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A Life Well Live


August 4th 2008 6:04 pm
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Did you guys see what my mommy did to my page !? I think it looks very pretty . I like my background & my name in glitter. Also mommy had to put that steelers logo on my page too ! That's o.k. my daddy & mommy love the steelers !
I'm sorry I haven't been writing lately. Been busy with the family you know. I guess mommy & Precious are going on a trip. If it doesn't rain.
Good it will get Precious out of my hair . So,I only have to deal with is Fluffy. Don't get me wrong,Precious is a great sister but,she thinks she is queen around here. And that's not right. But I understand too. Because am I daddy's dog & mommy needed a dog of her own. And Precious as you know has been sick alot. So,I understand why she gets baby alot. Besides I get baby alot too when daddy at works and it's just me & my sisters.
Oh by the way I just want to thank everyone who send me a febreze collar.

Well, gott ya go it's past my nap time.



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