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The Miracle Rabbit

August 25th 2012 11:58 am
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The Miracle Rabbit

Yesterday I was mowing my grass in the backyard with my dog Pringles running freely as I so often do with a fenced yard. On the back side I have a large wood pile where some of God's creatures take refuge from my dog's advances. He is a Brittany Spaniel/Pointer mix. Quite the bird dog.

As I was about half done my Pringles came running by with a small bunny in his mouth. One I had seen several times before feeding on the grass. He was shaking it like a rag doll until I yelled at him to let it go. When he did I immediately picked up the lifeless body that had been mangled in several places. Skin ripped bare and one tendon exposed on it's hind leg too. It was not moving one tiny bit.

I began to weep and cry out to Jesus.

After putting the dog back inside the house I picked up that little bunny again and began to pray life back into it's mortal body through the power of the living God and His word. "He shall not die, but live (I said) and declare the works of the Lord!"

"For the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead shall quicken it's mortal body and raise it back up again." I said every scripture I could think of pertaining to healing and restoration. All in the name that is above every other name. Jesus! I continued to do this for at least 30 minutes. Scripture after scripture came from my lips for this little bunny. Still nothing happened, it seemed.

I knew that God's word would work for any situation. Knowing too, it would never return back to Him void. I also reminded God of His promise to watch over His word to perform it. For God is not one to lie.

Finally, having done all I decided to stand and let God do the rest. Knowing that He also said, "Signs shall follow them that believe." I believed!

After the prayers were finished I took our little friend to the fence line between my neighbor's house and mine and set it's body on the other side. The house next door is empty so I knew it would not be bothered, plus my dog could not get to it again either. Again, this was yesterday; Father's Day.

Our Father who art in heaven.

I told God that I would continue to trust him to raise this rabbit up from the dead and to NOT go over to where I placed it's body to SEE if it was there. The just shall walk by faith. Today, one day later, I continued to talk to God about it and thanked Him for doing what I had asked of him the day before. Still I would not go over to that fence line to look.

After I thanking God again I asked Him to let me see that bunny again. Then it happened. As my dog was wanting to go outside, and as I began to open the door ... I saw it. That little bunny came hopping along from the direction along the fence where I had left him, making his way to that wood pile where he had so often made his home and refuge. It was him alright and he was alive and well once again.

Even my dog saw it and ran over to the wood pile to try and catch it. Praise be to God!!

Now I was ready to go over to that fence line where his body once laid, and look. But it was not there. I then remembered when Mary went to the tomb where Jesus was laid after the crucifixion. The angel spoke to her, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?" He is risen.

And so is that precious bunny too!

Thank You Jesus!
For You are faithful and worthy to be praised.


Sand and Stone

September 1st 2012 12:12 pm
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Sand and Stone

There is a story about two friends who were walking through the desert. Halfway through the journey they had an argument and one friend slapped the other in the face.

The one who was slapped felt hurt, but without saying anything he wrote in the sand: "Today my best friend slapped me in the face."

They kept on walking until they found an oasis where they decided to take a bath. The one who had been slapped began to drown and his friend saved him. When he recovered from the ordeal, he wrote on a stone: "Today my best friend saved my life."

His friend asked him, "Why, after I hurt you, did you write in the sand and now you write on a stone?"

The man, smiling, replied: "When a friend hurts us, we should write it down in the sand, where the winds of forgiveness can erase it away. And when something great happens, we should engrave it on the stone of the memory of our heart, where no wind can erase it."


Mission Pawsible

October 1st 2012 7:06 am
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Mission Pawsible

How a service dog named Ben helped a woman help others

By Peggy Frezon

Karen Shirk stroked the ears of the sleek black German shepherd sleeping at her feet. After years of being refused, she finally had her service dog whom she named Ben.

As a young college student, Karen had been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (MG), a rare and debilitating neuromuscular disease. She endured long hospital stays and had to use a ventilator to breathe.

The only thing that kept her going was the thought of a service dog to help her gain some independence. But she was repeatedly told that dogs could not be paired with someone on a ventilator.

After failing to find an agency that could help her, Karen took matters into her own hands. She bought Ben and enrolled in training classes. Ben learned to perform many of the tasks previously performed by personal care assistants, such as picking up objects and opening doors.

Sharing her life with Ben made her wonder: “How many others are turned away because they don’t fit the service dog agencies’ criteria? How many others need the same miracles that Ben offers me?”

That’s when she decided she would do something to improve the quality of life for others with severe handicaps by providing them with service dogs.

Based on her and Ben’s success, Karen started her own agency, 4 Paws for Ability, in 1998, which provides service dogs to any child with a disability who wishes to have a dog.

Most agencies turn down children, feeling that children can’t handle service dogs alone. “Which is true. They can’t,” Karen says. “But we work with kids by having the parents handle the dog, at the same time getting the dog bonded to the child, not the handler.”

