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The Adventures of Bitey Dog!

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Geordie and the Moon

April 15th 2013 1:59 pm
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When Geordie was little, I was surprised to find that he tried to catch things that were above him like birds, airplanes and even the moon. At night, when I would take him outside for his final walk, he would rush out of the front door, barking at full volume, trying to scare that pesky moon away. This behavior amused me, but one evening, I could hear one of the neighbors yelling about "Somebody shut that blasted thing up!!" I worried that if I didn't break Geordie of this habit, relations were going to be tense between us and the neighbors.

Over time, I had found that the best way to get an idea across to Geordie was to explain why to him. I pondered for days how to explain to him that no matter how hard he tried, the moon was too far away to catch. He already knew the word for it, so one day I took him outside, pointed and asked, "Do you want to get the moon?" (He knows the phrase "Do you want to get..?") He was all excited to try. So, I picked him up and put him on my shoulder. "See, we can't reach it." The I reached as high as I could with the arm closest to him and jumped at high as I was able. "Buddy, we still can't reach it". I could tell that he understood what I was trying to show him because his whole body just deflated. He slumped down into my arms, so disappointed that he was never going to catch the moon. I felt bad then, like I had crushed his dream. Later in the week, I was comforted to see him again try to catch high things, but now his focus was on geese and airplanes instead of heavenly bodies.

After all these years, I still feel bad that I told my puppy that he couldn't fly.


A Summertime Poem

July 17th 2013 1:31 pm
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Roses are red.
Violets are not.
I cannot believe
That it's so stinkin' hot!


When I Try to Work

July 27th 2013 1:53 pm
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Y'all would have gotten a good laugh out of last night. My Mom had given me a small pile of mending that she needed done, and I needed to work on a special order for a customer. So, I sat down at my sewing machine, and Geordie immediately started singing at me and crying and calling my name. ("Mo-om!") He would not give up the entire time I worked! After 4 hours, I was finally done, and when I went to clean up, I found that he had brought his yellow puppy over to me and put it at my feet, but I hadn't noticed. Boy, this little guy sure knows how to make me cry! He probably won't realize it, but that will be the reason he gets extra, extra huggies today!


Dog Days of Summer - A Poem by Geordie the Dog

August 27th 2013 3:56 pm
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Be careful when you close that
big white fridge door.
I'm lying quite near
on the cool kitchen floor.
I don't want you dropping
stuff on my poor head.
I'm really alive
though I look like I'm dead.
I'm missing the ice and the snow
and the slush
of Winter as you scoot me around by my tush.
I think that this Summer,
I've paid my "heat dues"
Now how 'bout we go on an
Alaskan cruise!!!


Geordie the Incredible Hero Dog!

August 31st 2013 7:13 pm
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So, last night I was working in the bedroom when I heard a knock at the door. (Even when the door is open, Geordie usually knocks.) I went to him and asked what he wanted, and he said he had to pee. So, I threw some clothes on really quickly and headed toward the front door. Geordie didn't follow. I tried to encourage him, but he wasn't budging. So, I asked him what he wanted, and he pointed out of the bedroom door. I said that I didn't understand, would he say that again, and he pointed (forcefully, I might add) out of the bedroom door. The next time I asked if he would touch the thing that he wanted, but he again forcefully pointed out of the bedroom door. So, I started walking in the direction he pointed. After a number of steps, I realized I could smell something burning. Oh no! My rice! I completely forgot that I had put a pot of rice on to steam! I grabbed the pot off of the stove and turned it off, then I rushed over and hugged my little boy and told him "Thank you!". I am so happy my dog alarm went off before anything serious happened. Never mind that Lassie dog, my Geordie is a real hero! (I think that when he said that he had to pee, Geordie was using the expression that he knew would get me moving the fastest. Plus, I don't think he knows how to say "The rice on the stove is burning.") As I was running water in the pot, I heard a little "Ahem" behind me. When I turned, Geordie was there, reminding me I owed him a reward. I offered him all sorts of tasty treats, but he chose a mini Milk Bone. My guy is a man of simple tastes.


I'll Definitely Not Be Getting "Mommy of the Year" this Year

September 14th 2013 3:29 pm
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Ugh. I feel so bad over this.

For the past week or two, poor Geordie has been having a really rough time with his allergies. For whatever reason, he seems to find the most comfort sleeping under my bed. I don't mind it, and it is kind of nice to have my little guy nearby.

He has been so itchy lately that I ended up finishing his bottle of hot spot spray, so I picked up a new one at the store. This one is thicker than the last and has kind of an oily texture to it. On top of using hot spot spray for him, I also started using an ointment the vet gave me to use if he has a skin infection of irritation. It, too, has an oily texture to it. Due to all the stuff Geordie has on his fur now, I decided that I really didn't want him scooting around under the bed. The clearance is so low that I wouldn't be able to scrub the carpet. Instead, I asked him to sleep in a different room (like he does the other 50 weeks of the year).

