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The Great Escape!

October 30th 2012 1:32 pm
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Dear Diary,
I DID IT!!! I escaped out the front door! I've always luv'd to watch the "Little White Truck", better known as the mailman, coming up our opposite hill, down our hill on the other side of our street, 'n' then back up our hill when he stops at our mailbox. Then I watch, from inside the house of course, as he continues on up the hill 'n' then down on the opposite hill. Yes, yes, I know this is very convoluted, but that's how it is!!!
Well, today Daddy opened the door 'n' I was ready....I sprung into action 'n' tore out of the house 'n' chased that Little White Truck right up the hill, despite the cold, pouring rain. Daddy, ha-ha, had to run across our back yard 'n' the neighbor's yards to intercept me on the other hill. (You should have seen him running across that wet, sloshy grass.) He met the postman as he was stopping at our opposite neighbor's box, 'n' then came li'l ol' me,
who jumped into the mailman's truck. That's really all I want, is a ride in the LWT. Is it ever gonna happen.....? I doubt it, but I know that if any other fur had been there to race with me to catch that ol' LWT, they would have been left in my dust!!! ("Dust" being a figure of speech since it was cold 'n' soggy outside.) Anyway, The Day Was Definitely Mine!!!


~How to Train a Human~

September 4th 2012 8:58 am
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Dear Diary,
This is an open letter to all Furs who have long desired to know precisely how to go about training their humans. First, let them get comfortable in an easy chair, all relaxed, drinking their coffee and watching the morning news. Sit on their lap for a bit to lull them into thinking that they have everything under control and that all is well in their world for the nonce. THEN jump down, go take the covers off the furniture they were protecting, and give the reclining human "the Look!" Make sure the Look is full of promise for entire destruction of said furniture if ignored. Our covered furniture is leather, and does not like to be raked by paws! Stare at the furniture in an evil manner, then back at the human, just to make sure she or he is getting the message. Paw the furniture gently at first, and if you are still being ignored, step up the pawing a few notches. Don't worry. Said human will quickly arise from her comfy seat, and get the treat or chewy for you, just as you have trained her to do. Take my word for it!!! It works like a charm EVERYTIME!!!


This Has Been an Embarrassing Week!

July 20th 2012 11:28 am
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Dear Diary,

After spending 4 and a half days in captivity....a Kennel....the pawrents FINALLY retrieved me, 'n' took me home. However, I was attacked by a case of the "runs", 'n' not the fun kind if you get my drift! I was leaving messes all over the house 'n' the folks couldn't get me outside fast enough. It was truly humiliating for me 'cause I am fastidious, as are all basenjis, 'bout keeping clean 'n' odor free. Not this week, though. Daddy had finally had enough, 'specially the 3:00 a.m. trips outside with me, so he took me 'n' a sample of you-know-what to the vet, expecting to hear big words like "clostridium whatever" or food-poisoning, etc. I thought this sounded great as a reason, 'cause maybe they'd blame it on the kennel 'n' I wouldn't have to go there again.
WRONG!!! The vet said there was nothing wrong with my insides that a little relief from Stress wouldn't take care of. Go figure.....STRESS!!! Looking back, though, it seems a reasonable conclusion. Let me enumerate the sequence:
1. Big, bad Derecho storm hits 'n' I'm in the house alone as trees 'n' branches fall all around 'n' the lights go out.
2. My skin bro 'n' his family come to stay at our house when we get light 'n' air the next day 'cause we're lucky enough to be on the hospital grid. Others near to our neighborhood were not so lucky. Did I mention that said skin bro brought his 2 doggies? That makes 6 people 'n' 3 doggies, counting moi.
3. Next, my skin sis 'n' her tribe arrive. (They didn't bring their pups, thank goodness!) Now we have 9 people 'n' 3 doggies.
4. My skin uncle, who lives nearby, came to stay 'cause he had no light or air, 'n' he also brought 2 pups with him! By this time everyone is scrambling for a bed! (BTT skin bro had light 'n' had gone home.)
5. After all had gone home, 5 days later, I had the pawrents for 2 days 'n' then THEY LEFT for 4 days, putting me in the kennel.
My nice comfy 'n' safe routine had been destroyed, hence the Stress. The pawrents are breathing (no pun intended) more easily now that they know the reason for my "illness" 'n' are now groveling 'n' promising me faithfully that where they go, I get to go too.
I guess this proves that sometimes bad things can be turned around for the good.



