking lay unconscious on his side, leaving Gabi, Baxter and Rat to themselves against the monstrous creature. The tail went in for another blow, but the crew could take no more. Baxter grabbed one of the few barrels of gunpowder on deck, hurling it at the head of the sea monster. The barrel busted against its skull, the powder spilling onto the creature. The slippery water-like scales that it had allowed the majority of the powder to easily stick to the monster. And therein, lay Baxter’s plan.

“GABI! You grab the captain and take him away from the deck! NOW.” He shouted. In return, the creature roared in disdain, going in for another strike, but missing. Gabi nodded, pulling the captain up and dragging him into his quarters. He wasn’t as heavy as she had initially thought, but she wasn’t complaining. She easily hoisted him onto his bed, watching with concern as he lay, unconscious and bleeding.

“GABI. GET OUT HERE!” Baxter yelled from out on the deck. Gabi took one last look at Hawking and then ran out to assist Baxter and Rat.

“Oy, Baxter! What makes you think I can hurl these things at THAT?” Rat shouted, angrily, pointing at the monster.

“Just slide them to me!” Baxter replied, grabbing barrels and throwing them with all of his strength. Gabi followed his lead, and soon enough, there were no more barrels to throw.

“Gabi, hand me that lantern!” Baxter shouted. Gabi did so, tossing it at her comrade. In the chaos, the steaming hot lantern singed Baxter’s fur causing him to wince in pain, but it didn’t deter him from his goal. With one final toss, he hurled the lantern at the creature as it came in for a snap with it’s massive jaws.

The flame landed squarely on the snout, and before the creature could even realize what had happened, the flame burned through the massive amount of gunpowder on the creature, singing the scales from the monster, causing it to cry out in anguish and pain. The flames were soon extinguished as it submerged back into the water, but with the faint light of the ship, one could definitely notice the charred scales of the monster as it lumbered away beneath the waves, disappearing into the darkness.

The crew sighed in relief. From the lower deck came Katie, Scooter, and Lakota, who all wore quite irritated expressions.

“I thought we were gonna use the cannons? That would’ve been more effective..no?....Where’s the captain?” Scooter said, tapping his back foot, impatient for an answer.

“The Captain was knocked unconscious…” Gabi said, her tone a bit anguished.

“He’ll be fine, don’t worry about it.” Baxter said, tending to the burn on his paw.

Gabi took Baxter’s reassuring words to heart, and looked up at the sky.
Back in the cabin, Hawking had come to. He lay on his back, staring up at the planks on the ceiling.

Sighing, he found himself disappointed with his performance out on the ‘battle field’ so to speak.

It didn’t take long for this train of thought to stray from his mind however, as he found himself rather exhausted.

The ticking of the medallion lulled him to sleep.


Canine Piracy - Chapter Seven: The Medallion is Discovered

July 5th 2007 3:27 pm
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“Three cheers for Captain Hawking!”

The bottles clanked together as the six members of Hawking’s crew saluted him and shouted their cheers. Hawking himself was pleased with his crew’s performance, and no longer had so much doubt about the three who had previously been intertwined with Captain Frederick who had undoubtedly met his match after being hurled from the ship. Willie couldn’t help but recapping the incident over and over to himself and to his crew.

“So…” Baxter said, taking a swig of his rum. “What are we namin’ this ship? Surely we’re not keeping the name that Frederick gave it.”

Hawking looked up. Gabi was sitting next to him, tending to the wound on his fore arm. She herself had a bandage in a similar place. In the ruckus, it hadn’t even crossed the Captain’s mind that the ship needed a name. Now the question dawned upon him. What were they to call their newly pillaged prize?

Hawking rose and began to pace. All pirates usually had their ship deemed something of importance to them. But…what was so important to Hawking? Looking out to the horizon, he leaned over the railing of the ship, scanning the water. In the distance, he saw the faint outline of a group of dolphins, leaping over the surface. It was dark, and the only thing that kept their voyage lit was the moon, the stars, and a few cheesy lanterns that they had found on the lower deck. He sighed. His quest was futile with all of the commotion going on in his head. Shrugging, he returned back to the gathering of his crew.

“Well lads..I suppose I’ll have to be patient. I don’t have a name for our ship here, just yet. But it’ll come to me.”

The crew was satisfied with the Captain’s response and found it acceptable for the time being.

“In the mean time, comrades, let’s search this miserable ship from stem to stern and see what we can find. Lakota, Rat, and you..terriers..go search the lower deck. Baxter and Gabi, you search up here on the upper deck, and I’ll search in the captain’s quarters. Who knows…Frederick may have stored something of importance ‘round ‘ere.”

