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A Summertime Poem

July 17th 2013 1:31 pm
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Roses are red.
Violets are not.
I cannot believe
That it's so stinkin' hot!


Geordie and the Moon

April 15th 2013 1:59 pm
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When Geordie was little, I was surprised to find that he tried to catch things that were above him like birds, airplanes and even the moon. At night, when I would take him outside for his final walk, he would rush out of the front door, barking at full volume, trying to scare that pesky moon away. This behavior amused me, but one evening, I could hear one of the neighbors yelling about "Somebody shut that blasted thing up!!" I worried that if I didn't break Geordie of this habit, relations were going to be tense between us and the neighbors.

Over time, I had found that the best way to get an idea across to Geordie was to explain why to him. I pondered for days how to explain to him that no matter how hard he tried, the moon was too far away to catch. He already knew the word for it, so one day I took him outside, pointed and asked, "Do you want to get the moon?" (He knows the phrase "Do you want to get..?") He was all excited to try. So, I picked him up and put him on my shoulder. "See, we can't reach it." The I reached as high as I could with the arm closest to him and jumped at high as I was able. "Buddy, we still can't reach it". I could tell that he understood what I was trying to show him because his whole body just deflated. He slumped down into my arms, so disappointed that he was never going to catch the moon. I felt bad then, like I had crushed his dream. Later in the week, I was comforted to see him again try to catch high things, but now his focus was on geese and airplanes instead of heavenly bodies.

After all these years, I still feel bad that I told my puppy that he couldn't fly.


Mommy and I Share Everything!

April 14th 2013 1:03 pm
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Because of my food allergies, I have to make things like bread and crackers myself. Over time, pieces have fallen on the floor, and Geordie has discovered that he really likes my homemade goods. (Since they are basically biscuits, we ended up naming what I make "Mommy Biscuits".)

I have a tough time getting to eat what I make because Geordie feels that biscuits are for puppies, and that includes my food. The other day, I was sneaking and having one of the crackers that I had made. I thought I was doing a good job of being furtive until I felt 20 pounds of muscle start shaking my chair. I looked down to see the happiest, most excited smiling face looking up at me. This wasn't the dog-face that we often see. The one where there is laser vision zeroed in our food telling us that if our attention wavers for even an instant, all that food is going to end up inside out pet. No, this look I recognized from countless toddlers over the years. It reflected a lack of concept of ownership. Whatever Mommy has is also mine because we share everything! Yes, that was the look I saw. Pure joy that both Mommy and he were going to enjoy biscuits. I am sure that Caesar or Victoria would criticize me for sharing with my pup, but there was no way that I could refuse. No, here, "Mommy and I share everything!".


Playing "Barbies"

April 14th 2013 12:49 pm
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What is your pup's favorite game? Is it chasing a tennis ball? Tug of War? Find the Treat? If Geordie were a human, his favorite game would be called, "Playing Barbies". His favorite thing is for us to pretend that one of his stuffed animals is real so that he can interact with it.

Last night, Geordie brought me his little yellow puppy to play with. After a while, he stopped to rest, so I took the little puppy and pretended that it was playing with his Kong. I would roll the Kong around and pretend that the puppy was eating treats that fell out by making "nom, nom, nom" noises over the imaginary food. You wouldn't believe how mad my boy got! Then I made the toy pretend to eat his kibble by dipping its nose in the bowl and clinking the food around. Ach! Too much to bear! Geordie was huffing and glaring and sticking out his lower teeth at the toy, but he didn't do anything until I looked away. As soon as he thought my attention was off the toy, he ran over and hit it. Then when I didn't say anything, he grabbed the toy and ran, shaking and shaking it! It amuses me no end what an imagination this dog has!! It makes me wary of introducing a little brother or sister to him. I worry what sneaky things he would do to the pup when my attention was off them.


Today's My Birfday!

April 6th 2013 2:31 pm
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Yippee!!! Today is by birfday!!!

(When Mom set up my Dogster account, she typed in the wrong date and never fixed it. Today is the right day.)

To celebrate, Grandma and Grandpa gave me a big bag of yummy mixed biscuits. (I've already conned Mom into giving me three.) Then we went for a looong walk in the sunshine. While we were out, we met a lady who gave me yet another biscuit to eat. Then I met a new girl puppy in the neighborhood. She is a Husky/German Shepherd mix and promises to be a real beauty when she grows up. We liked each other and sniffed politely.

After we met the little girl dog, we kept walking until we reached one of the churches in town. Mom was mystified at first why I wanted to go there until the heavenly aroma of roast beef drew her near. I was positive - POSITIVE - that smell was for me! So, I walked right up the front steps of the church, planted my butt there and refused to move. Mom kept trying to coax me, but I absolutely refused to go. In the end, Mom had to pick me up, throw me over her shoulder and carry me back down the steps. Really, this whole misunderstanding is Mom's fault. If she did a better job of teaching me to read, I would have been able to read the sign that said this was a fundraising dinner, not an honorary birthday dinner.