Last night, after I walked him for the last time, I could hear Geordie calling me to go to the bedroom and open the door for him. I pretended not to hear him and got busy working in the kitchen. He sat there and called for 51 minutes before he finally gave up and went to sleep. After I had finished in the kitchen, I headed toward the bedroom. Geordie had been waiting for me, and came running when he saw me. I pretended not to notice, and went to the bedroom by myself.

He sat outside that door forever, calling, squeaking, knocking for me. But, I kept thinking of all those Super Nanny episodes I've seen where you don't give in to children who whine when you try to get them to sleep by themselves. I was determined not to give in and teach my boy that persistent crying would help him get his way.

Finally, I could take it no more, and I left the room, pretending to need something from the kitchen again. My little boy shadowed me and kept bugging me. I reached down to give him a hug and a pet to assure him that I still loved him...and what did I find? He had managed to get a twig twisted in his fur, and it had shifted around so that it was poking him in the privates. Ach! I felt soooo bad!! My little boy wasn't whining to go to bed, he was telling me he was hurt, and I ignored him for over an hour! I am definitely not getting Mommy of the year this year. :(

(On the plus side, he forgave me and gave me wags and kisses in the morning!)


I Miss My Boy

October 8th 2013 12:07 pm
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Although it started out easy, this year's Fall allergy season is turning out to be a rough one for Geordie. I know he is itchy despite me trying to soothe his skin and feed him healthy supplements, but I am reluctant to take him to the vet. I don't think I can handle the expense of allergy shots, and I worry about them recommending steroids for him. I keep hoping that whatever plant is bothering him would just die already.

For now, I feel like I have lost my little boy. Normally, Geordie is opinionated and loves to do tricks for food. He gets the zoomies at night and runs and barks indoors. He loves long walks where he can pee on weeds....but the Geordie I have now is nothing like that. He wants his Benedryl so that he gets some itching relief. However, whenever he takes it, it makes him sleepy. He won't do tricks. Often he skips meals. All he wants to do is sleep or have me scratch his back. I can't blame him, but I do miss my lively little boy. Soon enough, he will be a senior dog, and I will expect these sorts of things. Now, while he is still young, I wish I had my boy back.


I've Found the "Socks-and-Underwear" of Dog Christmas!

December 26th 2013 1:35 pm
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Geordie, oh Geordie! That boy is unbelievable. He helped himself to all of the presents that he could find that smelled like they should be his. He would play with each to for a while, then run to the tree to find another. Finally he settled on one and chewed it until he de-squeakered it. What really made me laugh was the gift he rejected. Knowing how he likes to open packages, I wrapped up some new toothpaste I got him. I know it isn't exciting, but he does so like to tear gift paper. I figured he would enjoy the opening process. As soon as he realized it was toothpaste and not a toy or food, he stopped unwrapping and gave me the Stink Eye! He wouldn't touch it again, and instead went and helped himself to another toy. He is so much like a little kid. When they are babies, they don't quite understand Christmas, and you have to help them unwrap things. The next year, they understand more, and they get excited and participate in Christmas activities. The next year, you can barely get them to sit down for the whole month of December because they are wound up thinking of presents and goodies! That is Geordie now. He knows what a Christmas tree is. He knows that things wrapped in gift paper are for him. (I tried using newspaper to wrap his stuff, but it has the wrong smell, and he won't touch it.) More so now than when he was little, he loves opening his gifts and playing with each toy. The expression "As excited as a kid at Christmas" should be replaced with "As excited as a pup at Christmas!" My puppy sure was excited. And so much fun to watch!


It's Cooooold Outside!

January 7th 2014 4:38 pm
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This morning, when it was still super cold out (around -12), I asked Geordie if he wanted me to put his coat on him before we went outside. He said yes and actually stood still for me to put it on him. When I opened the door, he flew outside and pooped right away. (Trust me, that is a rarity for him!) Then this evening, he came to me again, asking to go out. I asked him about wanting to wear his coat, and he said yes. (His fur still isn't very thick after losing so much of it to his allergies. Baldie!) So, I took him out, and he ran across the snow to do a big pee. Afterwards, I tried to get him to come inside right away, but he said no. This usually means he has to poo, so I tried to walk him around a bit. Unfortunately, it was too cold for him, and he started to curl up into a ball. You can see the pain on his little face when this happens! I grabbed the nearest paw to see if it needed to be thawed, but it wasn't icy like they usually are when he cringes like this. I tried to get him to run for the house again, but he kept saying that he had to poo. Oh dear! My poor guy had to go, but he couldn't stand to be on the ground to do it! I finally picked him up and brought him back inside. My thought was to warm him up until he could go out quickly and take care of business. Then I remembered those boots I bought him a long time ago. I asked if he wanted "socks", and he said yes, so I dug them out. He actually didn't fight me when I put them on him, and when we went outside, he acted as if he were totally comfortable. He walked around a little while, then he did his business, then he did that scratch dance thing. He didn't want to come in right away because he wanted to bark at a neighbor's car. What a difference it made when my boy was warm! Thank heavens it isn't going to be this cold again tomorrow. We should be able to go back to our normal, wardrobe routine.

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