4 Paws for Ability trains dogs to help children with autism, Down’s syndrome, diabetes, seizures, cancer, hearing impairment, loss of mobility, mental health impairments, and many other conditions.

One of Karen’s most rewarding experiences was with a 5-year old boy named Connor. He had severe medical issues and was on a ventilator, as she had been. Through the love and assistance of his service dog, Casey, he grew stronger, gained independence and could finally go outside and play.

4 Paws for Ability raises and trains their own dogs, generally working with breeds such as golden retrievers, collies, German shepherds, labradoodles and papillons. In 2000 Karen expanded her enterprise by establishing Mission Pawsible, a program to teach prison inmates to help socialize and train puppies.

“It’s so cool to see how much difference the dogs make for the inmates,” she says, “Even though these men and women are locked away from society, they can do something good.”

Karen recalls a middle-aged inmate who had been involved in a murder when he was 18. He told her that the dog helped ease his stress and build his confidence and self-esteem.

When troubles are at their peak, God can do wonderful things. Karen found a way to help not only herself, but also hundreds of others—all thanks to a nudge from a devoted German shepherd and the countless other service dogs who make her mission pawsible.


Love is like a rose

November 3rd 2012 2:05 pm
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Love is like a rose

It will blossom for a while
If it's not cared for it can
Fade away without a smile

Love is like a rose
As special as it can be
It needs some tender care
Like the love between you and me

Love is like a rose
No matter what color it may bloom
But it may never grow
If we don't give it enough room

Love is like a rose
With its thorny little stem
If you don't watch for the thorns
You can easily get stuck by them

Love is like a rose
That keeps blooming inside your heart
And keeps right on growing
Even if you're so far apart

Love is like a rose
In many shades of color don't you see
But this is one special rose
That grows just for you inside of me


Sometimes We Need To Fall Apart

November 13th 2012 6:02 am
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Sometimes We Need To Fall Apart

We don't always have to be strong.

Sometimes our strength is expressed in being vulnerable.

Sometimes we need to fall apart to regroup and stay on track.

We all have days when we cannot push any harder,
cannot hold back self-doubt,
cannot stop focusing on fear,
cannot be strong.

There are days when we cannot focus on being responsible.
Sometimes we cry in front of people.
We expose our tiredness, irritability, or anger.
Those days are okay.

Part of taking care of ourselves means we give ourselves
permission to "fall apart" when we need to.
We do not need to be perpetual towers of strength.

We ARE strong.

We have proven that our strength will continue if we allow us
the courage to feel scared, weak, and vulnerable when we need
to experience those feelings.

Today, help me to know that it is okay
to allow myself to be human.

Help me not to feel guilty or punish myself
when I need to "fall apart."

~Author unknown~


Controlling Your Heart

November 13th 2012 6:04 am
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Controlling Your Heart

A wise and understanding heart does not repay a hurt with a hurt. In doing so, the heart is diminished. Fissures form. Love leaks out. Every pain given in return for one received, changes the contents of the heart. It is no longer defined by love, wisdom and understanding. It is redefined by the bearers of hurt and hate, pain and prejudice, meanness and madness, sorrow and sadness. You give away control of your very own heart.

The despair of being hurt is healed by overcoming it, not clinging to the hurt and inflicting more of it on the world. When darkness is added to darkness, no one can see, no one can love. Everyone loses.

Love is not always warm and fuzzy. Sometimes it's the integrity we hold on to when we're tempted to strike back. Sometimes it's the honor that keeps us from exchanging the valuable contents of our heart for the harsh satisfaction of lashing back.

No, the way of love is not always easy, but when night falls, dawn is assured.

The integrity and honor of a wise and understanding heart, rises with the sun of a new day.

"Because you have asked for understanding to discern judgment. I have given you a wise and understanding heart." 1 Kings 3:11-12


Snowy Christmas Eve

December 19th 2012 7:12 am
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Snowy Christmas Eve

There was once a man who didn't believe in God, and he didn't hesitate to let others know how he felt about religion and religious holidays, like Christmas. His wife, however, did believe, and she raised their children to also have faith in God and Jesus, despite his disparaging comments.

One snowy Christmas Eve, his wife was taking their children to a Christmas Eve service in the farm community in which they lived. She asked him to come, but he refused. "That story is nonsense!" he said. "Why would God lower Himself to come to Earth as a man? That's ridiculous!" So she and the children left, and he stayed home. A while later, the winds grew stronger and the snow turned into a blizzard. As the man looked out the window, all he saw was a blinding snowstorm. He sat down to relax before the fire for the evening. Then he heard a loud thump. Something had hit the window. Then another thump. He looked out, but couldn't see more than a few feet.

