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I'm not sure I like having another bichon in the House

LIfe in the Arizona mountains

February 16th 2014 8:50 am
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First of all, it so embarrassing that I have not posted a diary entry in FUREVER many years. I told Mom that is ridiculous. So here I am, taking over her keyboard to write an update.

We live on a ridge with the Bradshaw Mountains a paw length away. It's bootiful. 4 season, furbulous sunsets, wildlife galore (sometimes a little skerry) and clean air.

I'm 8 years young now and the "old boy" of my white-fur pack. I take the responsibility furry seriously. It's up to me teach by example; how to be sweet, how to be snuggly, how to be gentle, how to be Mom's favfurite...errrr...nope not giving that one up BOL!

Most of all, I'm blitzingly happy Daddy retired two years ago and is now a full-time Daddy for us. I think the Momma is happy about that, too. *wink*

Furever a Sweet Boy
Cuki (Zooks) Snikklefritz III


Wahoo! We are staying Prescott Valley

September 11th 2008 4:33 pm
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Mom and Dad came to a big decision. We are staying up mountain. We thought we'd be going back to Phoenix for the winter, but Daddy's doctor schedule is too irregular and we'd just be escaping up mountain anyway.

Now that there are four of us, and we have gotten into a great routine here, Mom and Dad think it is best not to keep changing our rules from one house to the other.

This makes us all blitzingly happy. Arrrrrrrooooooo...and when Daddy shows up here, we are SO HAPPY! (Except Dad likes MY leather chair.)



December 4th 2007 7:11 am
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I am now the only real Bichon in the house. Luka and I got groomed yesterday. Mom did not even recognize Luka. They had poodle clipped him and his real identity came out. He is SO much a poodle face. That 14 poodle has now surfaced. But he looks so funny--a toy poodle in a Bichon suit. His rib cage is wider than mine and they left his coat really bog and poofy.
There is a big surprise in store for the three of us. Mom and Dad purchased a little getaway house in the mountains, a mile high, in Prescott Valley, AZ. It's only 90 minutes up the "hill" and it SNOWS up there. We get to see it at the end of the month for the first time.


We are a happy trio now.

October 26th 2007 2:42 pm
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Hi everyone in Bichon Land and on Dogster. I just wanted you all to know that we are really happy now. Neksi is happy as teh only bPharaoh Hound in the house. She is always wagging her tail and always has her ears up and alert. Our trainer Keith is very glad she is not so downtrodden.
Luka came into the house and I got my nose out of joint. I now understand why Neksi wanted to be the only Pharaoh Hound, because I wasn't happy to share my "Bichon-most-ness" in the house. Luka has grown bigger and he is a worthy opponent now. You know the most fun?
I flip Luka onto his back and then I sit on him. But get this: my butt is on his chest and my tail across his face. I pin him down with my front legs on his back legs. Luka is a sturdy boy, so I don't hurt him. But...
He's figured out that he can bite my butt if he strains his head forward. That HURTS! and makes me jump off of him.
That usually starts a Bichon Blitz. The Indy 500 has nothing on us. We pick a course and off we go.
Neksi gets into the act too. I know we really get her hunting instinct going when we Blitz, but she can't keep up with us and she certainly can't fit in all the places we race (like under coffee tables and through end tables). Mom never lets Neksi get too strong with us. She's more afraid of her hurting us than we are.
So, life is good. We have new landscaping with GRASS that is yummy to eat and fun to roll in. There is a cool water feature with a pond. I climb the 4 foot high rocks like I'm a mountain goat (Luka's not as brave as me). I fell in once! I got indignant because Mom laughed and laughed. It was NOT funny and I was all wet. I got even...I ran through the dirt and then ran into the house. Laugh at me, will you? ha! The yard has lots of places to jump up onto for sunbathing. The only sad thing is that the view fence now has chicken wire on it because Luka got out once. Now the bunnies don't have that way into the yard...but they still come in under the two gates. It's fun chasing them.
Have I told you I hunt like a Pharaoh Hound, yipping and jumping stright up into the air? I hunt lizards with Neksi, too. I'm not as brave with the snakes.
Luka and I share a crate together. Mom calls it Maricopa County Jail! She will post a photo of us.
Hugs and wiggles!


I used to rule the house...

September 21st 2007 2:32 pm
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Hi Pals. I've had a lot to get used to around here. First it's just me and Neksi. I liked that. Then Mom brought home Zeffer. He and I played together ALL the time which was really great, until we figured out that Dad and Zeffer were not a good match and made one another way too nervous bringing out the worst in both of them. I hated to Zeffer leave. I slept next to him, played, ran in the backyard together. Neksi didn't really like Zeffer either and wasn't as happy as usual.
Then it was back to me and Neksi and we were fine just the two of us.
Then Mom gets Luka. Well, this one is smaller than me, so I can be ALPHA easily, except Luka keeps challenging me. I get even by rolling him in the dirt. It's so fun and easy and Luka is a mess-but Mom gives him more attention then by cleaning him up, and then I get sad she's not cleaning me up, even IF I don't need to be cleaned up.
I still have one major trump card though! I am the only one of us three that gets to sleep next to mom all night. Neksi has to sleep in her bad on the floor and Luka is still (and I hope forever) sanctioned to his crate next to the bed.
We do share a really big wire crate together when we need to nap, or when mom and dad go out. Mom calls it Maricopa County Jail. Funny. I call it not necessary. However, I do like the treats I get for "going to jail" like a good boy...and I do like being able to pounce on Luka once he falls asleep in the crate with me.
Mom did something really swell...there is courtyard now on the front of the house so we will be able to sit out front with mom and dad in nice weather. I can leap the wall, so more decorative wrought iron will be added. trick. The groomer has a Dutch door off the entry way. When Mom puts me throug the door with Luka, it takes me less than two seconds to spin around, jump over the Dutch door and back into her arms. The groomer says I am the ONLY dog to do that trick. I can almost get over the six foot fences at Keith's and Katy's where we board at "boot camp."
And very special...Keith and Katy had metal cutouts made of some of their favorite dogs for their entry fence and I am one of them! Yippee!
Rumor has it of a new getaway house in Williams, AZ on a golf course so we can take long cool walks even in the summer. The rides up the mountain will be pretty, even if Luka is throwing up car sick every time. (Aren't there doggy drugs for that?)
All in all, things are great. Aunt Kay in Iowas got Mojito the beautiful Silken Windhound mom and dad looked at. Mojo is happy in Iowas with lots of grass and flowers. Tillie, our cousin is getting used to her new home and new brother and is excitedly waiting for Sagira Aneksi, her new Ibizan sister to arrive in about one week. You can find Tillie and Mojito on dogster, too.
Bye for now...hugs and puppy paws from Arizona!

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