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November 14th 2008 5:55 pm
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OK I Was Tagged!!
November 12th 2008 Okays.... I was tagged by several friends... so I is combining my tags to one big humongus tag.... and oh yes... thanks Rosie-Posie, Kingstar Louie, Piloux and Chaddy

Here are seven little know or greatly known facts about me:

1. I love to eat and sleep on mommy's bed
2. I wuv's my mommy and human sister and bradda
3. I really do know the name "Dasiey Mae" and I love her name
3. I visit kids and help them at schools and some times at preschools.

4. I wuv to go to mom's work on Saturdays.

5. I wuv all my pals from Dogster and in da groups I am in. They are all a ton of fun to play wif.

6. I do let LL sleep with me when Mom is gone to work.
But never when Mom is home!

7. I hate wearing a swim suit....and that is that.

Now I will pick seven Buds to have them share their secrets too!

1. Wheezer
2. Magooby
3. MBH
4. PJR
5 Feargus
6 Pieman
7 Curlie Moe


We are the Luckiest Dogs Alive!

June 13th 2008 5:34 pm
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Today mommy put us in the car to go to work! We were really happy to go, because we love to go with mommy. We got into her pick up and she stopped bye the mailbox on her way to work She stepped onto the walk way and OPPS…. I stepped on the lock and locked me and Lady Lexus in the cab!

Mommy started to cry, “NO” she was sobbing? I just could not understand it. She was crying uncontrollably…she was on her celly and we were locked in the cab. It was about 100 degree outside! She called my human sister and she told her that the other keys were locked in the safe and the key were with her in New Mexico! (Mommy and the pick up was in AZ)

All of a sudden Lexus ….cuz me….Lady Lexus went over to see mommy better out the other window and she stepped on the window button and down went the window. Mommy hurried over to the cab and unlocked the door and we were both safe! Right then a Police Car from the Chandler Police came to our house……..they were going to help mommy get us out of the cab! Salute to the Chandler, AZ Police for thinking that us two PUGS were worth a 911 phone call and action!

KS and LL are just fine, and Mommy went back home and went to bed! Be careful out there and be safe!


I have been tagged by the best of them...FEARGUS Moatoob- Friend!

April 27th 2008 11:38 am
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I have been tagged by the frealess and wonderful....Freagus Moatoob Babatope:
April 27th 2008 2:13 pm
Name 4 Jobs you have:
This is what Feargus told me about him"

1. being the best pug son any pawrents could have!
2. getting the house ready for my new big brudder Baxter.
3. pulling Loki Bean’s tail and keep da rest of da kitties in line.
4. sleeping on mommy’s head.

This is what I am thankful for:
1. I am thankful for knowing Freagus and being able to meet you at Spoiled pUgs
2. I am thankful for good friends and getting the building plans from you for the Tiki at FLOP!
3. I am thankful for my family and my extended family of Queen Daisey Mae, Nickolas, Taz, Peaches, Wheezer, Beatrix and Simon Pieman's families.
4. I am thankful for my life as a hug your pug.
5. I am thankful I can swim and summer is coming.....woopie!

I am going to tag these good friends to me:
1. Baby...the cutest little Poodle in the Peter Pan Room
2. Dewey was tagged by Feargus so I will tag Johnny Rebel...he is the greatest when it comes to play and fun
3. Lady Lexus told me to tag....Holly Anne cuz she is new to Spoiled Pugs and we love her so much!
4. Of course Lilly..cuz she is a "play your heart out" puppie! Saved and rescued!
5. Daimond for startiing the best "Bosty group" on Dogster!


St Patricks Day TAG and!

March 16th 2008 7:37 pm
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My friend Ruby Jewel...tagged me and here are her wishes:

1-That my mommy adopted me and I have a furever home!!
2-That I get to hang out with my cousin Casanova.
3- I have a big yard to run around in.
4-That I have lots of squeaky toys so mom and I have quality playtime together.
5- That I have neat-o friends I have met on dogster. I
tag: King Spivey, Carly Rosebud, Lady Lexus, Trinket, and Zues.
You're it!!!
Well Ruby Jewel you say it all......

1. I am thankful for knowing you and being able to meet your mom and Cassanova and his mom and that we live so close we will see each other in April again!
2. I am thankful for good friends and administrators who help me with dogster......and of course SPoiled Pugs....the best group on Dogster!
3. I am thankful for my family and my extended family of Queen Daisey Mae, Nickolas and Simon Piemans.
4. I am thankful for my life as a hug your pug.
5. I am thankful I can swim and summer is coming.....woopie!

I am going to tag thesse good friends to me:
1. sunny...cute ...and a love bug for da mommy!
2. Markiebob...a young fine!
3. you like a sister cuz you are like me and have a disability
4, Casanova...Ruby Rooster's sister!..Cutest Cavalier here!
5. Mr. Jeepers...keeps positive about every thing and everyone!


I have been Valentine's Tagged by the Queen and the DUKE!

January 27th 2008 8:53 am
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King Spivey is playing TAG cuz the Queen tagged him on Janaury 24 and so did the Duke Mister!

Here's the rules of Valentine Tag:

We are going to tell you 5 Valentine wishes, and then tag 5 friends with a pawmail or rosette.

