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Pensive Prattling by Shaki

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Sundays Are Not My Favorite Day!

May 6th 2007 6:40 pm
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Sundays should be fun, 'cause Mom and Dad are s'posed to be home with me! But, no-o-o! They spend the morning at church. Well, that's okay, but they are supposed to give ME the P.M. hours for playing and running and of course lounging if that's what I wish to do. But today they LEFT for the WHOLE AFTERNOON! I did not like that one bit. (Well, maybe a little bit....They gave me a "chicken treat", my fave! I'll forgive them though, 'cause Mom and Dad played and played with me when they got home. We played tug-of-war with my beat-up newest toy. (Mom took the squeaky out of it thus spoiling most of my fun. But I got her back! I took out the stuffing and used it to decorate the floor.) It's still a fun tug toy. I'm planning on getting even, though. I'll jump off the bed and make Dad take me for my VERY early A.M. walk at 5:30 A.M. while Mom gets ready for school.


Yay!!! We're Going to Mimi's!!!

May 8th 2007 8:36 am
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I'm jumping for joy! Today we're going to Mimi's house. Her humans have a big fenced-in yard and we run-run-run! (Well, Mimi does tend to want to herd me....she's a corgi.) That's all right, though! I'm a Basenji and true to my breed can fool her into thinking she's successful while I go along doing what I wanted to do in the first place and that's run wild and free! My humans are going to build a fence for me this summer so I'll feel like I've arrived in Doggy Heaven.....lots of run-run space and loads of sunbeams and warm grass, water bowl always close by. Now, if only those old cats next door would stay in THEIR yard.


Boy, Did Daddy Fool Me!

May 23rd 2007 2:17 pm
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Here I was, just happy that Mom was finally home and a nice warm sunbeam was waiting for me by the patio door. The next thing I know, here comes Daddy saying, "Let's go, Shaki." I know what that means. Oh boy, a ride in the truck. I lo-o-o-ve to do THAT! Well, was I ever gullible. When I go with Dad in the truck, it means either a ride to the church or better still, to Mimi's house for a nice run-run. But, did we go south as we should have? NO! We went north and I knew what that meant. The VET! Now he's a nice man and all that, but you know what vets do when they check you out. Besides that, I HATE that cold table! Well, now I have all my shots and some meds to take when I go to Florida and Georgia. So, maybe I won't have to see Dr. Vet again anytime soon. Oh, one neat thing, though. Daddy made me a special place in the back seat of the truck so I'll be comfortable when we go on our long trips. I guess I'll let him know that I forgive him. (I'll wait until he takes me around the park this evening, though.)


Tag! You're It

May 29th 2007 4:31 am
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Each player starts with seven facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diary the rules and their 7 facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to send them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary, or, send them a Rosette telling them they've been Tagged!

1. I love sunbeams.

2. I love walks in the park with Dad.

3. Mimi the Corgi is my best friend.

4. Chicken treats are the best!

5. I can hardly wait to see my new cousin pup!

6. My new cousin is an 8-week old Golden Doodle.

7. I love snow, but Do Not like Rain!!!

Nuru, Sukari, Omari, Dakini, Stormie, Savannah, Tiki


Mimi's got a new sister!

June 10th 2007 1:23 pm
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Well, when I'm gone all sorts of things happen. First let me tell you WHY I was gone. My Mom and Dad put me in doggy jail. (It wasn't really jail, just a nice kennel, but it FELT like they were putting me away!) They went to a church conference and took me to THAT PLACE called Clip 'n' Tails which is also a kennel. Yes, I had all my needs met as well as my favorite blankie and lots of run-run room, but it's not the same as home! While I was taking my unwanted "leave of absence" Mimi's Mom and Dad went to a breeder in Ohio and came home with a new baby sister for Mimi. I haven't seen Maggie (the new pup) yet, but they say she's almost a big as I am and she's only 9 weeks old! Whoa!!!! She's a GoldenDoodle. (Sounds a bit like mix-and-match, huh?) Dad's gonna take me down to meet my new cousin and to play with Mimi tomorrow. He has to puppy-sit 'cause Maggie and Mimi's Mom is taking her human kids to the doctor. (Better them than me!) I'll talk at ya later when I've had a chance to scope out the new family addition!


Maggie, Mimi and Me!