June 27th 2012 7:17 pm
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Dear Diary,
We had a Very Rude awakening early this morning. I was still on the bed, Daddy had just gotten up, 'n' Mommy was ready to go back to snoozing, when all at once we heard 'n' FELT this humongous BLAM!!! I must have jumped 3 feet in the air 'n' then charged down the stairs to hide behind Daddy. Mommy also jumped (literally) out of bed, too, 'n' the house really shook. She thought something must have exploded nearby. Something did blow up nearby...actually across the street. It was the transformer that blew, shutting off our electricity.
Now, as to what CAUSED the transformer to blow, it's a somewhat tragedy. Now some of you pups may say, "Hurrah!" when you hear what happened, as there are some of you known to not like this "cause." I'll tell you: it was a squirrel who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I always thought squirrels knew how to climb those poles 'n' power lines, but this one was definitely not in the know. Daddy found him fricasseed (we don't know how to spell this word) at the bottom of the pole. I do hope the power company gave him an appropriate burial. All in all, I prefer to be awakened by Mommy's alarm clock.


Freedom is Sweet (But just a little Scary!!!)

June 18th 2012 12:13 pm
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Dear Diary,
Last weekend my Daddy took me to a really neat place 'n' LET ME GO!!! Now, I don't mean he permitted me to travel with him....I mean that he let me OFF LEASH!!! (Actually that is the reason Mommy refused to go, 'cause she just knew I'd run off 'n' they would be chasing me all over trying to lure me back!) Daddy took me to a family-owned campground along the Ohio River. The grounds are on a large bluff over-looking the water, with a dock 'n' other water-related stuff. When I got out of the truck, I was still on leash, but Daddy let me off as soon as we saw my fur-cuzzes, Maggie 'n' Mimi. I ran around sniffing all the unfamiliar "sniffs" there, then I really stopped in my tracks: there before me were the 2 largest labs I've ever seen. The really Big One is called Captain, 'n' he's even large by Lab standards, but he's actually as gentle as a pussycat! The owners were tempted to call the other "Tenille", but her name is Dixie. She's gentle, too. I checked out the 3 campers that were there, 'n' settled under a picnic table. Mommy should be ashamed that she thought I'd run off. There was NO WAY I was gonna let Daddy out of my sight. If I got lost, I would have had to swim across that river to get home, 'n' I wasn't gonna let That Happen!!! Get myself wet? No Way!!! All 'n' all, I had lots of fun, got some handouts from the picnic table, 'n' had some quality time with Daddy!


Wow! Doggy of the Day!!!

April 1st 2012 4:41 pm
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Dear Diary,
We were sooo surprised to see that li'l ol' me was "Dogster Doggy of the Day" today. Now, you must understand that I'm not inclined to skepticism or anything like that, bu-u-u-t,
it IS April Fool's Day, 'n' so I decided to tread very carefully, in case there was a catch or something. But, there WASN'T!!! What an Honor! It really warmed my heart, 'n' actually warmed Mommy, too, 'cause she came home from church today feeling frozen. There was no heat at church as the gas was off 'n' it was in the 40's. It never came on 'n' she sings in 2 services, so she was pretty much an icicle when she got home. But, she took me on my walkie to the park 'n' we both warmed up some. Then........she turned the 'puter on 'n' discovered my great 'n' wonderful s'prise!!! Thank you, Dogster, 'n' All My Wonderful Fur Pals for the congrats 'n' all. You're the BEST!!!


Shaki, the Alarm Clock

March 8th 2012 7:57 am
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Dear Diary,
Mommy is calling me her “alarm clock!” Now, I ask, is that nice? Just because I come back from my early morning walks with Daddy, ‘n’ charge up the stairs to pounce on her until she wakes up to play with me, does NOT make me an “alarm clock!” She was giving me icy glares just this morning because her bed was a bit mussed. (Well, I had thrown my doggy bed right on top of her.) I had a perfectly good excuse, however, because I could not find my bone-bone. I knew I had hidden it somewhere in the vicinity, but could not locate it. Sooooo, I had to dig around until I could. Then I found the neatest place to re-hide it: under Daddy’s pillow. Mommy snarked at me ‘bout that too! Just ‘cause we ‘senjis do lots of digging (inside more than outside for me) does not mean we’ll actually dig a hole in the bed sheets or other furniture! [Mommy! That was just one old couch, ‘n’ it really needed replacing. Besides I like the taste ‘n’ smell of old stuffing.] Anyhow, it’s gonna storm here today, ‘n’ I need protection ‘n’ snuggling from the thunder-boomers. Who better to furnish that than a nice, warm blankie ‘n’ my Mommy?


