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A day in the life of Cal

Summer Tagged by Harmony...

August 5th 2007 10:28 pm
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Well, would you believe there is a summer tag game going around Dogster? My couch-killer/shoe-chewer sister Harmony has tagged me for this we go again, BOL!

The Rules:
Make a diary entry giving 5 pawsome facts about yourself and tag 5 friends with a rosette or pmail (list them last) and post the rules of the game. BTW: You may want to check your furends diaries that you are going to tag to make sure they didn't get tagged already. I'm not tagging anypup since this will probably get out of hand like it did the last time with each pup getting tagged 10 times or more.... yikes! :O

1. ALL other doggers in this house are evil and I HATE having to share Dad's attention.

2. I try to take Jake... but since he outweighs me by 40 pounds- he always wins. You'd think I'd learn my lesson and stop picking on him but I can't help myself.

3. I leave enough fur on the floor each day to make another dog with.

4. My fur is soft but my teeth are sharp... right Mom!?!? hee hee *evil laugh*

5. I bite Mom on a regular basis too... any chance I get... she's evil like the dorks and that weiner dog thing... they take up MY Daddy's attention that used to be reserved for JUST me! :(


I got Tagged by that bratty Harmony

May 25th 2007 9:07 am
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Since she's gotten so many tags she's making me answer 7 interesting facts about me. I'm not going to pass any to my friends though... it's gone around too many times and I like my friends.

1. I leave fluffs of fur EVERYWHERE! Mommy said it's a pain to keep up with the floors.

2. Because of the fluff factor, Mommy secretly shaved me down the other day. I look like a mangy shorn sheep with a naked bum cause she's never used clippers before. Daddy about had a heart attack when he saw me and Harmony's been laughing at me but I feel so much cooler and I've got tons more energy. Mommy says I'm even frisky!

3. Because of #2, I now have hot spots that I keep licking and had to go to the vet this morning for some cream and an ouchy shot!

4. Because of 3#, if she ever comes near my again with those dumb clippers she's getting bit!

5. I am a popcorn addict. It has to be buttered though or I spit it out. Winnie eats the ones I spit out cause she eats anything.

6. I am a Daddy's boy and follow him EVERYWHERE. If he's home and I'm not with him I pace and whine until he comes to get me.

7. I HATE getting my feet wet. Harmony calls me a "Sissy Boy". I think she watches too many SNL reruns.

That's it folks! Thanks for reading!

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