When the snow let up a little, he ventured outside to see what could have been beating on his window. In the field near his house he saw a flock of wild geese. Apparently they had been flying south for the winter when they got caught in the snowstorm and could not go on. They were lost and stranded on his farm, with no food or shelter. They just flapped their wings and flew around the field in low circles, blindly and aimlessly. A couple of them had flown into his window, it seemed. The man felt sorry for the geese and wanted to help them. The barn would be a great place for them to stay, he thought. It is warm and safe; surely they could spend the night and wait out the storm. So he walked over to the barn and opened the doors wide, then watched and waited, hoping they would notice the open barn and go inside. But the geese just fluttered around aimlessly and did not seem to notice the barn or realize what it could mean for them.

The man tried to get their attention, but that just seemed to scare them and they moved further away. He went into the house and came back out with some bread, broke it up, and made a breadcrumbs trail leading to the barn. They still didn't catch on. Now he was getting frustrated. He got behind them and tried to shoo them toward the barn, but they only got more scared and scattered in every direction except toward the barn. Nothing he did could get them to go into the barn where they would be warm and safe.
"Why don't they follow me?!" he exclaimed. "Can't they see this is the only place where they can survive the storm?" He thought for a moment and realized that they just wouldn't follow a human. "If only I were a goose, then I could save them," he said out loud. Then he had an idea. He went into barn, got one of his own geese, and carried it in his arms as he circled around behind the flock of wild geese. He then released it. His goose flew through the flock and straight into the barn -- and one by one the other geese followed it to safety.

He stood silently for a moment as the words he had spoken a few minutes earlier replayed in his mind:

"If only I were a goose, then I could save them!"

Then he thought about what he had said to his wife earlier.
"Why would God want to be like us? That's ridiculous!"

Suddenly it all made sense. That is what God had done.

We were like the geese -- blind, lost, perishing. God had His Son become like us so He could show us the way and save us.

That was the meaning of Christmas, he realized. As the winds and blinding snow died down, his soul became quiet and pondered this wonderful thought. Suddenly he understood what Christmas was all about, why Christ had come. Years of doubt and disbelief vanished like the passing storm. He fell to his knees in the snow, and prayed his first prayer:

"Thank You Jesus for coming in human form to show me the way out of the storm!"


Christmas in Heaven

December 21st 2012 6:39 am
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Christmas in Heaven

I've had my first Christmas in Heaven
A Glorious, wonderful day.
I stood with the saints of the ages,
who found Christ the Truth and the Way.

I sang with the Heavenly Choir:
Just think: I who longed so to sing!
And oh, what celestial music
we brought to our Savior and King!

We sang the glad songs of redemption,
How Jesus to Bethlehem came,
And how they called His name Jesus,
That all might be saved through His name.

We sang once again with the angels,
The song that they sang that blest morn,
When shepherds first heard the glad story
That Jesus, the Savior, was born.

Oh, how I wish you had been there:
No Christmas on earth could compare
With all the rapture and glory
We witnessed in Heaven so fair.

You know how I always loved Christmas;
It seemed such a wonderful day,
With all of my loved ones around me
The children so happy and gay.

Yes, now I can see why I loved it:
And oh, what a joy it will be
When you and my loved ones are with me:
To share in the glories I see.

So dear ones on earth, here's my greeting:
Look up till the day dawn appears,
And oh, what a Christmas awaits us,
Beyond all our parting and tears.


Not Only On Christmas Day

December 22nd 2012 9:25 am
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Not Only on Christmas Day

Lord, this is my prayer
Not only on Christmas Day
But until I see You face to face
May I live my life this way:

Just like the baby Jesus
I ever hope to be,
Resting in Your loving arms
Trusting in Your sovereignty.

And like the growing Christ child
In wisdom daily learning,
May I ever seek to know You
With my mind and spirit yearning.

Like the Son so faithful
Let me follow in Your light,
Meek and bold, humble and strong
Not afraid to face the night.

Nor cowardly to suffer
And stand for truth alone,
Knowing that Your kingdom
Awaits my going home.

Not afraid to sacrifice
Though great may be the cost,
Mindful how You rescued me
From broken-hearted loss.

Like my risen Savior
The babe, the child, the Son,
May my life forever speak
Of who You are and all You've done.

So while this world rejoices
And celebrates Your birth,
I treasure You, the greatest gift
Unequaled in Your worth.

I long to hear the same words
That welcomed home Your Son,
"Come, good and faithful servant,"
Your Master says, "Well done."

And may heaven welcome others
Who will join with me in praise
Because I lived for Jesus Christ
Not only Christmas Day


His Unfailing Presence

December 27th 2012 6:14 am
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His Unfailing Presence

Another year I enter
Its history unknown;
Oh, how my feet would tremble
To tread its paths alone!
But I have heard a whisper,
I know I shall be blest;
"My presence shall go with thee,
And I will give thee rest."

What will the New Year bring me?
I may not, must not know;
Will it be love and rapture,
Or loneliness and woe?
Hush! Hush! I hear His whisper;
I surely shall be blest;
"My presence shall go with thee,
And I will give thee rest."

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