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Lil' Boogie in ya' Day

I'm Not a Sheepdoggie? WHAT Up with That!

March 21st 2008 7:47 am
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ROFBOL.. so... the truth is out and now i am in shock.. i went to the groomers for a day, left the house like anyother day.. expecting lots of places to bark and run and play..
Oh, No, not this day..

I took my Huge Massive Body (12' tall and barely 10lbs soaking wet) to the groomers.. wasnt sure what that was, but Rascal didn't look none to happy about it, so i figured i would dig it!

well... i was wrong.. I went into the room a Sheepdoggie & came out a Miniature Schnauzer... Everyone seems to dig it, and im warming up to it... well, after the shock wears off i will..BOL BOL BOL


Been a bust few weeks, months and year!

Had my first birfday recently... OMDoggies how much fun.. Havent figured out what that day is fur sure, but the toys and the treats are off the scale great, so i'm'a thinking we should have them more often than not...

Some realy realy Pawesome pups & kitties through me a party in All Fur Fun Group & left some realy real cool presents on my page too! WOOHOO

Havent got to Thank efuryone yet, but we did get a list made, so hopefully i wont miss anyone.. Untill i get thank you's out, i better say THANKS To everyone that Made my 1st year on TOTALY Pawesome! & Big Thanks Fur Celebrating my Birfday with me..


Won some realy fun games in All Fur Fun, Went to a valentines dance wiff Cailey Mae..She's a sweetie and Beautiful, & she sure can Dance.. I went to the dance and she danced me so much i left 3" shorter...
We had our picture taken and she won a prize for 1st Place in Pictures..

Marking my place in the World...
So why didnt anyone tell me how cool it is to grow up! Wow this is great... at about 10 months i discoverd Hiking the Forbidden Territories.. NOPE, didnt become an Outdoor Adventurist, I discovered un charted places right here in the house... I started Hiking my Leg and Marking All those Rarely Seen Wonders of Forbidden Territories.. While it seems a natural Wonder of life, I wonder why Pop's doesn't think it's so Wonderful.. Thus the Forbidden Stuff!
But Whhhhat ever it is all about, it makes me feel big as a 4 foot tall Sheepdoggie.. HeeHee... all though Dallas isn't so impressed and seems to play Boogie Bowling when i try it.. and i gots to admit, it's fun watching Rascal run all over the place trying to keep up... well, i guess i am the only one enjoying it, so fur now i will just stick to the Outdoors, but ya never know, when the sneaky schnauzer will strike...oops, Hike again..

SQUIRELS DRIVE ME NUTS! BOL BOL BOL... i may not be a full blooded Sheepdoggie, but i swear i got some Coon Houndawgie in me.. I can tree a squirrel, grab a snack and be back before he finishes his first walnut.. waiting for hours just for him to move... And Birds..OH MYFeathered friends... If i could fly i'd be a heck'ova Bird doggie... HeeHee..
Love chasing and running and trying... when i grow up im going to be a Girraffee.. so i can reach the top of those trees..

well, thats about all i know for today, got to quit typing and go on a new adventure... wonder what i can get into today...

Thanks for all the dogster fun, but i gots to run...~~~~Might be small but i got LOTS of Energy... Be back later~~~~~~~~~Zoomie~~~~~>

lil' Boogie.. Mini-Schnauzer, A.K.A SheepHoundBirdGiraffeDog


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