The dogs all nodded and went to work, each group getting a lantern for their use. Hawking left his crew to their work and ventured on into his quarters. The lighting was dim, but the Captain managed to use the fire in his lantern to light a few misshapen candles that lay on the desks and tables. Soon enough, it was light enough for Hawking to relinquish the lantern and search. He emptied the wardrobe drawers, opened the cabinets, searched under the cot and even checked the bathroom for clues. He didn’t find much, and that left him severely disappointed.

But then, a glint caught his eye.

It came from a pile of sheets in the corner, and Hawking slowly approached it, an interested look gleaming in his eyes. Whatever it was seemed to be shiny…and anything that was shiny was usually valuable. Diving right into the pile, the Captain dug through the messy cloth and finally reached the bottom.

There it lay.

It was a pendant of sorts, its surface rusted and grimy, but it clearly had inscriptions that covered it. Hawking did not know the meaning, but he didn’t really care. Lifting it with care, he held it up by the string to inspect it. It was bronze, plain as day…which wouldn’t be worth much, but the Captain always had a way of getting more money than anything was worth.

Dusting off the bronze pendant, he glanced at it, the markings now a bit more visible, though that didn’t help with the interpretation. It wasn’t until a few minutes of staring had gone by that he noticed it had a tiny hinge on the side. It meant that whatever the thing was seemed to be able to open and close. Was there something inside? No doubt. Hawking knew that Frederick had probably stored something of even MORE value inside the pendant. He grinned maliciously and fumbled for the latch on the opposite side.

It clicked open.

A burst of hot white light erupted from the device, forcing a shout of terror from the captain. He didn’t make it a habit to be afraid, but now was one of those times. He was completely thrown off balance and slammed to the ground as the ship around his deteriorated. The pendant shook violently in his paws and the Captain gave his everything to keep a grip on it as the light around him flashed strikingly, filling his sight with blinding visuals as his head pounded. His ears were filled with a rushing sound that was inhuman and muffled shouts of unknown beings.

He was confused, dazed, and yes, terrified. His ship was gone. His crew was gone. The world was gone.

And then came the pain.

A shout of agony rang out as a force much more powerful than any thing he had felt before pierced through Hawking’s chest, pinning him to the ground. It was blinding pain. Complete agony. And the Captain couldn’t take it. He struggled against the surge of torture as much as his body could.

And then the light was gone.

The Captain lay on his back, his shallow breath the only noise audible to him. He felt the blood in his head pulsing and forcing every blink to be painful. It took a moment for him to gather his strength, but even then he could only force himself to sit upright. He took a look around. The ship was back…everything as normal as it was before he had opened the pendant.

The pendant?

Where was it? The captain searched around, but to no avail. And then he glanced down. The pendant was around his neck, as if it were a fancy accessory. But Hawking wondered..how did it get there? He grasped it carefully, his paws shaking with the trauma from his experience. He didn’t want such an encounter to repeat itself. But before the Captain could take precautions, the pendant sprang open, causing him to flinch, shutting his eyes. But nothing happened. No white light, no rushing noises. He slowly reopened his eyes and glanced down at the pendant.

Inside was the face of a clock, ticking as each second passed.

A pocket watch..?

The ticking was rather loud when the pendant was opened, but it didn’t stop Hawking from realizing something. He placed his free hand over his chest and felt…and listened.

His heartbeat matched the pace of the ticking. Precisely.

Hawking’s eyes widened. Had the flash of white light he had seen merged the pendant with his life force? If so…what would happen if the watch ever stopped ticking? Perish the thought… The Captain was a rather superstitious dog and it didn’t take much to convince him that this was the case at hand. But…he had to experiment.

He went over to the bathroom. A bucket of water was found in the corner. It was dirty water, but it’d have to do. The Captain thrust the watch into the bucket, taking his neck with him. He oddly couldn’t remove it off of his person, and this formed his beliefs even more.

The ticking began to become erratic and Hawking’s heart pulses did the same. His breaths became rapid and panicked. It didn’t take long for the ticking slowed, and Hawking felt his vision beginning to go…..

He passed out.

Luckily, the pendant took his trip onto the floor along with him, opening and spilling out its contents. The ticking resumed at it’s steady pace, and Hawking gasped for air, reviving.

“…Sweet mother of dog…” He whispered to himself.

Captain Willie Hawking was now merged…with the Medallion of Time.

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