Anyway, when Mom and I got home, she gave me a Frosty Paw to cool me down. A pup couldn't ask for a better day!! Well, except maybe for a belly rub. Perhaps I can con Mom into one of those before bedtime!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day too. : )


It Happened Again

March 31st 2013 2:14 pm
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Yesterday Geordie and I were walking down the street when I saw a pup I didn't recognize sniffing around a neighbor's mailbox. I called out, "Little puppy, are you supposed to be there?" The little dog turned and got such an excited look on her face, then ran over. She was jumping up and sniffing and wagging, and I kept talking to her to keep her with me while her Mom pulled up in a car behind her. The poor lady had two other pups in the car already as well as one in her hand. Mom scooped up her wayward girl and put her in the car, then showed me the little puppy she is sitting for this week. The pup is a Bichon/Poodle mix, and she must be only 8 or 9 weeks old. Oh my, she was the cutest little ball of fluff ever! If Geordie ever gets a little sister, she may have to be one of those adorable little dogs.

In the meantime, we saved yet another puppy from possibly being hurt while on an afternoon adventure. Our good deed for the day is done!


When the puppy has insomnia...

March 18th 2013 1:48 pm
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...the humans get no sleep. : (


Lost and Found

March 14th 2013 5:00 pm
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This afternoon, Geordie came to me wanting to go for a walk, so I grabbed his leash and took him out. We had barely gotten started when a lady in a van pulled up and asked if we had seen her little black dog that had escaped. At the time, we hadn't, but as soon as she pulled away, there the pup was! So, Geordie and I chased after her van to let her know about the sighting. Afterwards, we followed behind to make sure she found her dog. I know from past experience that whenever a dog gets loose, he or she will inevitably run to Geordie. As the dogs socialize, it is easier to catch the little sneaky runaway. Fortunately, as the little dog was running toward Geordie, her Mom caught her and put her in the van. It was so cute when the little girl realized she was caught in the act of being naughty. Her ears went down to half mast, and she gave that low, guilty wag. By the time he Mom reached her, she was practically on her back as she kept rolling over. What did Mom do? She scooped up her little lady and hugged her so close. Mom wasn't angry, she was just so happy to see her girl safe.

There was another person helping to look for the dog, and we were able to tell her that all was well. Geordie was so excited by everything that he made me take him on a really long walk to burn off his extra energy. Had my boy not needed to potty at that exact time, we may have missed this chance to help keep a little pup safe.


The Snowstorm

March 6th 2013 3:57 pm
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Tuesday during the day, it was actually pretty warm. Maybe close to 50. I took little Geordie for a walk, and when he was tired, we went back home. After I dropped him off, I grabbed some shopping bags and walked to the store. I wanted to get some fresh fruits and veggies because the forecast was calling for the biggest snow of the season overnight. They were anticipating 4-6" for this area. They were wrong, though. We got 12-14"!!! It was sooo beautiful! I kept peeking out the windows at night, watching everything change and turn such beautiful colors. I wanted to grab Geordie and go adventuring, but I was afraid he would start barking and wake the neighbors. Around 5 or 5:30, I could hear the neighbor taking his dog out (arf! arf!) and scraping off is car. That woke Geordie up, too, and he was rarin' to go like a kid on Christmas. I got dressed in a bunch of layers, and the two of us headed out in the pre-dawn to go see what we could see.

He flew out the door and into snow that was nearly as tall as he was! To get around, he does this leaping thing that makes you hear "Boing! Boing! Boing!" in you head as he goes. Then, just for fun, he would decide to tunnel through the tall snow. Then back to boinging. We went all over and messed up all of the smooth, white snow. We boinged down the hill, but when it came time to go back up, he was running out of steam. I may have mentioned before how funny it is to see a lightweight dog in loose snow. They aren't heavy enough to compress it, but they aren't light enough to walk on top. They end up doing something that looks like the doggie paddle and swimming through the snow. So, my boy "swam" back up the hill.

For a while, he just wanted to sit and look at everything, so we sat. I had to coax him to go for a walk with me, but he finally came. (I think what was intimidating him was having to get over the big lump of snow that the plow had pushed up along the side of the road. ) We ran down the middle of the snowy street and on some of our favorite side roads. We stopped to look at the little duck pond a heard dozens of geese arguing about something. By the time we got home, Geordie was so covered with snow that he couldn't bend his arms or legs. At one point, he just stood in the snow and whimpered.

Oh, I forgot, when he was having trouble getting back up the hill and was "swimming", I offered to go ahead of him and pack the snow. (I had noticed that he was walking in his original footprints.) As soon as I got ahead of him, he stopped and gave me this totally angry look. So, I stepped out of his path, and he swam more. I tried walking on his path again, and again he stopped and glared at me. How funny! He didn't want me in front helping him!

At the end of the walk when I tried to unhook his long leash, I wasn't able to grab hold of it. Geordie, of course, wasn't making things easy by being still. After much tugging and pulling I found that the leash had become enmeshed in the snow on his stomach. It was totally embedded there! My poor little guy. If we both hadn't been so totally covered with snow, I would have tried to get my camera. Oh well, we will just have to remember this day! We both had a lot of fun and have spent most of the day napping after it. The funny thing is, after the snow, the temps went up to 50, and most of the snow has already melted. Whoever heard of such a wussy storm?!


Geordie and the Snow

February 6th 2013 2:31 pm
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Usually when Geordie and I return to the house, he runs right up to the door so that he can get in first. For some reason yesterday, he hung back a little and watched with great interest as I knocked the snow from my boots before going up to the door. After he had seen what I did, he walked back on to the sidewalk, shook hiss fur to knock the snow off, then went back to the door. I thought that was so cute! He can learn so quickly when he wants to.

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