June 17th 2007 10:00 am
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Guess where I went yesterday? Oh, you guessed already. Well, you're right on.....Mimi's house. My humans visited with her humans while Mimi, the Magster and I did run-runs, tumbles and all sorts of fun things. The Magster is really Mimi's new baby sister, Maggie Mae. She's lots of fun and almost as big as we are and before long will probably tower over us. (She's a goldendoodle.) Mimi and I are kept busy teaching her all sorts of
things such as how to con food and things like that. One thing, though, that she loves to do, but I REFUSE to do, is jump in the backyard baby pool! No way, Jose!!! She needs to learn that Basenjis only DRINK water. We're not too fond of being drenched in it. Until next time! Ba-r00-oo-oo!


Muppy's Coming to Visit

June 24th 2007 9:37 am
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Well, once again I wasn't asked and now I have a guest. It's my cousin Muppy, Uncle Bill's doggy. He's gone on vacation so she's staying with us. She's ok, I guess. She lived with us for several months when her human Daddy (Uncle Bill) was locked in at his Plant during a long strike. I guess you could say she was locked in with Us! She's usually lots of fun and likes run-runs too. However, she also likes lap-time with my humans and I really don't like to share. We do have fun seeing who can eat whose meals the quickest. I'm lucky, though. I eat raw gizzards and hearts and Muppy doesn't care for those especially. We have different dry food so that IS fun to share. I just hope Dad doesn't give Muppy all my Chicken treats! (Well, maybe she can have one or two if she's REAL good.) Last night my humans baby-sat their grandchildren at Mimi's house so I'm a bit tired today. Mimi's Daddy human was celebrating his class reunion and got in REALLY LATE! I have a lot of sleepy time down south to make up, so-o-o. I'll keep in touch. Until next time, Ba-roo-oo!


Me and Muppy

June 26th 2007 4:39 pm
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Things are going fairly well today. At least we haven't argued over bone-bones (rawhide). Daddy put them away. I think Muppy is just a little too possessive....not at all like ME! (Mom, stop snickering.) Anyway, we really love each other but also enjoy our own space, sort of like our humans do sometimes. Muppy chows down on her food and then comes over to chow down on MINE. Really, it's just too much! Never mind the fact that I am very lady-like and eat my dry food piece by piece over on the carpet. Muppy should just ignore my full dog dish and stay away. After all I had to gobble my chicken gizzards really fast...not like a lady at all. Too bad she doesn't have a delicate tummy like I do. Well, we're off to the park with Daddy for our evening walk. Talk at ya later, Diary.
love and ba-roo's.


I'm Doing the Muppy Mope

June 29th 2007 8:36 am
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Boy, do I miss Muppy. Yes, she is a barker and I'm not, and yes, she gobbles her food and most of mine before I can even THINK ba-roo, but she's my pal and I'm lonely without her. About the food thing, I'm ok with it because as I've said before, she doesn't like raw chicken (I DO!!!) and I know that my humans will give me what I need to survive. (I have a really neat "starving doggy" routine.) Muppy's Daddy came home and picked her up. She was so happy to see him that I can't really feel too sorry for myself since she's so thrilled to be home. Anyway, I'll be visiting my Georgia cousins, Nittany, Harvey and Cosette in a few days, so I'LL be the guest this time.
Ba-roo-oo to y'all!


Vanquished Kitty

July 1st 2007 4:15 pm
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I finally did it! I vanquished the neighbor's nosy kitty. She comes over onto MY deck and stares and stares at me 'cause she knows I'm in and she's out! This time I caught her unaware! Mommy was taking me for a walk and when I hit the sidewalk I saw HER (the kitty). I took off after her like a shot out of a cannon. (Unfortunately nearly dragging an unaware Mom behind me. She's not blessed with super 'senji scent and sight abilities. Her arm may never be the same.) That kitty ran for her yard like a lightning bolt when she saw me! (OK, Mommy says the kitty really sauntered, but who's telling this story anyhow? ) Actually I don't dislike the kitty; I just wish she'd wait to be invited. Besides, why do I have to be leashed and she doesn't? We think she's looking for our resident Whistle Pig (woodchuck for you city folk). He lives UNDER our deck as well in rather extensive underground tunnels extending from our "above" neighbor's yard to our "below" neighbor's yard. (For those not in the know, West Virginians often build on hills. In fact sometimes it seems as though we're just a very large, beautiful roller-coastery set of hills and curves.) Well, I certainly hope Miss Kitty does NOT meet up with Sir Whistle Pig, because Kitty's Daddy says the ol' 'chuck will win for sure. Remember, I said I don't dislike the kitty!

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