They will then write a diary entry and tag 5 friends with a pawmail or rosette, and so on and so on :-)

So my 5 valentine wishes are:

1 That QDM and my wedding turns out wonderful with all our friends
2 That my sons: Simon Pieman, MBH and Kingstar Louie all make the wedding!
3 That Gabriella and Duke go to our wedding together
4 Marley has perfect babies
5 That all the Spoiled Pugs friends and other sites come to the wedding too!
The 5 wondeful dogs I'm sendin this to is:

Simon Pieman- My son
Marley- My sister's BFF
Kingstar Louie- pawsome friend


TURKEY TAG and I was tagged by Kingstar Louie!

November 17th 2007 6:56 am
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I have been tagged by my pal, Kingstar Louie

Now I have to write 7 things I am thankful for and then I have to tag 7 pals of mine! No tag backs...cuz we gonna keep it rollin!

1. I am thankful to be healthy
2. I am thankful for wonderful sisters...Lady Lexus and Cali
3. I am thankful for my biological family.....mommy and sister Kellyn and braddas Kyle and Zy
4. I am thankful to have many pals at Spoiled Pugs and Dogster
5. I am thankful for my bride to be...and our wedding day...Daisey Mae
6. I am thankful for my food and toys
7. I am thankful for our school kids and that I get to visit them!

I'm going to Tag 7 Pals of Mine

1. Mr, Bubble Head aka MBH
2. Daisey Mae
3. Marley
4. Beatrix
5. Mickey
6. Simon Pieman
7. Cindy Baby Love


I play at the PALACE and I am SPOILED.......Pug

November 3rd 2007 11:28 am
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I never in my life, thought at my age, I would have the opportunity to help other puggies and puppies, to have fun in thier lives. But, I was asked to help asist a great PUG site called Spoiled Pugs. I am proud to say.....Puggie have fun there. We are planning games, contest with Marley our Game Wizard and MBH has introduced other events that even if you are new to the site you can play. Let me introduce some of our friends. Nickolas is our bartender in the SPA. Ms. Gizmo is our resident Royal Cake and Chef...who I hope will be making my wedding cake, soon. Cali and Shorty are in the SPA giving massages and shoulder rubs to all our Spoiled Puggies, and Geedy is our Birthday Wish Wizard! We all laugh and have fun and if you are inclined to play there...and want a little job....we have a lot to give you! So just ask us....that is Dasiey Mae, the Queen and I, King Spivey...cuz we have great little jobs for all! Thanks to those Puggies who love us and play with us every day!


FLOP PUG of the week!

August 21st 2007 5:51 pm
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August 21, 2007-Tuesday Morning
I woke up this morning and went to my mailbox.....Here is what my message read:
FLOP's Featured Pug is........SPIVEY!!!!

Spivey is a very handsome 5 year old pug from Arizona. He loves to go to work with his momma and play with the students, and loves to swim in the pool. His favorite toys are small balls, bones, pillows and towels. He REALLY loves his special pug girlfriend Daisey Mae!! His favorite foods are popcorn and peanut butter.....yummmmmmmmy!!

Spivey has two sisters, a lovely pug lady named Lady Lexus, and a sweet min-pin/chihuahua named Cali.

Spivey has his very own Peculiar Aristocratic title - " His Most Loveable Highness Barron Spivey the V, His most Fabulousness of Thick Black Hair in Hogwarts ", BOL!!
(He is a big Harry Potter fan, check out his picture with his BFF Mr Bubble Head on his page!)

Please help us in lavishing Spivey with bones, rosies, pal requests, and tons of love and attention!

Have a great time as FP Spivey!!

The pugministrators of FLOP,
Odie, Hoku, Elliot Jay, Talullah Belle, Xena, Monster, Bella, Pudge Junior, Mo and Filo

Thank you administrators for voting for me! I am (blushing) honored and I play on your site often......Thank you....I have been feeling really down lately and this just made our day. Spy and spy's mom, too!


MY Beach Ball Background...MY BUDS

June 9th 2007 9:01 am
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My beach ball background is by my (BFF) puppy friend Mr. Bubble Head. His mommy designed this special for me for my Birthday! He is my favorite buddy. Look for our book in stores in the 2008 year!
My favorite little lady friend is Ms. Lola Maria. Her mommy has Mia Pia closet and sent me a new vest.
But the love of my life is Dasiey Mae. She takes my heart away.
But my buddies are still good ole boys:
Pugsident Irving,
Shorty Lady,
Roscoe, Otis and many more!
Life at the beach is great, too! We will remember the summer of 07!
Please use my paw mail for comments.


Visit My Sister...May 6, 2007

May 9th 2007 10:41 pm
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So Mom said,
"Let's go bye, bye,"
Wow that means in the car, riding and sitting on her lap. I am there. So we jump in the car. Where we going mom, to work, to school and see the kids, maybe the bark park, hey mom talk to me?
She just keep driving.......I am tired of this's hot in the car and I am sleepy. WOW we got burgers at McDonalds and french fries. This must mean, oh boy it is a visit to my Redondo Beach, CA.

Six hours later, going potty by the road stops, McDonalds, sleeping, sitting on MOM's lap, ice water and more snoring..we make it.
Sunny CA and my SISTER. She says.."Let's go the beach..I say YES because I am a swimmer. "
I see my other pug friends and my SISTER is with me. I love Redondo and I love my SISTER...Kellyn. Lics to you and brother came too..BOL..I love you guys. Spivey

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