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Basenji Love

January 17th 2014 9:50 am
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Basenji Love
(with apologies to the writers of “I Wonder, Why?”)

I love Shaki in the morning sun.
I love Shaki, ‘cause she likes to run.
I love Shaki, ‘cause she’s so much fun,
I wonder, why. I wonder, why?

I love Shaki even when she’s coy.
I love Shaki playing with her toy.
I love Shaki ‘cause she gives me joy.
I wonder, why? I wonder, why?

[I don’t need an explanation,
about all this elation.
I know you all feel the same.

If you own a Basenji,
They will surely set you free
From all your cares and woes.]

Don’t try to fathom the thoughts in their head,
Let them cuddle up to you in bed.
Basenji love’s the best when all is said!



My 2014 New Year's Resolutions

December 29th 2013 7:09 pm
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R – Remember I'm faster on my feet than Mommy is when we're walking!
E - Eat all my food, then beg for Mommy’s.
S - Sit, don't stand, on Mommy's lap when she's watching tv.
O - Only get up when the sun’s shining…not at 3:00 a.m.
L - Let my pawrents sleep in once in a while.
U - Understand when Mommy’s running out of patience ‘n’ hide!
T - Try to be patient when Mommy has no idea what I am telling her.
I - Instruct all neighbor kitties on how they should approach me.
O - Overcome all my idiosyncrasies …I have a lot of them.
N - Never get too close to the aforementioned kitties.
S - Still try to hitch a ride with the postman in the Little White Truck!


We Are Sad Today...

December 6th 2013 12:20 pm
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Dear Diary,
Mommy, Daddy, 'n' I are very sad today. This has been a hard week in our family.
My Daddy's brother lost BOTH of his beloved pets only 2 days apart. Blackie, a rescued pekinese who had been horribly neglected went out Wednesday morning early, lay down on my skin-uncle's back stoop and peacefully went to sleep, crossing over the rainbow bridge. My skin-uncle's other dog, Muppy, also a rescue pup, was dying of cancer, unable to eat or walk. She was peacefully euthanized early this morning. My Daddy went with his brother to the vet's office. Daddy said all 3 men were in tears. I am sad, too, because Muppy was my bestest pal 'n' we had such good times playing together. The vet estimated the age of both pups was around 15-16 years old. They will each be sorely missed by all who knew them.


The Stand-off

November 20th 2013 6:37 pm
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Dear Diary,
I had a stand-off with a humongous Canada goose today. He calls himself Father Goose, at least that's what I'm guessing after the frightening and frustrating confrontation. Frightening, 'cause he was a BIG goose, 'n' frustrating 'cause Mommy was walking me 'n' did not want to approach him. He had seen all his lady geese 'n' their babies back across the path we were on, heading for the pond. He came up last 'n' gave me "The Look" as if to say, "I dare you to come nearer!" I wanted to come nearer, but Mommy was a coward and made me stop. He stared...I stared. He was right by my favorite walking spot. Those big ol' geese can be cantankerous when they're protecting their minions. I think Mommy 'n' Daddy ought to go over to the park 'n' get one of those geese for our Christmas dinner, but they said, "No!" I think they're afraid that their "goose" will get "cooked" by my big ol' scary boy goose if they go hunting for him.


My Outside Duties

September 18th 2013 12:24 pm
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Dear Diary,

Although I've been a sort of sick 'n' droopy pup for the last two days, I still eagerly went on my afternoon walk with Mommy over to the park. I did everything I was s'posed to 'n' then some. I just did what I think all of you do during your walks 'n' sniffing: leave a mark so all the wild 'n' not so wild critters will know I've been there! Mommy calls me her little "Many-Mini-Pees" She just wonders if, after leaving so many liquid deposits all around the park, is there any "substance" left for the last one or am I just "airing" it? I'm not going to tell her 'cause that's for me to know 'n' her to find out if she's curious 'n' nosy enough!!! Geesh!!! Humans!


Where's He Taking Me?

June 12th 2013 6:53 am
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Dear Diary,
I am a confused pup! Daddy has taken me out to the kennel where I sometimes stay when he ‘n’ Mommy go somewhere for a few days. However, he promised me that I’m not going to stay there! Well, if not, WHY is he taking me? Not the dreaded bath ‘n’ grooming!!! I’m a ‘senji….we do NOT need grooming. Also, it is NOT bath time, ‘cause I haven’t eaten any pens lately. That’s what always brings on a bath for me. I have been a very gooders girl lately ‘n’ haven’t eaten any sofas or chairs. Uh oh, here comes the kennel lady with…..omd, clippers ‘n’ she’s looking at my poor l’il paws! No matter they look like ‘n’ are working more like claws…please leave them alone. If hooman gals can wear 3-inch nails on their fingers, why can’t I keep my nice long nails? Here she comes with macabre determination in her eyes. Pray for me, pals!!!