Watch out for the ducks and geese!

September 22nd 2011 11:07 am
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Dear Diary,
I would like to put in a word of caution for Fur owners who habitually walk their pups in parks, city or private, especially if there is a concentrated population of ducks and/or geese, or for that matter, pigeons. Our park where I luv to walk is loaded with both the "quackers" and the "honkers."
There is a fungus spread by birds such as these, as well as chickens, etc., which can insidiously infiltrate your human's lungs and which also can show up elsewhere in the body. My Daddy, last year had to have lung surgery because of such an infection, and it looks as though it has shown up in him again. He was susceptible because he has a weakened immune system due to medicines he was and is required to take. If one has been or is being treated for cancer, has severe allergies, asthma, or is being treated for other infectious diseases, this can be very dangerous. From now on, Daddy will walk me elsewhere, 'n' Mommy will take me to the park. For me it's a win-win situation, but I am still concerned for my Daddy.


What a Doctor's Visit Can Mean!

August 17th 2011 1:54 pm
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Dear Diary,
I have an interesting tale to tell. It involves a dog, my no-fur Uncle, 'n' several "authorities." The story begins with a dog bite. My NFU was cleaning out debris by our lakefront here in Fla. While visiting with a neighbor, the neighbor's dog came over, 'n' my NFU being a dog-lover carefully put his hand down for the dog to sniff as most humans will do. Well, the dog bit his finger. After a few days my NFU went to the doctor as the finger was not healing, etc. On being informed as to what caused the injury, the doctor said he (the doctor) had to contact animal control or whomever in Fla. he's s'posed to contact in relation to animal bites. Come to find out, even if a dog has had all its shots, it still must be quarantined. This is law in Fla. This happened up here where we are, but my NFU by then was back home at his doctor's in Sarasota. Well, the dog catcher stopped by our house today as it was the address given by my NFU, and the neighbor's dog has been put in quarantine. The doctor said that having all the shots required of us pups, does not necessarily make our bites safe, esp. if the one bitten has an impaired immune system as my NFU has.
We are all saddened and stressed by this. In fact, if my NFU had known that by going to see the doctor this was going to be reported, he wouldn't have gone. As it turns out his finger was by that time, seriously infected and he is now on bed rest as a result. The pup in question was mauled by a gator 2 years ago 'n' also, he is kept crated much of the time outside, although he is generally well-treated and exercised. BTW, the dog in question was not on leash. Even out here in the country where we are at the moment at my Mom's Fla. family home, people walk their dogs on leash. Perhaps had the dog been on leash this wouldn't have happened. This is a cautionary tale for us doggies 'n' our humans. We pups should be on leash or fenced when outside, and humans must be extra careful when addressing a strange pup as he approaches, even if its owner is present.


Thoughts for the 4th of July

July 4th 2011 2:13 pm
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Dear Diary,
I am writing this today because it is the birthday of our nation. If it were not for what I am writing about here, it is a possibility that we might not be having the joyous celebrations in its honor. My pawrents just returned from a trip to France where they spent several days in the Normandy region. They were sad not to have had me with them as French families take their pups everywhere with them. But, this is not really what I want to relate to you. I want to let you know what they saw there and what they told me about their experience. They first went to a museum in St. Mere Eglise, one of the storied towns so affected during the D-Day landings. They said it was chilling to see a replica of the young soldier whose parachute got caught on the spire of the eglise, hanging on that same spire as though it had just happened. Likewise, visiting the American cemetery at Colleville Sur Mer is heart-warming, inspiring, sad, and makes one feel proud all at the same time. They were awed by the sheer effort and bravery it must have taken the Allied servicemen to land at the beaches....Utah, Omaha, and others....that can be viewed at Point du Hoc, and then climb those rocky cliffs under the relentless barrage of gunfire. July 4 is not just a time for celebrating with good food, family, and fireworks, but also a time to reflect on those long gone who guaranteed through perseverance and sacrifice that we may do so.

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