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A Life Well Live

Well hello friends

January 22nd 2008 8:49 am
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Hi everyone sorry I haven't wrote in a while.As you know already it was a exciting christmas for my family.Precious got into me and Fluffy gifts.Mom wasn't very happy.At least she didn't tell Santa Paws about it.Mom just gave me my joint meds.I hate taking thoses sometimes.Because mom trys to hide the pill in cheese.Sometimes she does not hide them good enough!And I won't take the cheese.And I love cheese!!!
I see we got some snow today.Very cold out.Glad I got this furcoat.Precious has to wear a coat.She has thin fur,and she is close to the ground so,that makes her get cold easy.
Please make sure you vote for Lexi.She is a wonderful friend and needs help to take care of her vets bills.If she wins that will be taking care of.Me and my sisters voted a couple of times already.It's for a good cause.
I've been driving mom & dad nuts the last couple of days.Because when dad come home from work I want my treats.And I cry,cry,cry until I get them.Mom blames dad for this.Why?Well mom saids when I was a pup dad would give me table food all the time.And I got use to that so everytime they sit down to eat I cry for food.And of couse dad gives it to me & my sisters.You see I'm dad's dog.And he spoiled me.That doesn't mean Precious and Fluffy aren't spoiled.They are believe me!!!!But I'm the first born so,I got spoiled first!He,he,he
I love my family my life is good.I just don't like it when someone in the family gets mad.It brothers me.I take off to hide.I'm 12 years old what do you expect.Mom thinks that I was hit with a bloom when I was just a pup.Everytime she gets the bloom out I run.She show me it was o.k and I even smell it.But that didn't help.

I will write soon I promise.



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