Don't Let the Vacuum Cleaner Eat Me!!

March 2nd 2013 11:58 am
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Dear Diary,
Mommy got out my nemesis, 'n' I just had to tell you how I feel, so I wrote this little poem to share with you.

Don’t let the vacuum cleaner eat me!
Don’t let it come too near.
Just ‘cause it doesn’t belch fire and brimstone,
I still have reason to fear.

Don’t let the vacuum cleaner eat me!
Don’t let it come so close.
Ev’ry time I try to sniff it,
It tries to grab my nose, so,

Don’t let the vacuum cleaner eat me!
Don’t let it come too near.
Just ‘cause it doesn’t belch fire and brimstone,
I still have reason to fear.

I tried to be patient,
I tried to be brave.
I tried to go the other way.
But that mean thing just followed
Me around, so this is what I pray:

Don’t let the vacuum cleaner eat me!
Don’t let it come too near.
Just ‘cause it doesn’t belch fire and brimstone,
I still have reason to fear.

Mommy looks so happy
When it grabs up all that dust.
And she tells me which way to go,

But I get confused and all turned around,
That’s why I’m saying just

Don’t let the vacuum cleaner eat me!
Don’t let it come too near.
Just ‘cause it doesn’t belch fire and brimstone,
I still have reason to fear.


I Am in Disgrace

January 4th 2013 9:22 am
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Dear Diary,
I am in deep, deep disgrace with Mommy (although it was really HER fault)!
As you know by now I luv to follow the path of the "little white truck" which is actually our mailman. Well, yesterday we were having a delivery made, 'n' the delivery truck had blocked our mailbox. So, Mommy 'n' I went outside to stand 'n' wait in the driveway, so we could get our mail. I got excited as usual, running around in circles even leashed as I always (Rats!!!) am. The mailman comes up; I look expectantly for an invite to join him in his truck (otherwise known as LWT); he hands Mommy the mail; and, totally ignores ME! When I am in the house and see him either going up or down our hill, I will shake whatever area rug or otherwise shakeable thing is available. Being on the driveway the only thing I could see that was remotely shakeable was Mommy's flapping pants leg, so....I went for it. So what if I also grabbed part of her leg? She should have put it somewhere else. Now she's calling me her Carnivoracious Pup! She did bleed a lot, but I still think it was her fault for having that leg in my sight anyhow. I s'pose now I'll never again get to wait outside with her for the mailman. She did tell me later that she still luvs me, so I guess all is forgiven. Maybe next time, we can take an area rug out with us, just in case.


A Few Days Before Christmas

December 13th 2012 11:09 am
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A Few Days Before Christmas

T’was a few days before Christmas
And all ‘round our house,
Every creature was stirring,
(but not the mouse!)

Pups sniffing, cats purring,
Mom ‘round the stove stirring
Food for all residents,
(But not the mouse!)

The tree decorated,
Children elated,
Anticipating the big day,
(but not the mouse.)

“Why not?” you may ask
the poor li’l creature.
“I’ll tell you,” says he,
“You’ve missed the main feature.”

“It’s the Holy Child’s birthday,
we must remember.
It’s the most important day
In the month of December.”

“So, sing songs of joy,
as you decorate your house!
He was sent to save us!
(Even the mouse!)

gmc 2012


My Crazy Thanksgiving

November 17th 2012 3:24 pm
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Dear Diary,
This is going to be a crazy Thanksgiving in our house this year. Mommy ‘n’ Daddy tore up our kitchen ‘n’ are taking out all the cabinets where all the cooking things are kept! There are holes in the walls ‘n’ I have no idea where they’ve moved my treats!!! Every flat surface in the house is covered with something, ‘n’ even the pawrents can’t find a lot of the stuff they want. How can they fix my turkey ‘n’ stuffing? On top of that, Mommy’s having something done to her eye that’s s’posed to make her see better….it’s called a Cat-a-Rat or something like that. Now, how did that Cat ‘n’ the Rat get in her eye, I ask you? Anyhoo, that means she’s not doing much of the cooking on Turkey day. It’s all up to Daddy (he does much of the cooking anyway…). So, Fur Pals, think of me when you’re smelling ‘n’ sniffing all those turkey-day goodies. There sure won’t be much going on here, that’s for sure!!!

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