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Companion of Kings

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Fall Fun

September 17th 2007 10:32 pm
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Well, some people get all curly-Q-ish with their Fur-losophies, but I say go for the plain bark. Fall is fine as long as the sun shines, but as you know, I really hate wet! It's been raining again and I don't like muddy paws. I'm sorry, but muddy paws are just plain icky. What is wrong with walking under the eaves where the ground is dry and keeping your feet neat? Nothing, I say! Have a little couth, please....Oh wait, I forgot, my brother is Kierke. Need I say more? Couth--ha!

Anyway, I had a fun evening dancing with my dad. I'm a very stretchy sort of dog and dad lets me waltz wth him. Kierke doesn't like standing on his hind legs for very long but I do! I'm almost as tall as dad when we dance! I think mom gets a little jealous though...hee.

Well, the flowers are almost gone, the geese have flown over, and we're down to 12 hours of daylight... soon it will be much less. Mom is really sad about that but she has a us to keep her warm when the w-i-n-t-e-r and s-n-o-w get here. I can't say that out loud. Kierke wasn't supposed to, but you know, retriever in a china shop, as they say...Anyhowl, I will keep mom warm and cheered up and Kierke will too. We love her very much and our cranky old dad (mom said to say that), too. Well, I gotta go steal Kierke's bone. A bone is a bone is a bone, but it's much funner when you steal it from your brudder! Leda--A poet who knows it--All!


Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

August 1st 2007 12:34 am
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I hate rain. In fact, I hate water. I will hold my poo rather than go outside and get my paws wet. EEEyuuuu! K laughs at me and then pounds through the mud and gets me all wet. He's such a tank...

Anyway, I finally went because mom said I had to so I found a spot, but she was laughing at me and calling me prissy and stuff. I am NOT prissy. Did you see my picture where I get K on the ground? Is that the work of a prissy? Dad said I was a prissy, too. Dad! All I can say is that it's not doglike for Pharaoh Hound-Husky mixes to like sloshing through water. I am NOT a retriever. And this rain is just about enough. I want my sunbathing time in the back yard...

Not much news here. We've got lots of flowers and stuff. Mom is still busy and not playing much. She promised us a picnic, whatever that is. Where is it? I'm getting worried about what winter will be like when she won't want to stay outside in the cold. Now, talk about Prissiness!

Well, pups, I'd better sign off. I think I need my beauty rest because I'm cranky at this rain. Hope it's sunny where you are. Send some of it back here. Leda



June 22nd 2007 12:34 pm
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Well, yesterday was the solstice and boy was it hot! Even I couldn't stay in the baking back yard too long. But the flowers are blooming and the grass is high (mom and dad need to mow!) and the birds sing and K and I run all over the yard. It's so fun! Mom says she might get a wading pool for us, but I don't really like water. K keeps trying to leap into the air for a drink when mom sprays an arch with the hose. He's crazy...

A couple of weeks ago we went to doggie camp for the night when mom and dad left town for a day. It was sooo coool! And best of all, mom and dad lost the gentle leaders! K and I don't like them. But then, we haven't been on any walks since then either...

Well, gang, got to get back to lazin' in the sun. Soon enough, the stars and moon will be back in the sky and you know what that means! But for now, it's wonderful to feel the breeze and listen to the leaves talk..when I'm not grounding K..hee. Happy Days are Here Again--Summer! Leda


I've been tagged!

May 24th 2007 10:35 am
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Hi Pups!! My friend Cera Marie tagged me and now, I'm it!!!

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post the rules of the game and 7 pawsome facts about themselves in their diary. Then once you are tagged, you choose 7 dogs to tag, listing their names in your diary. Don’t forget to bark your friends pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary for the rules -- or better yet, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been tagged!

Here are 7 fun facts about me, Leda:

1. I love to eat but I rarely bark.

2. I can hop and jump over Kierke when we're playing.

3. I can stop on a dime because I'm so light and make Kierke crash into the fence.

4. I stretch out my back legs like a ballerina.

5. I am a houdini dog and have escaped several times from my crate to go counter surfing when mom and dad aren't home...

6. I love to lick everything from the furnace as I'm going outside to mom's elbow.

7. I have beautiful amber eyes that flush like a Pharaoh Hound's do when I get excited.

I'm tagging:

1. Hazel
2. Magnolia
3. Tree
4. Takoda
5.Frances Army Brat in Alaska

Pass on the fun! Leda



May 7th 2007 11:12 am
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That's for Mean Old Brothers!

Kierke and I got all muddy yesterday. Our digging hole has kinda gotten bigger...We had a little bit of rain to kind of wake the trees and flowers up but they don't want to really spring forth yet until it's WARMER. But we had fun until Kierke shoved me to the ground and got my jaw all muddy. My feelings were hurt and I ran over to mom because I all scared all of a sudden. Sometimes he is just TOO pushy. He keeps getting his yucky slobber all over me. Mom had to wipe me down; it was all dirty slobber because he keeps on chewing roots and twigs. No telling WHAT else either, if you know what I mean...

