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A Life Well Live

I'm still here !

April 15th 2009 3:46 pm
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Hi everyone sorry I've not wrote in my diary lately. But you know how it is when you are a old dog you,don't feel like doing anything at all. Mommy was in the kitchen cooking something a couple of days ago and we were all outside when,mom let us back in she notice that there was a cut on my paw. It was not bleeding but, mom said it didn't look good. She kept an eye on me the rest of the night. And then she told daddy when he got home from school about,my paw. He look at it and said what happen ? Mom said that she didn't know. I don't know what happen myself because I didn't let mom or dad know that I was hurt. Also I notice that when I have to go out I,have to go out NOW!
Because if I don't get out right away that I go poo in the house. Because of my back I can't bent over to go.So I poo standing up.
Mom saids that because of my age that I don't have any feeling back there when I have to go. Does any doggie out there have this same problem ? If so how do you -n- your mom handle this small problem?
Any help would be great for me and my mom -n- dad right now.
Mom still saids that I'm still a good dog. I do the best that I can.
I also still like to go outside with Fluffy and bark at everything like she does.I like my sister Fluffy better then my sister Precious because I can't deal with her growling all the time. You see I like to take care of Precious like she is my daughter but,there are times when she will growl at me for doing that. Like she is saying enough is enough. I can't help it sometimes. I like being mother to Precious. I've been doing it since she was a pup. And there are times when she will come over to me and want to be mother.
I hope everyone had a good and nice easter. I know I did.

Well,this old dog is getting tired. I will stay in touch with you later on.



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