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Dayzee Dayz


May 23rd 2007 12:17 pm
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Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary!!!

Lets see now. Dayzee has to tell 7 things about myself. humm...

1) I was a resue puppy (boy am I glad my mommy got me)

2) I have the best gramp paw.......can you guess who he is? (he's from dogster)

3) My cousin * Princess* had 10 puppies on Mother's Day.

4) I will be getting my spay done June 11th plus they are taking my last toe and the bone on the side of my foot off that day. Ouch!!

5) I am almost 4 months old now.

6) I am learning how to catch my food when it's tossed to me.

7) I sleep with my mommy on the couch...when I am completely house trained I can go upstairs to sleep & mommy can have her bed back.

Now for my 7 pales: Haylee, Misty,Summer,Fancy, Spot, Amber and 10 Ohio puppies


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