Anyway, just to get back at him, I stole his rawhide bone. Ha. He went running to mom and dad first thing! You should have heard him whine. I snapped at him to show who's boss, but I guess that was wrong because then mom took away the bone from both of us--rats and cats! I was thinking I was boss, but I guess mom is...

I got kind of mad yesterday, too, because mom and dad were upstairs painting and left us tied up together. I got bored and knocked down a plant in the window--Boy was dad mad! He made me go in my crate for awhile and K didn't have to! No fair! I thought I was dad's special girl...I guess I better stay out of the plants for awhile. (He gave me a secret treat later...)

But then we got dinner and were allowed to curl up beside mom and dad while they watched a video and K and I gnawed on each other's ears. That was good. We only got in trouble once when we got too rough and banged up against the glass bookshelf. Dad took us outside for awhile, too, and we raced and raced all over the yard and around the side and up the stairs and around the birch tree and over by the flower bed and finally we came in all thirsty and stinky. And I beat K in the last race! He tried to grab me by the neck skin, but I just hopped over him...Ha! Then it was bedtime. I was sure tired! It's a lot to keep up with mean old brothers!...Leda


I did it again!

April 9th 2007 5:30 pm
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Friday wasn't such a good day for mom, but I sure had fun! First, I managed to mangle the door latch on the crate mom put me in when she went out and I got loose in the HOUSE! OH BOY! Even Kierke isn't loose in the house because of our husky tendencies and the fact that we are still in our basement where a lot of stuff is sort of packed and it's a mess but that's another story. Anyway, I didn't chew up the house, but I ate the rest of the dog food and because mom had barricaded the garbage, I couldn't get in there and went countersurfing instead. I found the Easter treats and chomped a whole chocolate bunny! And Kierke didn't get any--ha! You should have seen mom's eyes pop out when she saw that torn and empty wrapper! She called the vet but since it was 1.5 oz of milk chocolate, which is mostly milk, I was ok. I never had any bad symptoms. But I got tied up for the rest of the day UNTIL....

I managed to slip out the gate again (dad fixed it-phooey!) and mom went screaming after me again! She almost caught me twice, but I fooled her again... Once I got 10 feet away from her in the alley, then thought better of it and danced away like a canine ballerina leaving mom to flounder in the deep and very wet snow. Then I went into someone's yard that had a fence all around. I managed to slip out the other end that had a break in it. You should have heard the WORDS mom used! In public, out in the street! She drove around looking for me--I saw her--but I sneaked around behind houses and she didn't see me. She finally just went home. I think her feet and sweats up to her knees were all wet and cold...

Then I went back to the alley and suddenly dad was there. I was cold and hungry and missing Kierke. So he just stood there awhile and I finally came up to him and he--yup-"caught" me. Boy did I get in trouble. Mom said stuff about "if she isn't safe in our yard" and "we can't keep doing this." Dad just stood there like he did with me and finally she stopped. And I turned on the charm, so we haven't heard any more stuff like that. Since then I've stopped looking for a break in the fence. I figure, it's not high...Hee. Maybe I'll just wait until the snow and water are gone...


Fooling mom!

April 4th 2007 5:46 pm
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Hee--I fooled mom! My third day here mom had some plumbing problems and the plumbers left the gate open. Mom didn't realize they'd gone out that way and let me out in the backyard. Kierke was on a leash because mom was tired of him being kinda rough when he tried to play with me, so he couldn't get out, but I could! Mom quickly put Kierke in his crate, grabbed my leash and started after me. I tell you, she was a banshee screaming down the road to get my dogger-behind home. I stood several yards away, listened politely, then took off the other way. Mom tried running away from me to get me to chase her home (that only works with Kierke), but I figured it out and kept going. I got to run into other people's yards, get a trio of dogs inside a fence to go nuts barking at me, sniffed the woods behind a house, and say hello to a man walking down the street, who tried to catch me for mom but I was tooo quick!

Then a lady saw the problem and walked outside with her husky. I went over to sniff hello and she grabbed me! Sigh--I didn't jump but stood there quietly while mom came over to get me. Then she scolded me all the way home--after she thanked the lady a million times! Personally, I was little miffed! But I had a taste of freedom, so I went home and told K all about it. I don't understand mom's problem. What's a car anyway? She says I'm only to ride in one and otherwise NEVER get near one, especially when it isn't in our driveway. Oh well.

Keirke and I ran all over the yard today. The snow is starting to melt and all the leaves from last fall are showing up. But I'm more interested in finding a way out of the back yard--Hee!


A new home and new friends...

April 2nd 2007 7:32 pm
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Today is my first day on dogster and my second day in my new home! I'm looking forward to all the fun I'm going to have with my family and my new pals...So everyone stop by and sign my new guestbook!

Well, my brother and I are anxious to go for a run in the yard, so bye for now! Later, Leda

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